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My background in artistry and love for fashion inspired me to embark on a brand new journey. My small business Dye For Ru allows me to express myself in an entirely new way. Since day one I’ve always promised my customers that no two pieces would ever look the same. I love sharing my creations and truly can’t describe how much joy this brings me.


I have always been artistic in many ways. Growing up playing piano, drums and guitar. From drawing outside the lines to at home fashion shows and making silly videos with my little sister. I believe my fun upbringing has allowed me to blossom into the individual I am today. I spent the past four years as a makeup artist. Our modern world of technology has given me the chance to create content for brands, Instagram has provided me a place to showcase my brand and I look forward to developing a website very soon. You all can find my work on my Instagram platform: @itsmolls

Thank You

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who has supported my small business. Every time I receive a new order I am completely humbled by the fact that the internet can bring so many strangers with the same interests together in such a beautiful way. To everyone who has posted a photo wearing the line, each time I get a notification of a tagged photo I immediately smile. To those who send the words of encouragement, it pushes me to keep going. I am so thankful for the community I have built and look forward to growing more and developing the line into more clothing pieces.


My mom is the absolutely light of my life. Since I was little she has always been my best friend. No matter how many challenges she has faced, she always has a smile on her face. And no matter what challenges I face, she is always there to lend a hand or offer words of encouragement so that I never get discouraged. Being that my line is dedicated to her makes it so much more special when I’m making orders to send out, because she is my driving force. I’m so blessed and lucky to not only have a platform, but to also be able to use it to spread some positivity into our world. My moms positive attitude has always kept me going, and now I feel that the torch has been passed onto me, and it is my turn to expand on hope.

Giving Back

Dye For Ru and all of my amazing customers grant me the ability to give back. 10% of the profits off of each order goes towards funding the research of The Arthritis Foundation. They spend each and everyday striving to find a cure for rheumatoid arthritis, and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to contribute towards further discoveries and hope to see a change in the future for those who suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Life during quarantine

My mother’s Rheumatoid Arthritis has caused her to develop scarring on her lungs, which we learned is irreversible. Recently she has also developed a heart condition. All of her health problems have caused her to leave the work force earlier than anticipated. COVID-19 has made our environment even more stressful than usual due to her weak immune system. My mom isn’t able to go for her check ups because she is more susceptible to catching the virus. During this time I’m very thankful for the support and love knowing that my line has the ability to brighten someone’s day.

Wishing you all happiness, love, safety and health always.


Molly Jazz
Molly Jazz
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