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Ideal staircase interior design ideas.

by Dikshita Sarkar about a month ago in designers
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Staircase to define the interior design.

Ideal staircase interior design ideas.
Photo by Thomas Serer on Unsplash

Hello readers, hope you have gone through my blog post on home office design in Kolkata. Today, I will share my ideas on staircase interior design in Kolkata. During my career as a professional interior designer I have noticed that many of you forget or just simply ignore the necessity of designing and decorating the staircase of your house. Is it not looking odd ?

In kolkata, types of houses are like gothic style houses in traditional kolkata, modern individual owned houses in Rajarhat, Garia and north suburban areas, 2 BHK and 3 BHK individual apartments and theme based housing projects. I will discuss my interior designing ideas for each and every case.

Staircase interior design ideas for gothic style houses of Kolkata.

Generally, this type of houses are found in traditional Kolkata like Shyambazar and its surrounding areas in North Kolkata and Ballygunge - Bhawanipur areas in South Kolkata. Maximum of such houses are colored with Red or Green border on Yellow base. Relling of such houses are made with wood or cement with iconic folding design, which creates a classy look. I recommend installing photos with classy designed photo frames on the wall of staircases. It creates a traditional feel with a rich glimpse of the history of Kolkata. Apart from that, I also recommend installing small plants on the landing of staircases so that the building will look a bit cozy.

You can also use dark brown or dark green colors instead of pitch black to make staircases a bit modern and keep the feel the same.

If the size of the stair case area is large and if the ceiling can be visible from the ground floor then you can install a chandelier at the top.

Staircase interior design ideas for modern owned houses of Kolkata.

In Kolkata many people prefer to live in individual houses in the budding residential areas of Kolkata, like Rajarhat Newtown of the east, Garia in the South Kolkata and from Airport to Barasat areas in North Kolkata.

Generally this type of houses are built with modern architecture with two to three floors. In this case I recommend to use glass mounted railings, monochromatic colors on the wall with small wall stickers or installation of photo frames with simple design to get a minimalist interior design. This approach can help you to synchronize the looks of your staircase with the looks of your entire house.

If there is any elder member residing with your family you can use matt finished tiles on your staircase to make it anti skeet.

Staircase interior design ideas for individual apartments.

In north and southern suburbs the number of individual apartments are situated at a high rate. Most middle class people live in such apartments with 2 - 3 BHK flats. Well, I understand, as the staircase is a common property in this scenario, so this paragraph is mostly applicable to committee members of such apartments and developers.

As a professional interior designer I recommend minimalist design. It will help you to minimize the maintenance cost. You can bring distinctive looks with wall art and big wall stickers.

For the flooring purpose, you can add wood finish or tiles with contrast colors. It will make the staircase of your apartment look good, easy to maintain yet it can create a distinctive look.

Color of window glasses is an important factor because glass mounted large windows are used on the walls of landings. In this case you need to choose colors as per the over color tone of the staircase. As the weather of Kolkata is mainly hot and humid, many Kolkata based interior designers like me use less transparent glass with a mild color so that a perfect balance between high sunlight and shadow can be formed.

Staircase interior design ideas for theme based large housing projects.

Nowadays as per the necessity of a good lifestyle with proper security many middle class to rich people are opting for large housing projects or estate to reside. Generally this type of projects includes multi floor apartments with gardens and other amenities.

In this case you need to install lights in multiple locations because more people use such staircases than in other types of residences.

Apart from that you should use light and reflective colors on the wall of staircases. It will create a minimalist interior design and help everybody to see their steps carefully even in the low light. It will also decrease the overall power consumption.

I also recommend metal railing without a glass mount. I have noticed in many high profile apartments glasses are used in staircases. Yes, it looks great from the design point of view but it is not good practice from the safety point of view. As a professional interior designer I always recommend avoiding glass and I also believe it can be possible to create a good interior design concept without using glass.

I believe that I can give you good interior design ideas for stair cases of residences, which you may not even think of. I will also release some YouTube videos on it very soon. So stay with me and stay with joy in the city of joy. See you soon.


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Dikshita Sarkar

Ms. Dikshita Sarkar is a renowned interior designer and blogger for the last five years. She has experience in designing several offices, shopping malls, and high-profile residential properties in India.

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