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LETHATO – Your One Stop Solution for Handmade Leather Shoes

When thinking of the perfect ensemble for men, in addition to the outfit and accessories, footwear plays a major role. What a man adorns his feet with portrays his personality, his outlook, and his sophistication. That’s the reason diligent men often give a lot of thought to selecting the right quality of shoes for themselves. The material, the cut, the look, the fit – each of them should be perfect.

By Jason PittPublished 3 years ago 6 min read

Now, while there are so many varieties of shoes available out there, often handmade genuine leather shoes stand out. A lot of global brands specialize in creating high-quality custom-made leather shoes for an urban audience, but only a few excel when it comes to perfection and exquisite craftsmanship. Among them, Lethato Shoes is a name to reckon with.

Lethato is an online Indian brand that’s dedicated to crafting handcrafted leather shoes specially curated for modern men. The brand is quite popular famous for its luxurious footwear collection that comprises high-quality Italian and Argentinean leather oxfords, loafers, boots, and several other shoe varieties. Every single one of Lethato’s masterpieces is handcrafted and hand-painted by experienced shoe artists. The team at the helm of the company is passionate about designing the finest quality stylish handmade shoes, and they consistently strive to fulfill the needs of metropolitan men.

Lethato focuses on delivering top-notch quality, uniqueness, and excellence to their customers. As a brand they have a pretty growth-oriented approach, which is why they’ve acquired an amazing response from customers across the globe. Men in USA, Europe, and Middle East, vouch for their product quality, pleasing aesthetics, soft touch-and-feel, and perfect fitting. Every single shoe is handcrafted by professionals with a lot of affection and dedication, and that makes each pair even more special.

Lethato Handcrafted Leather Shoes – Customers’ Opinion

In today’s modern world, the internet can be your best friend when it comes to finding genuine reviews about a particular brand or product. In terms of Lethato shoes too, you’ll find a lot of customer reviews from happy users who’ve used their products for years.

What people love most about Lethato is how stylish and comfortable their shoes are. Additionally, customers commend Lethato’s amazing shipping facilities and great customer support. Above all, the quality of the shoes is top-notch, keeping in mind the style quotient, versatility and durability. One particularly happy user didn’t hesitate in sharing his personal experience with the shoes when he said that he’d wore the shoes to an event and they made a great statement.

Such customer testimonies play a huge role in the growth and expansion of any brand/online store. They help in building huge customer support and allow you to convert potential buyers into loyal customers. For a brand to earn such admiration from users, there must be something awesome about it, right? Well, let’s find out what it is about Lethato that every modern man wants to pick their products.

Top 10 Reasons to buy Lethato Handmade Leather Shoes

Handmade Leather Shoes are available in different styles and designs. While style may be of prime importance to some, others may look for supreme quality. But if you’re looking for both, Lethato shoes have you covered!

Here are some reasons that prove Lethato footwear is the best in terms of style as well as quality.

1. Fine finish

Lethato leather shoes are handcrafted by professional and experienced craftsmen, considering your custom foot-shape, size, and personal preferences. Since every piece is hand-built and hand-painted, every shoe reflects perfection and attention to detail. Needless to say, the finish of such shoes is unmatchable.

2. Highest quality materials

The shoes from this brand are crafted with high quality Full Grain Leather Uppers and Argentinean leather sole. Both materials provide a luxurious finish to the shoe and make them stand out in. Unlike lower quality leather shoes where the material starts to split over and crack within no time, Lethato shoes make use of full-grain supple leather which molds easily without cracking.

3. Cost effective

Handmade leather shoes can often be a tad expensive, but they make for a great investment as each pair can last you for a very long time. Lethato’s leather footwear are quite cost effective as compared to other leather shoe brands, and each of their pairs can be used with almost every outfit. This essentially means that when you buy one such pair, you’ll end up using it a lot, and thus, save a lot of money.

4. Care guide

As we have mentioned above, men’s handmade leather shoes are a one-time investment and will last you for a very long time, but that’s possible only if you take proper care of them. Leather is a material that requires care, and it shows when it makes them look neat and new for a very long time. Unlike other brands, Lethato offers a care manual or guide with each pair of shoes it sells. This manual consists of every little detail you need to know about the product. It also includes the steps to keep your shoes new and long-lasting.

5. Extremely comfortable

Men's Chukka Boots by Lethato are bound to provide you utmost comfort since they’re specially crafted for you considering your custom size and foot shape. Moreover, with this brand, you can provide your own specifications so that the shoes can be further customized according to your choice. In this way, not only are these shoes “built-to-order,” they’re sure to provide the ultimate comfort to your feet to keep you moving throughout the day.

6. Strong and durable

Lethato’s range of handmade leather shoes are much more durable and long lasting as compared to machine made leather shoes that you find in most stores. These shoes are handcrafted by experts. This essentially means that you can expect the best fitting, good quality stitching, and great comfort. The professionals pay special attention towards each and every shoe, making sure that the final product matches your expectations.

7. Fashion game changer

If you’re new to men’s fashion, a pair of handmade leather shoes by Lethato is all you need. Their shoes are extremely versatile and add a lot of style and sophistication to your everyday look. Premium quality good looking handcrafted leather shoes can definitely change your entire fashion game and make you stand out in the crowd.

8. Perfect Wedding shoes

Wholecut Italian leather shoes are one of the most popular and stylish formal styles of oxfords available in the market. These shoes are paired extremely well with any sort of formal attire like tuxedo and suits, which makes them the best choice for your wedding day. Lethato offers a whole range of Wholecut Oxford Shoes and other styles in their exclusive range.

9. Look great with every outfit

Lethato shoes are an excellent choice if you want to add charm and character to your regular outfits. They totally amp up your style and lift your fashion statement. Handmade leather shoes look great with formal outfits like the traditional black suit or even with the modern and trendy color suits including beige, charcoal, navy blue and burgundy.

10. Great shipping policy

Lethato provides express shipping across the world in more than 200 countries. They work with leading courier companies (DHL & FedEx) that deliver packages within 2-6 business days in the USA, Middle East, Europe, and Canada. In case your desired product is out of stock or the size is not available, they will inform you in advance and will get it custom made just for you within 2-3 weeks.

Is it worth investing your money in Lethato Handmade Leather Shoes?

As mentioned before, Lethato is a home-grown online brand that provides a wide variety of men’s dress shoes. Their assortment of unique colors and designs will make your eyes shine. Most brands offer the same style of designs and colors in traditional oxfords and loafers, but that’s not the case with Lethato! They offer original variations and customizations to their customers, and that makes them different from other competing shoe brands. The quality of their footwear is quite premium and the brand itself is trusted by most modern men. Along with great style and design, they also provide a complete guide for your handmade leather shoes in order to keep them safe and long lasting, which always comes handy.

Here are some points that will draw your attention towards the footwear brand:

1. Provides free express shipping to major Countries.

2. Most of their high-quality handmade leather dress shoes are hand painted.

3. Large range of sizes to choose from, including US men’s 7 to 15.

All their shoes come with care guides, which is an extremely helpful manual to keep your leather shoes intact for a long period of time.

To Conclude

Lethato offers a huge variety of handmade leather shoes for men. From chukka boots to oxford shoes, they have an extremely wide range of men’s footwear that will never disappoint you in terms of quality, style, and comfort. They provide trendy and latest designs without compromising on the quality and craftsmanship, and that’s why each pair bought from them will make for a great investment.

We hope this information was helpful and you’ll end up making good use out of it.

Happy shopping!


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