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Michael Kors Handbag Repair – Premium Care for your MK’s

Handbag Repair

By De Leather CraftPublished about a month ago 3 min read

Michael Kors handbags are crafted to perfection and is a brand that appeals to the elegant women of today. These premium handbags are more than just a style statement; they complement your overall personality and ensure you stand apart from the rest of the world. Michael Kors has three official stores in the country: in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore, and is available at various premium stores across the country. However, did you know the brand offers only a one-year warranty and repair service for any defect or damage, *subject to conditions, which makes it complex and time-consuming to avail the warranty?

At De Leather Craft we have more than two decades of experience in repairing and cleaning Michael Kors handbags. We are present in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore, and provide pick-up and drop-off facilities for your premium bags nationwide. We are your trusted partner when it comes to Michael Kors handbag repair, our craftsmen are well-versed with the brand aesthetics making sure your handbag retains its originality.

Michael Kors Handbag Cleaning –

We know you love your premium handbag shining as new, but usage can collect dirt, mud and stains that make your favourite Michael Kors handbag unappealing. It is recommended to never clean your premium handbags at home since each leather type requires specialised treatment, attempting to clean them without the right agents could potentially damage their colour and expedite the leather decay process. At De Leather Craft, we use high-quality cleansing agents which are imported from the USA, these are the same chemicals used by craftsmen at Michael Kors. We make sure your priceless Michael Kors bags receive quality care and continue to look shiny and new even after years of use.

Over time, premium leather bags lose their sheen. Give your bag a spa treatment and restore its lost charisma. Our expert craftsmen have a keen eye for detail and ensure your MKs look brand new once again.

Our Range of Services for Michael Kors Bags in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore –

• Michael Kors Purse Strap Repair – Straps often endure the most wear and tear and may tear or develop loose seams with time. Our experts can repair them perfectly. If your straps are severely damaged, our craftsmen can replace the entire strap with original Michael Kors straps, thereby extending the life of your bag.

• Zip Repair and Replacement - A broken zipper can be a turn-off and make your handbag unusable. We can repair damaged zippers or replace old ones with new ones. Our craftsmen meticulously colour the edges, leaving no signs of replacement.

• Inner Lining Repairs – The inner lining of your MK bag may suffer damage from extensive and rough use. We can stitch or perform patchwork to restore them, and if necessary, we can completely redo the inner lining.

• Piping Repair – Corners and piping are susceptible to maximum wear and tear and may get scuffed, or torn sooner than other parts of your handbag. We offer piping repair and replacement services to rejuvenate your premium Michael Kors bag.

What’s the process to get your Michael Kors Bag repaired?

• Get in touch with us at

• Our support representative will assist you with the specific requirements of your bag and provide an approximate cost and timeframe for the repairs.

• You can drop your Michael Kors bag at our stores in person or get a pick-up arranged by Delhivery, our trusted logistics partner.

• Once your handbag reaches our state-of-the-art leather repair facility, our experts will examine it and provide you with an estimated time needed to repair your Michael Kors handbag. They will also analyse it for any additional work needed, and recommend the same, this will increase the life of your favourite bag.

• Our craftsmen will work on the damaged parts to breathe new life into your Michael Kors bag.

• You will receive your bag, looking as good as new.


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