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How to Combine Bracelets and Watches to Look Stylish

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By Aiden SmithPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
How to Combine Bracelets and Watches to Look Stylish
Photo by alan King on Unsplash

A masculine wrist and a tough-looking bracelet are a combination to itch for. If you still feel that watches and bracelets can’t go together then let me change your mind. Today is a time where you can match any jewellery with another and it will be called a trend. A shiny men’s gold bracelet complimented with a luxurious men’s Versace watch is quite a catch. I’ll explain to you now how to combine bracelets and watches together to suit each other.

Bracelets are one of the easiest accessories to pull off and they are great by themselves. But talking of it with other accessories in the same hand might seem a bit weird at first. Another fact is that they could be very affordable and reasonable. You won’t have to invest a great deal of money and attention to it. By just adding a simple bracelet, you can add another level to your style statement. It is very easy to mix and match the bracelets. Even if you are not so comfortable in wearing accessories, it is a great way to start wearing some.

Now to start with, you should know that some bracelet sizes are adjustable, so you might find a bracelet that’s one size fits all. Or you could come across bracelets that are of a specific size. As far as watches are concerned, they are mostly of the same size as your wrist. IF your watch is loose, it would give a lousy look.

The most common bracelet of all is a metal cuff. Even if you had to choose something to wear for the rest of your life, this is the choice. These metal cuffs are super inexpensive as it could be regular stainless- steel or silver plates steel. You can find very minimal versions or very elaborate versions of this bracelet. It can have etchings and engravings and even gemstones. They can be of a very high end if you get a solid gold cuff. It would be totally based on your choice to watch to team this up with. If you decide to go for a watch with a black shade. You can check out men’s Rolex watches for more options and you can always mix and match. Any advice for free would be wearing this bracelet with a watch on the same wrist won’t give the desired look. They are not very stackable. It could clang and put scratches on each other.

Hoping on to the other option, there is a kind of variation in this. These are the metal chain bracelets. You can dress these up or down, anyway would look great. There are lots of different widths and sizes to choose from, so you can choose according to your outfit. For example, to go for a subtle look you could go for thin and light weighed boxed chains. You can find thicker styles or shapes of the chains for a different look. You can look for link chains, Cuban chains and tons of different variants. You choose your own tone of metal and different prices. For the watches, you could wear it on the other hand without any second thoughts. Although, if you want to stack the watch and bracelet, you can go check out the latest collection of versace watches for men and find out what gives you the feels.

An expensive and luxurious gold-faced men’s Rolex watch would look extremely elegant when teamed up with leather wrap bracelets. These double or triple wrap bracelets give volume and intensity to your wrist. For a rugged or smart casual look, you can buy silver plated watches and thin leather wrap to pair together. It looks like the bracelet is a part of your daily accessory while you are just putting on a watch. This reflects that you have not put a lot of effort into it, and obviously looks very casual. If you are not planning to buy an expensive men’s gold bracelet or platinum bracelets, then you can check out the unbeatable collection of Versace for men and get yourself a good leather strip watch.

Men’s gold bracelets shine up as a really good ornament with smartwatches. Even if you are not a fan of analogue watches. If you are confused as to which watch could go better with a gold bracelet, you can check out the collections of Versace for men and men’s Rolex watches. These trusted brands, along with providing a brand name to your style, provide you value for the purchase. These watches give you a guarantee of looking beautiful and just like new for a very long time mens Rolex diamond watches come in different shades of colours that go perfectly with gold. You can try perfect black or leather strap watches along with a men’s gold bracelet.


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