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By Hello SocialyzePublished 2 months ago 3 min read
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Gen Z, Younger than Millennials, Open to New Trends. What You Should Know.

The next generation is the generation that we are all looking forward to. They are the ones who will keep the planet afloat, and they are well aware of this. They are so full of enthusiasm and conviction in their beliefs that they are certain they will alter the world in some way. With their digital-savvy lives, they are definitely going to influence the fashion industry. You need to know what they think about the hottest topics in fashion and that is what this blog is all about.

As a marketer, it’s your job to know what’s going on in the world. But somehow, understanding the next generation of consumers seems to be a tricky thing. And I don’t blame you. When it comes to discussing sexuality, gender, and self-expression, Gen Z is frequently perceived as more accepting. In other words, they are more 'woke' than previous generations, a phrase that has powerful implications for many individuals. But today, rather than concentrating on a single word, we're showcasing fashion and what Gen Z feels about it. Most people understand that this generation is conscious of societal injustices and wishes to be treated seriously. If a brand is regarded to be discriminating, the majority will boycott it. When it comes to brands, Gen Z seeks authenticity and shared values.

Gender's meaning in society is changing, and Generation Z is at the vanguard of that change. In fact, Knit did a research on the topic and found that 70% of Generation Z believes that gender defines a person less than it did previously. The fashion industry is paying attention. There is a growing consensus that fashion should, or at the very least, could be free of the binary notion of gender. According to studies, 33% of Gen Z identifies as more than just heterosexual. So, how does that information compare to what we learned from our Gen Z panel?

Females are more accepting and less hostile to gender-neutral attire. As many as 55.4% of female Gen Z consider it to be very or somewhat positive. And just 21.3% of them think it's very negative or slightly unfavorable. Gender-neutral clothing is preferred by 44.5% of Gen Z. Knit also spoke with Millennials, andfound that male Millennials are the generation most likely to find gender-neutral apparel to be highly undesirable (13.8%). They are also the least inclined to contemplate wearing gender-neutral or opposite-sex clothing. It's worth noting that just 4.4% of Gen Z guys believe gender-neutral apparel is extremely undesirable.

Male Gen Zers (57.8%) are more likely than female Gen Zers (42.6%) to wear gender-neutral apparel. However, since 42.6% of Gen Z girls are open to wearing apparel manufactured for the other sex, this balances out. Only 15.6% of male Gen Z are comfortable doing so. The proportion of Gen Z who would consider neither choice is low for females (14.9%) and somewhat higher for males (26.7%).

Knit also discovered that Gen Z did not consider wearing gender-neutral apparel to be very daring. Indeed, 61.9% of those polled described themselves as merely moderately daring in terms of fashion.

The fashion industry is continuing to evolve rapidly. Fashion has always moved in waves, but it seems that with the explosion of social media, fashion is moving faster than ever. It is almost impossible to keep up with all that is happening in the fashion world, from street styles and trends to runway ideas, everything is moving at such a rapid pace. At the same time, it seems that we are expecting new opinions from the next generation of consumers on fashion issues. Many of these opinions have been very interesting, and I hope this post has given you insights on what the next generation really think about fashion’s hottest topics.


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