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Anti-grease woman: a flower until old age

Well-groomed and well-dressed

By GonzagaPublished 6 months ago 5 min read
Anti-grease woman: a flower until old age
Photo by Caroline Hernandez on Unsplash

This is the most anti-grease woman I've ever seen: well-groomed, well-dressed, too old is a flower

The more a woman is old, the more elegant she is. The reason why she doesn't see the weather is that she has an outstanding temperament. The development of temperament is not overnight, we need to stick to it over the years, such as your grooming, and your taste in dressing, are important factors in the construction of a good temperament.

Many people will become greasy as they grow older, mainly in the grooming problem and with the problem, grooming obscene, dressing old and dark, which directly lead to temperament is pulled down, so the following follow the elegant woman to learn it, grooming, dressing decent, too old is a flower.

Part I: Why is it important to be well-groomed? How to cultivate?

>>The importance of good manners

Modern women have started to pursue thinness, but most of them only know how to focus on the number of the scale and ignore the importance of grooming. Many women have some grooming problems due to daily bad habits, such as round shoulders, hunchback, and pelvic tilt, these problems will directly lead to our entire temperament becomes obscene and greasy, even if you are lightweight, but it does not look standard body, in turn, it seems to have no taste.

For those who are not well groomed, the temperament is often not very good, the body also has a series of problems, such as many people look "tiger back and waist", the small abdomen and waist back have fat, this is our grooming problems caused by.

On the contrary, those who have a dignified manner of women no matter how old they are, in the eyes of others seem to be very elegant existence, as the saying goes: stand to stand, sit to sit, whether we are standing or sitting, do not hunch over, keep the back straight, while keeping the neck upright, do not explore the neck, which can look more refined.

>>How can I have good grooming?

1, usually must adhere to the head up, we can imagine their heads like carrying a rope, long-term down your neckline will look good, fifty years old may also have a swan neck Oh ~

2, standing when the waist and abdomen force, not soft collapse, can look overall very upright. At the same time keep the shoulders naturally open, not shrugging shoulders, so that your whole person looks upright stretch, over time can also improve the tiger's back waist body problems.

Part 2: What kind of dress is appropriate? Please remember the following key points

[1] Dress to cater to the mature beauty of middle-aged women

The most important thing is that you should know what is the most suitable style for you at this age. It is not difficult to create a mature beauty, as long as you find the right items when choosing to clothe.

√ Choose the basic models are generally not wrong

The fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not only in the market but also in the marketplace.

[2] Wear the appropriate degree of skin exposure, thin and not cheap

Many middle-aged women are more conservative in their dressing, afraid that skin-revealing dressing will expose their body problems, but once you have such ideas means that your style will be limited, and it is difficult to make changes to your collocation.

Even if we are fifty years old, we still need to show skin properly, the safer part is the neck and ankle, which is a very critical part to show not to expose but also to show thin.

As an example: showing the neck is thinner, covering up the neck will look old and bloated

Everyone in the autumn will become very heavy, but the neck position exposed to reduce the sense of heaviness visually will look lighter, instead of with all kinds of scarves covering up your neck looks heavy and dull.

So we remember to choose v-neck tops for daily use, it is best not to pile up too many accessories near the neck Oh~

[3] Decent accessories can also show the charm from the details

Details with many women will be ignored, most of the worn white just focus on the overall, ignoring the impact of details on temperament. The accessories you give yourself with will also change your temperament, and body wear, if you wear jewelry, and do not wear jewelry style, will also have a big difference Oh ~.

There are many choices for middle-aged women to wear, and the main thing to follow when choosing jewelry is 2 points.

① the practicality and use of accessories should be high

② the texture and style of the accessories should be high class and appropriate

Elegant women's daily collocation will always choose to accessorize, but a collocation of accessories will switch according to their outfits, elegant hats, fashionable sunglasses, and delicate earrings, are likely to become the key factors to change your temperament Oh ~

The third part: decent dress + elegant grooming support, so you crush your peers

>> Use dignified grooming + advanced dressing to highlight the charm of it

The first part of the analysis from the management of grooming and matching ideas, but in general, these two parts are indispensable, only can dress but not dignified grooming or just have a good body grooming but not good matching can not maximize the charm ~

>>Choose clothes that can modify the body problem, and avoid the shortcomings

Daily wear, picking clothes should also look at the clothes for the body modification effect, whether you can improve your body problems, such as slippery shoulder problems can wear shoulder pads clothing, waist thick can choose waist clothing, do not let their shortcomings exposed Oh ~

>>Clothing color selection should also be able to show thin, do not magnify the shortcomings

The color scheme of the clothing will also improve the figure problem, dark-colored clothing is suitable for use in fat places, and light-colored clothing is suitable for use in thin places, so wear can directly enhance the strengths and avoid shortcomings, to avoid magnifying our shortcomings.

If you want to go greasy in the middle age stage, you must be elegant and decent with temperament, from the inside and outside are emitting the beauty of mature women, we no longer have to feel fear of the growth of age, slowly improve their body and clothing, one day will be very beautiful!


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