Fashion Trends of Winter 2019-2020

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Warm Edition

Fashion Trends of Winter 2019-2020

Back on the pod, don't be a snob. UNLESS, we're talking fashion. Queue it, Gary.

I hope not. (forgets to edit swears on YouTube) Gary is my personal GIF thrower, btw. Gary say hi, throw it up one time.

Yup. It's who you thought it was. Meet the green behind the screen, and you can meet my face too, if you go to YouTube. Search: Chelsea Swift Is Your Spirit Animal. Queue my podcast and YouTube cover, Gary.

So, yea. Real talk, all day, everyday. Today? Let's talk: Fashion and Winter. Can they go together? Or better yet. Can it be done without freezing your buns?

It's like a half no for me too - Because, that's like asking someone, if you'll fall down in 6 inch heels....

There's just so much to consider. Will you hit a patch of ice? Are you drinking Whiskey tea's all night? Did a giant bear costume man push you? (true story for another time)

So my first tip drops now...

Style Tip #1. Stockings

No. Not those. Gary, forgot to make it Gucci.

Here we go: Style Tip #1: Stocking....but, make it Fashion.

Mhm. Actual hype city on IG. These Gucci stockings in particular have been trending for a few weeks and I've watched them go from $225 to $85.00.

Why's that? Because, Gucci discovered a soul (cough) I mean, market place, and, they realized they could rip more people off this season. Inserts Link.

Another key point, not one article on trending tights, yet, it's all over the internet and runway.

Graphic. Patterned. Colored. Branded.

Expect this trend to carry into next season since almost every major magazine missed it. But, again, let's just stick to what's real.

If they suck you in, get them. If you they don't, put them back. Immediately. No one has time for that.

Stockings and tights can save your life. They can. If you pick them right, they can keep you warm in your tiny dress and if they're thick enough, they double as pants.

Bloggers beware. Let's talk gangster chic coats. Gar-Bear, queue, Coolio - Gangsters Paradise.

YASSS. The moment, we BOTH have been waiting for... (runs to closet for coat)

Style Tip #2 - Pimp Coats

The over-sized, furry, fluffy coats. Faux fur. Feathered. The more ridiculous the better. Coats are IN - aka - Can't get enough. Love a good pimp coat - and, these actually keep you WARM.

Yes, you are right. People have been wearing them for years, but they are officially on trend for the season, so it takes that "extra" or "trying to hard" vibe away.

I know, slide me a chardonnay-hay later.

Style Tip # 3 Leather But Make It Patent

Leather, everything! Like, Anna came out of no where, and hit everybody with the patent leather shoe + patent leather pants + patent leather coat combo.

Anything patent leather is now approved. Jackets. Bags. Shoes. Pants. Everything. Let's be real. The Kard's (not saying full names here)

But, yea the "dashers" - have been trying to make patent leather happen for like 5 years, go look.

And, fashion was like, we told you - it's not in, until Anna says it's in.

That's when 80's summer got hot, 90's classic's made a comeback, and then, Anna (Queen Of Everything) Wintour, pushed the patent leather button- and like flooded your feed with it.

It's that simple, Kard's.

Also. Real question. Are you REALLY a trend setter if you hijack Hong Kong style 2 years in advance, every year? Like, stop going to China for all your ideas. (Yes, business owners, you too)

Style Tip #4: Headbands - But, let me explain

First of all, I'd be lying if I said I haven't been waiting for this since I was nine. I personally loved that 90's chic sweater + headband combo and I feel like your heart has been waiting for this too.

Think about it. When was the last time you wore a headband? No, no, no. Not those basic ones. Let me rephrase.

When was the last time you felt like a QUEEN IN YOUR HEADBAND? Okay. Those are back!!

YAASSS girl. The GOOD headbands are back. The queen one's.

And, they're actually super chic. When I first saw this, I was dying to click and laugh, but then - I was greeted by actual crowns. Let's queue, baby Cindy.

Making it a MUST this season. If only to have all those nostalgic feels / fix your dry shampoo hair, same thing.

Style Tip #5: Tailored

This one never leaves my style book: tailor it. Don't even second guess it, just tailor it.

And, yes. Tailoring is on trend, but, "make it tuxedo" is the vibe. With shoulder pads being "in" (definitely not promoting, only saying, my mom has talked so much sh*t about shoulder pads, that I just know better)

Anyhow. Adding a slight (notice I said slight) puff sleeve to something fitted works this season and it's a great way to layer up. Look for couture level detailing and fitted blazers, paired with sequin or satin under garments.

Style Tip #6: Moulin Rouge

Yes, I made this up. I'm actually mixing two styles together here: Dominatrix (Vogue said it first, go look)

and detailed lingerie.

Exactly. Moulin Rogue is beyond fitting. Let's move on.

Think of Moulin Rouge corset tops with a classy twist, like laced material, sheer with detailed print, satin, and rhinestone touches.

If done right, this shirt can be cute under a tailored jacket (like the one we just talked about)

Add patent leather pants (my new fav's)

Add in some chic boots (coming up), and your boss fluffy jacket. (as discussed)

Either way, it's a great way to look "chic" and keep warm. Here is another style guide below.

Style Tip # 7 - Chelsea Boots

Good news. Your white boot obsession as grown taller and will begin to walk a little taller in 2020.

Listen, I'm all about a sixty's boot making a come back. But, practical? Long lasting?

That's the winter boot VIBE babe. Like, let's not get caught in a sock.

Again, back to the top - I don't need any injuries on my watch, but, if you want to "wet sock, crip walk it" into the club - be my guest, it's an actual trend.

I'm just personally calling this an in-door trend only. Like office chic attire.

If you live in New England, and you want to really kick it, get the Chelsea boot.

What? That's what they're called! I literally can't make it up - Go google it, and, of course, my favorite boot is named after me. (bissshh- queue the chic boss bitch boot)

Mhm. I call these, let's not slip and slide and actually enjoy our time, while staying on trend. Hash tag, bye fake friends. Aka the shoes that pretend to be your friend until you hit a patch of ice.

Yup. Not so nice.

A chic boot is (honestly) the only boot worth investing in, in the ACTUAL winter season. Your bedazzled Rihanna boots....

...maybe save it for the casino. Yes, wear them, but just wait until you are actually indoors to put them on. Much like,me in real life, the Chelsea boot, never let's you down.

This is the boot you wear, after the boot you think you're going to wear, doesn't it make it down the driveway.

I know, I love you too. And, for more Netflix and chill, find me on YouTube and Spotify | Search: Chelsea Swift Is Your Spirit Animal xoxo

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