Cut Out Trousers

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Not too shabby

Cut Out Trousers
I mean they do look like stars

So, are we ready for project #1? This took me about 5 hours to do in total. I didn't use a tutorial because, well, I'm stupid. But we won't focus on my personal flaws (maybe in a separate post). You came here to learn how to make these star cut out pants and imma tell you how.

First, I chose these trousers because I never wear them. I would suggest using some jeans you won't mind chucking away if you don't like how they turn out. These trousers meant nothing to me (harsh but true) so I wasn't opposed to scissoring them (cheeky).

1. To start I marked out where my knees came to were on the pant just so I knew where the centre of my star was going to be.

a. These pants were also a great choice as they were pleather so I could wipe off the marker I used with my fingers but if you're using jeans or any non-whiteboard like material I'd print off a stencil or something.

2. Draw the shape as large as you'd like it in a marker that washes out or is hard to see except at close distance (because really, who's gonna be looking at your knees that closely)

3. Draw a smaller version of the same shape on the inside of your stencil. This will be the part you're going to cut out

See the pink lines? Those are the bits you want to cut out (fold fabric over in half to cut small opening and work your way out from there). The bigger star should be the size you want the final design to be.

4. Now you've done that you'll have a star shape with some annoying flaps, but don't worry, I got you. Fold each over to the inside of the pant and sew

a. I've never sewn a thing. Ever. I just used whatever stitch came naturally and if you look closely the stitching is not even and very visible. I decided I wanted them to look quite homemade but if you're someone with real skills you go sew like a pro (and pls teach me)

b. If you're doing a simple shape like a heart this may not be necessary but to make sure the stars kept their structure when I wore them, I folded the flaps over a short stick (reasourceful right?)

5. Ummm... I think that's it? I knotted my string and used thin strips of tape to hold them down on the inside of the shape (again the fabric choice might inhibit this) and then posted it on Instagram so everyone knew I had exactly one skill!

If you have any tips/improvements/own attempts at this please do share. You couldn't critisise me anymore than I already do.

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