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Cool ways for Men to Wear Leather Jackets

There’s something about leather weather that brings out the rebel in every man. The style stable is an absolute necessity in every wardrobe because there are many cool ways you wear a leather jacket.

By Ali HasanPublished 3 years ago 2 min read

The origin of Leather jackets can be traced back to the military in the first world war, but its mass appeal found in civilians is super-impressive too. Credit must be given to designer Irvin Schott who introduced this PERFECTO covering as fashion wear.

It was indeed a bold step by the designer to feature a front zipper instead of buttons, but the risk was worth it. Even after decades, leather jackets are the most desired clothing item worldwide by not only men but also women.

Everyone is a fan of these jackets, but sometimes it becomes challenging to drape these in unique ways that are cool and trendy.

Casual look in the streets:

We Reckon pairing the hottest leather with the second most desired fabric (you guessed it, Denim) is a great idea. In spring or summer, you can elevate your standard Tee and Jeans with a biker jacket to be absolutely sleek. With light blue washed jeans, ripped on the knees, you’ll have the gals drooling over you in no-time.

All in black

Sometimes embracing the classic style with a modern twist is truly worth it. The first-ever leather jacket shown on TV was a black one with other clothing items in black. So, you can make your all-black look into a contemporary one by choosing modern fits and cuts.

Preppy in Brown:

Occasionally you might find it tricky to display a non-bulky appearance with a jacket. But some styles such as café racer or trucker can do the trick. These will fall right at your waist length to give a crisp cue to your attire while you wear dark slim-fitted trousers to finish this first-class look.

Luxurious in a shearling

It’s very attractive when men don’t overdo their wardrobe and embrace outfits that showcase that they are not pretentious and can still look great in sombre attire. A Shearling can luxuriously do just that.

Tan is the new black

We understand that a black leather jacket is associated with rebellion, but there is no stopping you from wearing tan. This way, you can show the world that you are confident in pairing a leather covering unconventionally and still be handsome.

Combining denim jeans with a white shirt is a cool way to standing out from the crowd, and if paired with a brown leather jacket, it will bring out the fashionista in you for sure.

Awesome in Red

Red is the most fashionable color. A red leather jacket can make a style statement that is bold, fashion-forward, and a sign of victory. The jacket can be found in different red and even maroon shades, so you choose based on your style.

It’s not everyday wear, but you can save for those exclusive lunches and parties where a fashionista like you must be present.

Rockstar all-black

Since black leather jackets have become an essential part of urban culture, men wear these not only to show rebellion but to highlight the Rockstar in them. This cult piece of clothing looks awesome with a biker helmet.

Hope you now know how many ways to can style your leather staple. Remember, always choose a modern slim fit for your leather jacket and also your trousers. It will make you sharp and elegant, and your clean appearance will show your dashing side to everyone.

Adding shiny casual shoes will further augment your aura, and when you put those shades on, you will no longer be less than a Rockstar.


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