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by Traci E. Langston 6 months ago in models and influencers
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Disclaimer: This was originally written in 1980 as a school report. The modeling industry has changed regarding size requirements as well as pay. Read for entertainment purposes. If I made you smile or dream of a glamorous career, please feel free to tip me. (P.s. I did grow up to model some and I loved every minute of it.)

If you listed all the careers available to people today from most glamorous to least glamorous, modeling would be near or at the top. Modeling can be a rewarding and fun experience. What does it take to be a model?

Some of the things required to make a good model are a good complexion (acne is not attractive), stamina (you have to get up and go), height (somewhere between 5’6” and 5’11”), and energy (no model is ever or looks worn out on the job.

Of course, everyone knows a model has to have a good figure. To attain and keep this, a model has to exercise and watch her diet closely. A good figure is 33” bust, 23” waist and 34” hips. This is about average for most models. Weight is a major factor models have to be careful about. A good weight for models is 108-112 lbs. A myth that many people hear about models is that they have to be skinny. This is not true. Models should be slim, not much fat but not skinny, skin and bones.

That takes care of the physical appearance, now what about the person behind the look? A model should have some talents. It may help her win a job that a model without a talent couldn’t get such as dance or horseback riding.

Another aspect that people going into modeling must consider is training. There are many fine schools around the country that teach you to walk, talk and look like a “model”. These also teach makeup techniques, points on poise and other criteria a model must meet. When considering a finishing school, as they’re called, you must consider many factors. Will the school refund your money if you cancel? How well known is the school? After considering these questions, someone may take a course, have fun and decide to become a model, but what next?

Since modeling can take up a great deal of time and models are any age up to 30, you must consider the fact of college. Many models choose modeling over college, some juggle both and some go to college and then try to make it big before they are “over the hill”.

For the people who do decide to become models, they have to consider many duties that are required of models. One of the biggest duties is the fact that models always have to look good. They also have to be healthy and not susceptible to colds. Many fashion magazine models are photographed two to four months before the issue’s date. This means that they have to wear the skimpiest spring fashions while standing in 40 degree weather. In contrast they have to wear fur coats and ski jackets in August. This may be bearable but these models have to smile while doing it.

Some models have decided to do this and have made themselves known as top models in the US. One of these is Christie Brinkley, 25. Christie expresses a warmth not seen in all models. She makes a good model because she loves to feel healthy thus keeping her looks and health in top condition required for models. She likes to please the man behind the camera so she always looks good. Christie doesn’t worry about being a model as her sole source of income, she also takes acting lessons.

Another successful model is Lori Taylor. Lori, a young girl from Idaho, went to New York to study dance. She went into a modeling agency “just to see what it was like” and she was an “instant success”. Now with two “Seventeen” covers to her credit, she says it’s not always so glamorous. Sometimes a normal work day could be from 7:30 am to 10:30pm. All and all Lori loves modeling and says it has made her more comfortable with herself.

One of the more interesting stories of model’s success is that of Maria Hansen, 22. Marie has blonde hair, blue eyes and a strong, stark, clean look. She was discovered in a shop in Sweden. Maria was born and raised in Sweden. When she began modeling she was embarrassed in front of the camera, but not anymore, now that she has done it for a while. Maria hates shopping, never wears makeup outside of modeling jobs, considers modeling a 9-5 job, wears what’s clean and doesn’t want to be a movie star. This makes Maria quite different from other models.

Top models get paid quite a bit of money for their jobs. How much a model gets paid depends on two factors. The first is how good they are. Being good requires experience and that can only be attained by time and hard work. The other factor is what city you’re in. The best place for a model to get work is in New York. A beginning model can get from minimum wage to $30 per job. A top model can get up to $200 an hour, with male models getting slightly less. Models outside New York can be tops in their city or struggle in New York. Another up and coming city for modeling is Los Angeles where pay is pretty much the same as New York.

All of this proves that modeling can be a glamorous and well-paying career or a boring job. Whatever way, modeling makes you feel good, healthy, pretty and rewarding for a job well done.

models and influencers

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