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A low-budget shopping on a go!

by Richa Pattanaik 5 months ago in deals

Shopping in rustle can be budget-friendly too.

Shopping while roaming...

My wonderful husband, the crazy, goofy soul that he is.. decided that one day he wanted to get out of the house and let's do something, anything and with that, we grabbed the Banjo, jumped in the car, and headed down the hill to Palm Springs! We hit all the regular haunts we normally go to on these jaunts down the “HILL”, Starbucks of course! then we stopped by Guitar Center, to see if by chance they could repair our beloved Banjo, so once again Hank could start back to practicing and keeping a promise he made. When we left, with great joy I can announce that it was successful and for a simple $5 too! The pickin’ can begin!

We walked around for hours, looking through store after store, we hit Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, and a few other places however, there are a couple of stores that I wanted to specifically see, check if I could find the sales that others seemed to get so.. off we went!

Next stop, Ulta.

Beauty Store

Ulta is a Beauty store that carries cosmetics, hair care lines and so much more.. its a great store and my husband had many, many questions to ask the store assistant who just so happened to cross our path (poor dear). I think we spent a good part of 2 hours in the store however, during the many questions and answer sessions, one product did catch my eye and that was the cosmetic brush cleaner.

The Brush Bath by IT cosmetics was very interesting indeed. I watched as an attendant finished doing a makeover, quickly clean her brushes, and set them back to be used again without having to scrub her brushes and setting them to dry for ours. So, I bought it! Now, if it lives up to what I observed after several uses. I will do a review later.

Now.. the place was buzzing with business and sales displays whereeverywhere. high-end products and drug store end too. LOVE THIS PLACE

I was looking for a face brush however, I couldn’t settle on one specific one and when I finally asked which product would better suit my needs.. the clerk told me of a great deal. Buy one and get one free!

With the face brush, I needed in one set and the blending brush in the other, purchase separately would have cost me the same as one set. so, I got both! Great deal and great advice from the clerk at the store. Though the store was filled with great deals, I would have spent more than I needed on way, way too much stuff and I knew I needed to run while I still could so, off we went for some lunch and then.

My husband took me to Victoria Secret. Yes, he took me. I said NO, he said TO BAD!

My husband has been wanting to get me into their sports bras as he felt since, they are built for “WOMAN” it would be a better design for me and I would have more comfort than the ones I have purchased in the past. Now, I wanted to get the T-shirt bra as it was on my list as the next one to get but, since he was wanting me to look. I looked!


The sports bra was Buy one get the athletic pants for free. The bra was $35.. the pants worth $65 were free! (no picture posted as I was wearing them :-), I did buy the T-Shirt Bra. Love it as it allows t-shirts that you may wear to hang properly on your body and not stick to your chest @ $36. Then I found deals by one get the 2nd one at 20% OFF!

Then I hit the awesome underwear sale..5 for $27.50!!! Can you imagine? and to my surprise this is not all I am getting for this piece, they are also offering a free pads for bladder leakage .

Now, here is what I feel about this and why I am tossing out the pack bundles from Hanes. I buy the bundles and then a month later the thin, cotton design.. wears out, rides know where and tears and buy the 2nd month they are tossed in the trash. However, after looking over the product of panties from VS. I reviewed the texture of the material, the seems and the surging done and also overall thickness of the material. Since I have purchased them they don’t “RIDE” up and I am very happy about that! So, with how many pairs I have tossed of the there brands and with the quality I have found in these.. I am saving overall. There are so many colors, designs, and styles to choose from also.. in the higher end of the fancy side of the store. You can get the lingerie you may equate Victoria's Secret too. As to me, I will stick with these that I have found and have fallen for. Not only that the pads for incontinence they offered are excellent in terms of quality, Though I don't have bladder weakness issues so I gave it to my mother who is dealing with UI for the past 6 years, After using those products shared her feedback that she was extremely happy with the comfort and quality and its leak protection quality as well.

Lingerie shopping

A bonus that I have found with all this, is that when you sign up for an account with Victoria Secret (not a credit card) they will send you 20% of coupons, buy one get one frees.. get a free panty with the purchase of.. and the like in the mail.. so its a big win, win that I have found and like at this time and can I say. So does my HUBBY!

Well, that's what my budget shopping on a go was, had a great time with my husband and now I need to run!

Take care


Richa Pattanaik

Like a complex wine, she is alternately sweet, tart, sparkling & mellow. She is both maternal and playful. Assured, alluring, and resourceful.

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Richa Pattanaik
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