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How to Use Fashion to Boost Your Confidence and Self-Esteem?

Feeling Good!

By Anthony ChanPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Photo by Janko Ferlic, Unsplash

How many men wouldn't love to look taller, dark, and handsome?

Well, fashion can offer some assistance with at least one-third of those attributes!

Fashion connoisseurs tell us that double-breasted suits offer men an opportunity to boost their confidence and self-esteem as such attire provides the illusion of looking taller and more elegant!

Most importantly, for those that are yearning for something different after the sharp pendulum swing towards the ultra-casual attire we all experienced in our zoom infused pandemic, the double-breasted suit offers a refreshing return to more formal attire. It is no secret that when the pendulum swings too far in either direction, it is always encouraging to experience some balance by forces that steer us in the opposite direction.

And just like any great game show, we can also say, wait there is more! As a bonus, this type of suit also offers the ability to camouflage some of the unwanted widening in men's waist sizes.

Outside of the vanity front, one cannot ignore that over the next decade, the growth of the population over the age of 60, will greatly exceed the relative growth of their younger millennial-aged cohorts. As such growth occurs, there is little doubt that the return to more formal attire is likely to be a winning strategy for fashion designers.

How About the Opposing View?

Any reasonable person pushing this idea should be pragmatic and offer full disclosure of the major counterarguments against the return of this potential fashion trend.

For those that love the adage that says, "less is more," one has to readily admit that double-breasted suits may not necessarily be a suitable (no pun intended) option. Double-breasted suits are adorned by wide panels of fabric at the front of the jacket that is accompanied by two separate long columns of buttons.

It is no secret that this set-up will require the use of extra fabric which will mean increased costs when producing this type of suit. This extra layer of clothing also means that during the warm climate months, the user will generate a little extra heat that can't be easily avoided by simply unbuttoning one's jacket. It should be obvious by examining this elegant fashion attire that unbuttoning a double-breasted suit to let some air circulate is a non-starter given the awkward appearance generated by walking around with an array of dangling columns of buttons.

What is the Verdict?

While trying our best to offer both the pros and cons of bringing back this fashion attire which enjoyed a comeback in the late 1980s, may leave some perplexed, our view is straightforward. After recovering from a period where both men and women gorged on casual attire during the stay-at-home work environment, a more formal look would be refreshing!

One sure way to remind everyone that the reopening of U.S. cities that are expected to return to work beginning in July 2021 is real and durable is by bringing back a more formal look. There is also little doubt that the return of the double-breasted suit will also be surely matched by similar formal attire for women.

If all this happens, such trends may even help us put some of the bad memories from being forced to stay-at-home for over a year when conducting business and other personal matters.

Moreover, after staying at home for so long, wouldn't it be nice (with a little help from our double-breasted suit) to hide some of those extra pounds we adopted during the pandemic?

And although this may be a tall order, let me scream and say, "Give me joy, give me liberty and, bring me back my beloved double-breasted suit!"


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