Patches Have Finally Released!!!

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The process of releasing the patches

Patches Have Finally Released!!!

Well, where do I even begin? It has been a very long and hard process to get those patches you are seeing in the picture in my hand and out to all the people. The process is finally done and now it's time to just sit back and market the patches here and there—and sell the patches.

Now I know what most of you reading this are thinking, and no and yes at the same time. The meaning of the box is "Always Continue Into Dreams," not to be mistaken with acid or LSD; but at the same time like duh you know what it's about, but to play it safe, that's not what it is about.

About the process of the how they were made:

The patches are embroidered, iron-on patches that were made from a supplier on Alibaba, a great place to find products to sell on Instagram sometimes. Alibaba is really hit or miss sometimes and you have to watch out for people trying to scam you and overprice you; but at the same time, you can't really look for the cheapest options on there and most of them are really good products regardless of what you are looking for. Alibaba is also amazing for buying in bulk and I will most definitely be using the app in the future for my long awaited season three drop "Designer Drugs."

The whole process of releasing the patches took three steps. The first step was getting them made. The second step was marketing and modelling for them (which I recommend everyone should try and do at least once in their lives because modelling truly is one of the most fun things to do with clothes or products you own). The third step was releasing it and creating engaging posts to catch the attention of anyone who has just heard about the patches. Modelling is super fun to me, but if you aren't photogenic or just don't like pictures being taken of you and you decide to have a model or your friend that is photogenic and lacks anxiety and self-doubt, hit him/her up and have them come through and model for you. Pay close attention to how they model in your clothes because I personally believe that everyone can model and that there are no bad pictures, especially if the person modelling is in his/her element. If the model you are with is acting uncomfortable and acting unnatural you can try one of two things. You could either:

  1. Take a break and shoot again later on in the day, or even change the setting of the shoot, because personally, when I was shooting the patches, some of the settings I chose weren't the best places to shoot at. Once the scenery was changed, it was easy to take shots. If you would like to see how they all came out, check my instagram @anti.clvtch and tell me if you like them. If this doesn't work you can try option number
  2. That is bringing a spliff to the shoot, and trust me, depending on the strain(s) in the spliff, you will be way too cozy and relaxed to care about how you look in front of a camera.

The second half of step two was marketing my patches and making sure that people, one, know that I am releasing and, two, want what I'm releasing. The marketing phase lasted about two weeks. When I first actually got the patches in the mail, the first thing I did was hop on live and let the few people who joined see the patches and the good quality that they came in. I recommend doing this if you are reading this and want to try this out on your own, but with a different product, go to whatever platform you are biggest on and just showcase and tease your product. Teasing is the number one best way to market a product, next to purchasing ads or having a celebrity wear it, because building hype around what you do will bring the attention of your following and anyone who is interested in you and hasn't followed you yet. I spent those two weeks constantly talking about my patches and showing them off and I can confidently say that this drop has been the best performing one to date and I will always tease my products now!!

The last and final step, which in my opinion is the hardest step for multiple reasons, is releasing your product out into the world. Releasing is never easy for me because there is always that underlining fear that it won't perform to my expectations or that it will flop and hurt my ego, self-esteem and page if it doesn't do well; and if you can relate, I got one thing to tell you. Shut the fuck up and just do it. It's harsh but its facts, that voice in your head isn't natural and isn't supposed to be there; especially if you have the right amount of hype surrounding a product, why would you worry? Even if it doesn't do well, there is always next time. People need to realize that failure isn't a permanent option. If people can be quick to ask for do-overs on tests, why don't they do the same with releasing products and marketing for them.

Something I would like to improve on for the next drop is having a better budget to market with. Marketing can really make or break a product and no matter how good the quality is, if there is nothing behind it, then nothing will happen with the product. Marketing plays a vital role in almost everything, so the fact that without it half of what we have wouldn't even have come to be should be a reminder to how important it is. The only thing I invested in when it came to marketing was a new site made with Squarespace, and no I'm not sponsored, but I will give my honest opinion about them. Squarespace gives you the power to shape a site the way you want it to look, and if you have seen any sites made by Squarespace, you know that all the sites made with them all look really clean and crisp. Don't be intimidated by that at all because you don't even have to know coding to make a beautiful site. With Squarespace, everything is right there and ready for you to use with ease, so why stress about coding when you could just join Squarespace and make a beautiful website without coding at all? For everyone reading stuck between what to use, I would definitely recommend Squarespace if you would like to take your business, product, store, album, or even portfolio to the next level. The last thing I would like to do better next drop is model more and showcase my products in a broader scale. The denim patches don't just belong on jeans as shown in the image above I modeled in wearing a sweater with the patches and a jacket. I would have loved to do a nighttime photoshoot in a ski mask and show people that the patches really do stick to anything as long as there is room and space on the surface. I wouldn't just go and stick a patch on anything though, just clothing.

All in all, I'm really proud of how it all came out and how much I have learned from this drop; and all anxiety about my performance aside learning is really all you should strive for when taking a leap of faith like this. We all want success but it doesn't come easy and it doesn't usually happen first try, so be patient and mindful with yourself, because if you don't get them this time, learn from your mistakes and move forward better and stronger. If you forget that, at least remember this: Live your life like its Darksouls 3; fail a bunch of times and learn from your mistakes so that you can defeat the boss and move to the next stage. Don't beat yourself up, just pick up the controller and try again.

Thank you so much for reading, I'm Anti.Clvtch. If you are looking to purchase an "Always Continue Into Dreams" patch for yourself they are available at Every purchase fuels the fun adventures I get to share with you guys at the end of the day, so if you enjoyed the advice and love the patch, be sure to purchase before it's too late because once they're gone, they'll stay that way. Have an amazing day everyone and see you next time.

Anti Clvtch
Anti Clvtch
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