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by Nathalie Neuilly 3 years ago in industry
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Dressarte Paris, first sustainable virtual atelier that saves your time, money, and the environment

We’ve all been there, searching for ideal dress, blouse or pants that fit well, meet our style, and satisfy our budget…Were you lucky to find them? Me? No… I’ve always wanted to change the design and have clothes cut to my body measurements.

My name is Nathalie, I’m a founder of Dressarte Paris, first sustainable virtual atelier that produces custom-made clothing for individuals and businesses solving one of the biggest issues in fashion industry, overproduction, and waste.

I grew up having my clothes tailored in an atelier run by my mother, so I created the online brand after realising there might be other women out there like me, who had little time to visit a tailor but who wanted clothes customised, cut to their body measurements.

As far as I remember, myself, I’ve been always struggling with the right size. As my measurements were not standard, I used to be very frustrated about this. Many women tend to blame themselves for not having fashion-industry-standard body measurements. But it’s high time we all embraced our uniqueness.

Our signature FOR YOU service allows clients to order clothes of their dreams in a few seconds. They can submit photos of clothes they’d like to have and Dressarte Paris stylists offer garments that can be created especially for them.

Clients are offered different fabrics options, including vegan fabrics. It’s also possible to touch the fabrics by sending samples to their clients before the order is placed.

When creating collections, we work with biodegradable fabrics that are naturally hypoallergenic, and unlike many synthetic materials, decompose harmlessly.

We also offer capsule collections that clients can order according to their body measurements, like sustainable business capsule or vegan collection.

To create unique garments we use dead stock and surplus fabrics, aiming to decrease the waste caused by fashion industry.

Our priority is to offer natural fabrics that are biodegradable and have benefits for health and environment. Clothes made from ramie, organic cotton, hemp, Pinatex, and linen are our bestsellers.

Do you fancy trying this online bespoke service? We would be happy to create unique garments for you!

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About the author

Nathalie Neuilly

Founder of Sustainable clothes brand Dressarte Paris @dressarte.

Sustainability consulting: digital marketing and social media.

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