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Miranda Haskell: The Inspirational Story Behind the Brand

Miranda has become a global brand, with her products worn by some of the world’s most influential celebrities.

By james rogerPublished 7 months ago 3 min read

Miranda Haskell is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and the founder of the fashion brand Miranda Haskell. Born in New Zealand to parents of British descent, she had always been destined for a life full of art, passion and creativity. Throughout her years in the fashion industry, Miranda has become a global brand, with her products worn by some of the world’s most influential celebrities.

Here’s an article detailing Miranda Haskell’s inspiring story behind the brand:

Miranda Haskell began her entrepreneurial journey at a young age when she started making clothes for friends at age 14. She honed her craft while attending Parsons School of Design, where she learned pattern making, sewing, textiles, draping, merchandising, dyeing, styling, marketing – all of the skills necessary for a successful career in fashion.

A Dream to Create a Unique Brand

At 22 years old, Miranda graduated from college with dreams of creating her own fashion line that would be individualized while still having appeal to all people regardless of gender or size. Not only did she want it to be desirable, but also affordable – something everybody could access easily. She wanted this kind of power and ease to stretch not just domestically but throughout international regions as well.

After graduating from Parsons with a degree in Fashion Design, she incredibly decided to start her own company called Miranda Haskell New York (MHNY). While building MHNY she didn’t take any outside investments – all money was earned through customer sales. Her designs have been worn by celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Zendaya at red-carpet events, further proof of the success of this inspiring brand.

In 2007 The Miranda Haskell Brand Was Born

With mannequins being pregnant with design muses and inspiring ideas stretching out into what seemed like infinity Miranda was ready to make her aspirations come alive in 2007 when she founded the now internationally recognised fashion label: “Miranda Haskell”. She started off small and began selling at local markets before eventually taking pre-orders online worldwide; launching fully fledged stores across major cities such as Milano, Tokyo and more recently London too! By 2020 her products can be found everywhere from airports across Europe to upscale boutiques on five continents.

Miranda also ensures that her products are socially responsible by only working with companies who use sustainable materials and ethical practices. This commitment extends beyond just clothing; all types of Miranda’s product lines from jewelry to makeup feature strong sustainable values as well. This kind of dedication demonstrates how serious she is about making a positive difference within the fashion industry.

Giving Back Along The Way

But rather than simply wanting luxury clothing items for herself and other like-minded individuals; Miranda set up foundations which donate half of their profits toward homeless charities in order to give back even further across a range of communities globally - this has helped create exposure towards different causes and stories otherwise unheard or unmentioned. In doing so it has reinforced inspiration within several different markets which is reflective back through their positive impact today!

Filius: A Closing Chapter To An Inspiring Story

FastForwarding 13years later – 2020 marked another huge leap forward by releasing Filius: a sportswear apparel capsule collection made using recycled fabrics that are also environmentally friendly! By using high-grade materials such as GOTS certified organic cotton (the highest standard certification for sustainable materials). This marked another chapter in providing eco-friendly clothing for those who want more sustainable fashion options whiles showing responsibility towards environmental impacts caused by fast-fashion labels – truly turning what was once just a dream into reality one piece at a time!

At this point it’s clear; Miranda Haskell has gone farther than most dreamers could ever imagine—all while maintaining core principles like keeping price points reasonable and producing ecologically-friendly products. It's no wonder why so many aspiring entrepreneurs look to Miranda as an inspirational figure whose tenacity they can respect when starting their own businesses!


A Dream to Create a Unique Brand

In 2007 The Miranda Haskell Brand Was Born

Giving Back Along The Way

Filius: A Closing Chapter To An Inspiring Story

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