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Princess-Cut vs. Round Cut Diamond

Which one would be better for you

By Aiden SmithPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
Princess-Cut vs. Round Cut Diamond
Photo by Sabrinna Ringquist on Unsplash

Are round cut diamonds better than princess cut? Are they more expensive than princess cuts? Should I buy the former or the latter? All your unanswered questions will be answered here. Let’s see the basic differences between princess cut diamonds and round cut diamonds. We’ll also break down which one is better for you.

The round cut rings and princess cut rings are easily available at all the diamond store in San Antonio. These are as common as other kinds of rings. When you test it under soft LED spotlighting you can see that round cut diamond rings flash more than princess cut. This is because most of the area of the diamond is exposed to the light. Light interacts very suitably when it interacts with the facets of both the diamonds when they are rocked and tilted. Shopping mall lights often refract a lot from round cut rings. So, if you are going flashy you can try the round cut rings. To tone it down and go subtle you can choose princess cut rings.

To buy something as a complimentary gift along with your rings, such as if you wish to buy diamond earrings in San Antonio, make sure to check out the official page of Exotic Diamonds. Their wide range and variety of rings will give you many options to choose from. You can buy 0.25ct diamond rings, 0.20ct or .50ct and pick from any shapes and sizes of rings.

Both the diamonds are cut to the highest standards for their respective shapes and have ideal light performance. If you are planning to take the ring out in direct afternoon sunlight in a park, you can consider these options. Both of the diamonds display eye-blinding sparkle and huge amounts of fire. The afternoon light usually amplifies the brilliance in diamonds. The princess cut diamond has a splintery appearance. Whereas, a good 0.25ct round cut diamond usually displays broader flashes of light. This is due to its round cut. You will notice a hue in the diamonds in the natural light. This is due to the absorption of sunlight and reflections of the sky. Anyway, both kinds of diamonds are fabulous and extremely full of life.

Most of the diamond stores in San Antonio give great deals on these rings. Princess cut is usually better on your pocket. Even though princess cut diamonds only reflect 70 per cent of the light, it can impersonate the shape of a real diamond. Evidently, round cut rings waste more diamond than the princess cut rings while making them. This allows retaining more of its weight. It explains the increased prices and huge popularity of it amongst folks. This makes round cut rings more valuable and pricier.

To buy gold chains, rings, bracelets or diamond earrings in San Antonio, you can visit the online platforms. These days people are giving up on traditional ways of buying diamond jewellery. People instead prefer to choose from the many options available online. Hence now you don’t have to search for the best diamond store in San Antonio, you can go online.

Keeping the budget aside now, let us compare the clarity of both the rings. A princess-cut has a commendable angular shape. Its shape stops most of the light from passing through it. This helps to hide all the inclusions in the diamond. Round cuts being plunging out of the mould more than a princess cut gives more visibility of the diamond. Hence a round cut diamond could show the impurity of the diamond more than a princess cut diamond if they are the same size. Remember, the clearer the diamond, pricier the piece.

If you ask for which one looks bigger, then I would say both! On one hand, the round cut rings have more surface area than the other. So technically round cut rings win the race, but diagonally princess cut measures are longer than the former. After all, it is you who have to decide. I am sure amongst the sea of beautiful rings in the diamond stores in San Antonio, you will find the right piece for yourself.

Conclusively, you can team both the diamond rings with watches, bracelets, cool diamond earrings or other accessories. If you are willing to pay a fixed amount of price, you will get a bigger princess-cut ring than that of a round cut ring.

Now that you know all the details about the princess cut ring versus round cut diamond ring, you should not have problems selecting which one is best for you. You can now buy your girl or even yourself a shiny and super stylish ring according to your preference. Surely your preference could vary as per the need of this jewellery. For occasions, events, weddings and parties, you can also try out other varieties of rings in the market.

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