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by Brianna about a year ago in trends
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Need to Go

Why is this cool? Is it even cool at all? Who made it cool? When will it end? These are my questions. Of all fashion trends and statements of individuality to express through jewelry and other accessories one thing I consider a pet peeve of mine is a sagging pant. Although it is best to admit that I am guilty of not wearing a belt a few times when wearing a pair of my old boyfriend’s jeans, I unfortunately must say it was not as comfortable walking around in the store when shopping having them on. I was constantly concerned with the impression they gave off when crossing paths with elders or having to hold them up whenever I put groceries in the car.

However, what I think was worse was watching a few of my friends sag their pants without thoughts or cares about it. They figured it was of style, several others do it and it is a free world so why not live your life? I have come to the conclusion that any fashion statement is fine for the individual to choose. But I would go to these parties and events and see people on the red carpet with belts striving to always be elegant, full length suits along side beautifully gowned women and think about the difference in image and feeling. I began to question what inspires the desire to either go beltless and or deliberately sag. Was it to stand against someone else’s fashion request or statement? Is it laziness, is habit based upon environment or how someone was raised, is it lack of resources? Why?!

Another fashion statement I am not necessarily fond of would be the zebra print. Cheetah is cute, leopard even but zebra is very shocking and a bit upsetting when I think about how the print even took shape and form. When I think about Zebras, I think exotic, distinct, and precious. Why someone wants to wear it as a design is disturbing in my opinion and says a great deal. It is not that attractive on a person, why someone wants to embody the spirit animal with a zebra print outfit is beyond me. It is not that the pattern is ugly but the concept is challenging to dissect.

Fanny packs are convenient but also old fashioned. I think that fanny packs can go as well. Purses and backpacks are more of carrier but classic. Fanny packs can be ugly and in and out of style on a consistent basis that just are annoying if you are in a moment of consistent movement or are not necessarily physically fit. They also are not of a high fashion brand for a specific cause, it is simply are a random accessory that we may or may not truly need. So what real purpose do they serve? They seem to get in the way. It is more of a want in the spur of the moment not necessarily a fashion statement that is trendy or inspirational enough to motivate millions of customers to buy them in the spur of the moment.

Lastly, one more idea I feel is unnecessary to continue would be the biker shorts. Yes they look great on the models that advertise them but truly they can be uncomfortable and also potentially unhealthy depending on the size of the body whether in and out of shape. They demonstrate the idea of flexibility but it can be cutting off of the circulation. It is not cute or sexy or admirable it is questionable piece of clothing that may or may not be catered to a specific body type regardless of the selected size. I think sweats or yoga pants do the same and serve a great purpose for the substitute option.


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