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Ashley Graham proves plus size models are hot! Hottest bikini videos

Ashley Graham is one of the hottest models out today!

By The Sinister PenPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Ashley Graham Is one of the hottest new models out today. She is proving to the world that plus size models are hot and sexy. Long gone are the days of only super thing models. She is very pretty. But I also admire her because she promote plus size Bikinis and tells women to be comfortable how they are.

Ashley Graham has some really hot videos online as you can see here in the embedded videos. She is probably one of the best models out here now. She has a ton of fans world wide. She really proves that you don’t have to be super thin to make it as model. Hopefully this will start a trend of more beautiful famous plus sized models in the near future.

One thing that stands out about Ashley Graham is her very pretty face and eyes which captivates and enchants viewers right away. She also has an amazing body that many people admire. Probably one of the most hot models in the world at the moment.

It’s so great to see awesome people like Ashley Graham changing the world in a positive way. People can finally feel good and free in a Bikini. That is why I think it’s awesome how they made plus sized women’s Bikinis. That look great and seem to be very comfy.

Ashley Graham is not only hot but she is also a great model for young females in society. She proves to people you can be plus sized and very not at the same time. Ashley Graham looks great in this these video clips posted here. You will enjoy seeing her in many different Bikinis and poses which will make you go wild. I think she is probably one of the coolest models out there today.

If you are already a fan of plus sized women then you will be sure to love Ashley Graham. As she is always putting out new how pics and videos for publications and also YouTube videos. There is plenty of great content to enjoy from Ashley Graham online all the time. And she will not be stopping any time soon!

Overall I give Ashley Graham a 10 out o 10 rating. For great face body and personality. She truly is a cool person and has a positive message for the world. She also seems very down to earth and friendly which makes her even more beautiful.

If you were looking for a new hot model to be a fan of then Ashley Graham is for you. She is new and awesome and different. Her photo shoots and videos will leave you speechless as you see her frolic on the beach in her cute Bikinis.

I think I just stumbled upon her one day on YouTube. But boy was a I glad I did. As she has now become one of my favorite models of all time. Ashley Graham will be a household name for a very long time, and one name that will also be able to change the world for the better.

It is not everyday that we see such a wonderful and positive person be a role model. But Ashley Graham has shown the world that it’s worth putting out a good message and not just being pretty. She really does set a good example for future generations with her great message of self love.

Ashley Graham will always be one of the hottest models in the business. And I am so glad we got to know her through her videos and pictures online. I am sure you will also love her video clips posted here. Hope you all enjoy and be sure to follow her on IG!

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