Luxury apparel packaging showing impressive market result in the start of 2020

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Luxurious packaging solutions

Luxury apparel packaging showing impressive market result in the start of 2020

When we are talking about the role of luxury apparel boxes in the development and growth of the fashion industry, we can talk about their impact. These boxes are exclusively designed in a way that they are attractive and aesthetic. This makes them more suitable for catching the eye of the customer and making an impression on them. These boxes are used by firms to ensure that they get the best results for their brand and can easily gain the attention of the market. These boxes have many different uses and designs that make them more versatile and effective.

These luxury apparel boxes are used by all famous brands and firms trying to make a place for themselves in the market. You must have seen these boxes being carried by customers. They are made in a way that they can be as functional as possible, while at the same time looking luxurious and elegant.

When you are thinking of a good design for these boxes, there are two factors that you must keep in mind. These factors will allow you to make the custom apparel boxes more useful and productive.

Boxes and basics

Imagine you are designing a box. What are the basic things that the apparel gift boxes must-have? What are the functions that it is supposed to do? How do you ensure that it is suited to the task?

There are two factors that you need to focus on.

• The shield function: This will help you make sure that the boxes are as protective as possible. Apparel is delicate. It can get damaged by a lot of different factors. That is why you need to have packaging designs that will allow you to prevent any harm to the items. Any packaging design will need to have this protective function to prevent the clothing from getting torn or stained or worn out.

• The look. That is what we call the physical appearance of the boxes. If you want your design to be successful, you will have to make it look attractive and unique. That is the sole way in which you can make a name for yourself in the market. If you look at the designs that we will be talking about, you will see that they focus a lot on the way that the custom luxury boxes look.

Now that we know about the two basics of apparel boxes wholesale design that some of the most famous and trending brands are using this year.

Luxurious packaging solutions

The whole concept of apparel revolves around the presentation and the appearance of the products. So it’s no surprise that these boxes are made in the most impressive manner possible. We have made a list of some of the most attention-worthy designs that have been gaining interest in the market and have been used successfully by the brands.

• Greener packaging: The new decade has brought a huge rise in the popularity and demand for these boxes. That is due to the rising concern amongst the customers regarding the environmental impact of the fashion industry. Manufactures saw people protesting against firms that refused to adopt greener policies. That is one of the many reasons that this design is so popular. They are made of biodegradable materials that prevent them from polluting the planet. This has led to progress in demand for the brands using them. With the growing innovations in the packaging industry and raising awareness about this issue, we can expect this design to get even more popularity.

• Maximalist approach: We all know about how hyped up the minimalist packaging design was, right? It looked cool and futuristic. But the new decade has brought a new design. We now see the rise of maximalism. This is the opposite of the minimalist model. People now prefer more heavily decorated and more intense designs. These designs have richer colors and more intricate lines. This has been promoted with the wish of people to make their items look more luxurious. Simple custom luxury boxes will not do anymore. Brands are already jumping up and using more patterns and deeper colors.

• Holographic effects: With the start of the new decade, we have also seen a rise in the development of more neo-futuristic packaging designs. True, rustic designs have been popular. But people are more influenced by the technological advancements that are taking place. They want the packaging to show that as well. That is why we have this design getting very popular. Brands have started using black backgrounds and using high-quality laser printing. This has allowed them to make amazing and bold holographic themes on the boxes. And this theme has extended into a new trend. We have seen the rise of neon packaging. These boxes have become so popular due to the bold and eye-catching appearance, similar to the holographic designs. In this way, we have seen the rise of more futuristic and high contrast packaging.

• Value for money: People these days are also concerned about the value of what they buy. Even expensive brands are aware that people expect more. With rising pressure to give more in less, they have made sure that their packaging is more multifunctional. The boxes are no longer just apparel boxes with logo. They are much more than that. One of the most popular designs is the boxes that can be turned into a strong hanger for clothes. With more and more creative designs being made every day, it is a very strong possibility that we can get more and more functional packaging.

• Textures: You have made the product that attracts the customer enough to pick it up. What else can you do to create an impact? You can appeal to the sense of touch. Not only does it help with a better grip, but it also makes your product feel interesting. And that is how these clothing companies are making sure that their packaging is even more impactful. This has been a popular design for a long time. But 2020 has seen the return of texturing in new and more creative ways. The use of modern technology has allowed manufacturers to make the boxes feel more special and unique.

These are some of the trendiest designs that are being used in the market. If you are thinking of setting up an apparel business, you will have to keep them in mind. Just buy wholesale custom rigid boxes and design them accordingly. That will play a big role in boosting your business.

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