Four Style Mistakes Guys Make All Too Often

Style is a representation of who you are.

Four Style Mistakes Guys Make All Too Often

Some guys are stylish. Some could care less. Most of us are somewhere in between, though; trying our best to look our best, but not always getting it right.

Us men are generally a little shorter on fashion-forward knowledge and experience than women and it shows. Let’s face it, men are making far more fashion mistakes on average, but it doesn’t need to be this way.

If you learn from mistakes and keep an eye out for the most common fashion no-nos, you can dodge fashion disasters and max out our looks to the fullest. Let’s start with the basics, and make sure you aren’t making one of the four most common male fashion mistakes.

Failing to Accessorize

Male style can look effortless, but there’s a lot that you need to get right and remember before you leave the house. Sure, that movie star may look like he just grabbed whatever he found in his closet. Unlike you, however, he’s wearing a watch and a necklace. There are subtle but important factors in his style, like being able to make a perfectly constructed outfit seem effortless.

Grab yourself some masculine accessories, like a cable wire bracelet or a heavy chain. Get yourself a great wallet and a great pair of sunglasses. Wear a belt with virtually every outfit. And don’t be afraid of jewelry but make sure and take care not to get carried away!

Wearing Too Much Jewelry

When guys finally realize that they can rock awesome jewelry, they can sometimes go overboard. You aren’t Steven Tyler, so don’t develop an addiction to layering bracelets and necklaces.

When it comes to male jewelry, discretion is the better part of valor. A necklace or bracelet doesn’t need to be a big or bold piece. You can make just as big of a statement with a thin chain underneath that hangs underneath a shirt as you can when you’re dripping in flash. Remember that you’re not Mr. T, and don’t have a gig at Madison Square Garden tonight. So, steal a tip from Coco Chanel and take off one piece before you leave the house.

Failing to Focus on Fit

When clothes look great, it has an awful lot to do with the fit. Sure, fashion is made up of little trends like seasonal colors and button details and so on, but the real heart of fashion is looking good in clothes and clothes look good when they fit properly. You have to flatter your natural body type.

That can be kind of annoying, admittedly. It would be nice if we could just go buy whatever we see in the photo in GQ and trust it to look as good on us as it does on the model. But that’s not just because the model is an unreasonably attractive dude, it’s because of the proper fit.

To find clothes that flatter you, try different retailers and look for a reliable manufacturer that makes clothes that flatter your body type. And don’t assume that wearing your clothes tight will shape your body — tee shirts are not corsets, and you can’t hide that flab from straining against cotton.

Overusing the Graphic Tee

The graphic tee shirt is a classic, youthful choice. But as a grown man, you need a lot more in your closet beyond the graphic tees, especially when your graphic tees are emblazoned with juvenile jokes or outdated references. Do yourself a favor and cut down on the excessively branded tees and cheesy joke tees.

Replace them with solid-color basics. You can still bust out a classic vintage graphic tee or go normcore with the right tourist tee, but you don’t want to be the graphic-tee-guy.

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