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Best Men's Underwear: The Changing World of Style Conscious Man

Brief Guide To Buy Men's Underwear

By Mohit MalikPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

The most important thing while buying underwear is, to be honest with your comfort. Since they are the first thing that covers your body; the fabric has to be breathable. Since it is the closest layer to the skin, it should be rich in comfort and quality. If you feel that your underwear is not a great fit in terms of comfort, it is time to change.

Getting the right pair of underwear means you will feel better all day. Rather than conventional briefs, the men's dual pouch underwear is a great option. Though it takes a little while to adjust, it assures your comfort throughout the day. They support your fittings and are easy to carry the whole day along with your selected dress.

Is Underwear Considered Stylish?

Traditionally, underwear was seen as a necessity with rough style and designs. No one ever thought of making it a style statement. However, fashion trends keep changing and so happened with underwear. Several brands manufactured and launched their series of utility underwear in the market.

One of the popular introductions was the jockey pouch underwear that changed the way men selected their inner comfort. The style-conscious souls started choosing these and even included it in their collection. When we classify men's underwear, it has the following comfortable types:

 Boxer Briefs

 Pouch underwear

 Briefs (Low, mid, and full rise briefs)

 Boxer Shorts

 Thongs (G-string and wider T-shaped Thongs)

 Tanga

 Jockstraps (For athletes)

 Tights

3 Types Of Underwear For Men They Look Best On:

Though comfortable fitting is the mantra of choosing underwear; here are four types of innerwear suitable for every man:

Briefs- For Men With Larger Thighs

Remember those briefs your mother used to buy for you? It was the era where size was very much focused on rather than design and style. However, several brands have introduced stylish briefs that make you look taller and support your manhood.

Briefs are so versatile that men of any height and weight can choose them as their best inner friend. Also, briefs are better for short-weighed men. They expose your legs making your legs look longer. They create a visual appeal and make you look taller.

Briefs are also the best option for gym lovers who love to shed calories on cardio machines. 100% cotton material is recommended for daily use.

Boxer Briefs- a Style Statement for Taller Men

Boxer briefs are also a versatile style statement for guys with taller heights. They are a good choice for guys having mid to low thigh size. The additional material between the legs avoids the rubbing of skin tissues. It saves you from rashes.

If you have chosen to wear a boxer brief, you must opt for a long one. Make sure they are not too tight or else they would bunch up under your trousers. It is also a good option for men with ample posteriors. It covers the thigh and bum area that a normal brief cannot.

Trunks- Best For Slim Guys With Skinny Outfit:

With the rise in the trending style of skinny trousers, there was a need for a stylish brief that complements slimmer guys. Trunks are short briefs that are best suited from mid to upper thigh. They have an extra pouch of fabric. It is highly preferred for those hitting in the gym to shape up their body.

You can lookout for a pair of the most comfortable innerwear with high-quality fabric for use on Underwear For Men. We are the leading brand proffering you good quality underwear and guarantee the best fit.


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