Celtic Ideas for Your Wire Jewelry Designs

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Celtic Jewelry

Celtic Ideas for Your Wire Jewelry Designs

Celtic knots first appeared around 450 AD. Celts are a group of many races of people who, a long time ago, lived in the Scottish Highlands and Ireland. Though they passed on their different traditions by word of mouth, their jewelry designs have survived for 2,000+ years. Their beautiful jewelry includes bangles, brooches, and collars. They use different materials like silver and gold, to craft their pieces of jewelry.

Their main contributions to jewelry designs are their crosses, nature-themed, and knot-work. People are now adapting the mysterious knots from jewelry to tattoos. Even though Celtic knots can appear intricate to look at, you can adapt to make many jewelry designs. You can try to make your jewelry following the below

Celtic Ideas:

Celtic triquetra knot pendant

It is a never-ending knot that the Roman Empire used. Many cultures have this kind of design within their architecture and art. It is more prevalent within the Welsh, Scottish, and Irish culture. It might be tricky to make the pendant. However, you can achieve this design, a well-placed couple of notches make it doable.

There are also other different pendant designs, including little loopy Celtic cross silver pendant and Celtic knot cross pendant. What is Celtic cross meaning? It is a question that many people want to understand.

For a long time, especially in Ireland, Celtic crosses helped memorialize famous places or people. As time passed, people decorated the crosses using panels showing biblical scenes. The monks used such crosses for religious instructions, like Cross of Scriptures, which show the biblical stories of "The Crucifixion of Christ," the "Guarding of the Tomb," and the "Last Supper." It is a great way to explain biblical teaching to illiterate people.

Celtic square knot necklace

The square in the necklace symbolizes the creation of the various universes. This is according to the monks of early Christianity. The design utilizes the geometric technique of creation to create knots, which fill the squares in the designs when embellishing manuscripts.

The knot fits well into a square. However, the knot is adapted to ensure that you come up with a necklace having a pendant. Therefore, the shape of the necklace becomes somewhat elongated. It is good to note that knots made using cord have their own lives than those constructed geometrically.

Ombre knotted bracelet

It is a friendship bracelet having a huge oriental art button for closing. It boasts of its fashionable traits; an ombre and Celtic Knot.

It is a lovely bracelet, and you can make it with less effort. However, you need to have enough amount of glue to help you deal with the slippery yarn. Also, you should secure a button.

Double coin knot earrings

The good thing about these earrings is that you can create them by yourself. Therefore, it is a great way that you can spend your free time doing something worthwhile and productive. The result is a sophisticated earring(s).

You can also find these earrings at department stores or shopping malls. So, visit these stores to find yourself a pair if you can’t make them.

The lover’s knot

Celts appreciated love themed jewelry. Many people also appreciate love themed items, including jewelry. The main attribute for this kind of jewelry is the two knots that become one. Advancements of this love-themed knot led to the creation of Claddagh ring used as a Celtic wedding band. However, people living in the modern time use it as a friendship ring.

The spiral

Celtic knots, the interlocked figures represent trees/plants as well as the animals living in the forest. Therefore, the Celts are believed to be sacred. Celts have a strong belief that all that concerns life is connected; thus, the interlocked knot designs show this belief.

Celtic knots are loops without an end or a beginning. Their animal spiral knots can be knots which twist around the animal or end the feet of the animal. Therefore, the end of a true Celtic spiral knot should not be loose, but connected.

Spiral is the Celtic sign of eternal life. There are other spirals:

  • Double spiral—it signifies balance in nature. Also, it can represent the equinoxes; this is where the day and night have equal length.
  • Triple spirals or triple goddess—it represents the mother/maiden stages of life, or it can also show the three phases of the moon before Christianity. The triple spirals came to signify the Holy Trinity after Christianity. Spiral designs can help you create bracelets, pendants, brooches, earrings, and rings.

Celtic designed jewelry for men

There is also a fine collection of uniquely designed Celtic men’s jewelry, including Celtic men’s rings, men’s Celtic pendants, tie tacks, and men’s Celtic bracelets with Celtic crosses, knots, and traditional signs. You will get a better idea of options if you explore Celtic cross online. Luckily, these pieces of jewelry go well with many men’s outfits from suits to casual outfits like t-shirts and jeans.

You do not need to change your outfit because you will find jewelry that goes well with it. Some outfits like long-sleeved shirt and shorts, polo shirt and chinos, blazer and tee with jeans, leather jacket and a tee with jeans, crew neck jumper with collared shirt, and shawl collar cardigan and shirt with Celtic jewelry give you an amazing look.


Over time, Celtic designed jewelry is still fashionable. Many artists, especially those creating jewelry, draw their inspiration from these beautiful pieces. Also, some are easy to create, and therefore, a non-artist like you can create them.

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