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Curb Your Fast Fashion Habit With These Sustainable Brands

by Roderick Williams 8 months ago in industry
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I have been thinking about sustainable fashion lately

I have been thinking about sustainable fashion lately. We're not the only ones. Many people are now focusing on sustainable fashion choices instead of wasting their time buying fast fashion items that don't last.

Here are some brands that have made sustainability a key focus of their brands if you're looking for a good place to start.


Amanu was started by celebrity stylist Anita Patrickson to provide a personal and one-to-one connection to the design and purchase of shoes. Customers can get high quality sandals made by cobblers who are available to make custom sandals in a matter of minutes. Patrickson says that Amanu's zero waste philosophy was a key reason he started it. We don't have any finished inventory so there is no waste. Everything is made to order. All our leathers are vegetable dyed and we use hides that would otherwise go to landfills. We make the sandals by hand, which reduces emissions and helps our customers to eat consciously.

Amanu offers online customization to help them expand their reach and adapt to the coronavirus pandemic. However, the online experience is equally durable and Patrickson hopes that customers will continue to wear their shoes for longer periods of time by customizing their shoes. This would challenge the fast fashion habits of many consumers. Patrickson states that it is imperative that the industry changes its practices. "Fashion is second to oil in terms of dirtiness. We must change the way that we consume fashion to improve the planet. In this climate, fast fashion is not appropriate. It is irresponsible and excessive. We must reduce waste and emissions. We must wear our clothes more. Brands and factories need to hold themselves accountable for the chemicals and toxic substances released and excess inventory that ends up in landfills.

Maggie Marilyn

Maggie Marilyn, a New Zealand-based brand, recognizes that the fashion industry still has a lot to do to become more ethical and sustainable. It is crucial to create a transparent supply chain that supports local New Zealand manufacturers. The brand plans to invest in an apprenticeship program to help the next generation of craftsmen and women. Every supplier must adhere to their Supplier Code of Conduct. This includes standards for animal welfare, chemical and/or water use, fair wages, and conditions of work.

Maggie Marilyn hopes to set high standards for her brand and its suppliers and encourage other brands to do the same and promote sustainable manufacturing practices.


Karla Gallardo, Shilpa Shah and Shilpa Shah founded Cuyana to make "fewer, but better" pieces fashionable. Gallardo says that sustainability is a key, evolving focus of our brand. We encourage customers to buy high-quality, long-lasting pieces through our "Less is More" philosophy. This will ensure that they keep their products in their homes and not in landfills.

The goal of the brand is to offer clothes and accessories that can withstand the test of time, and encourage women to get more from their wardrobes.

Cuyana also uses sustainable materials and natural materials to create their timeless pieces. Each product is handcrafted by skilled artisans from around the world, which ensures exceptional quality and durability. Our current assortment contains 80% 100% natural materials and 95% of the fabric and leather we produce are certified by the environment. Recycled cashmere was our latest launch. It was an exciting moment! We are continuing to push this mission forward and have committed to launching more natural materials and sustainable products with every collection we launch. Our goal is to be completely sustainable by 2022. We look forward to continuing our progress and having the support of our community on this journey.


Are you looking for sustainable fashion items and lifestyle products? SAM & LANCE was founded by sisters Veronica May and Alora May to help make it easier to highlight goods that are not only sustainably made but also owned or made by women. They believe that shopping conscious should be simple and easy for everyone. We know the struggles of trying to find information on brands while shopping.

Their mission is based on six core values: fair trade, sustainable, ethical, female-made, zero waste and purpose driven. These values allow customers to search for products online. We work closely with vendors to make sure they meet our ethical product criteria before displaying them on our site. Additionally, we personally check the quality of each brand to ensure that we only carry the highest quality products and brands. Every brand and every item are carefully curated according to our criteria.


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