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A Comprehensive Guide on Choosing The Men's Summer Suit!

by J. H. Cutler 11 months ago in men

How to choose a men's summer suit

In summer, you want to dress in light and comfortable clothes. But many have to go to work. And no one prefers to attend office in shorts and a T-shirt. Therefore, it is worth choosing a comfortable summer suit. This clothing option can be done in a classic style, but there are also more relaxed options.

The men's ready-made and custom made clothing market offers a fairly large assortment of such things for men, but not all young people know how to choose the right suit of this kind. You also need to be aware of what fabrics are used to create summer sets of clothes, what colours are popular and what you can combine with such garments.

All these and other nuances will be discussed in detail in this article.

Table of Content

A Guide on Choosing Men’s Summer Suits

  • Jacket
  • Shirt
  • Tie
  • Belt
  • Watch
  • Shoes
  • Pants
  • Socks
  • Fabric
  • Colour

Bottom Line

A Guide on Choosing Men’s Summer Suits


Choose a jacket that isn’t too tight nor too loose. The jacket should be slightly loose so that the contours of the shirt and trouser belt do not show through. If the jacket has more than one button (two or three), the last bottom should always be unbuttoned. When sitting down, unbutton all the buttons.

The material of the suit is plain. The width of the lapels should be between 4 and 8 centimetres in accordance with the man's size.


The white shirt fits all solid colour suits. The golden rule is to choose a shirt two or three shades lighter than the suit colour but in the same colour scheme. Tailored shirts in Sydney with a small pattern are acceptable. They can be worn exclusively with plain suits and ties.


The tie should be close to or match the colour of the suit. The harmonious combinations of three colours look good: tie, shirt and suit. For example, a navy blue, burgundy, or dark green tie can be matched to a navy blue suit and a white or light blue shirt.

The tie should be strictly proportional to the size of the lapels of the jacket. It can be plain, with a thin stripe, or a small pattern. Be wary of ties in bright, contrasting colours and options with large patterns. The tie should touch the top edge of the belt, but not over it.


Following traditional rules, choose a flat and relatively thin belt, 2.5 to 3 centimetres wide. It should be leather of the same colour as the shoes. The option of a crocodile leather strap without shine.

The belt buckle is simple and discreet, made of white or yellow metal that matches the colour of the watch case. The buckle should not protrude more than a few millimetres beyond the edges of the belt on trousers.


The watch is considered primarily a man's accessory. They should be proportional to the size of the wrist, flat and smooth, with a relatively simple case and bezel. The bracelet should be leather and match the colour of your shoes and belt.

According to the traditional style rules, the watch should fit well to the wrist. So it can’t be seen under the shirt. Massive and sporty models of watches with a suit are not worn.


Make sure the shoes match with suit cutwork. The toe of the shoe must be narrowed since shoes with a wide or very pointed toe are more suitable for a casual look.

Lacquer derby should only wear with a tuxedo for the evening. Only black shoes are suitable for a suit in black or anthracite grey. Brown shoes can be worn with a blue or tweed suit.


In the most traditional version, when standing, the trousers should fall over the shoes, hiding the socks and forming a small crease in the front of the trouser arrow. The arrows on the back of the trousers should be a straight line without folds.

The width of the trousers strongly depends on the era and the morphology of the man's figure. Those with normal weight and long legs can wear reasonably tight trousers. The legs should look loose when the man is standing, and not tighten the calves too much when sitting. Wide trousers will help to visually correct excess weight and a disproportionate ratio of the upper and lower body.


The colour of the socks must match the colour of the shoes, not the pants. The length of the socks should be chosen so that bare legs are not visible in the sitting position. Wearing socks with a suit gives the image a casual look.


A very important characteristic of a man's suit is the fabric from which it is made. The life expectancy of clothes and even how they will fit on the figure - all depends on the quality of the material. It's great if you can find a version of a suit made entirely of fine comfortable fabric. Of the impurities, it may contain a small amount of cashmere and/or mohair. Hence, when buying clothes, it is worth asking where the material for its sewing comes from.


Modern stylists identify several universal colours of men's suits that suit any type of appearance and any situation. These are dark blue, black, grey (dark and light shades). These colours are well suited both for special occasions and for everyday wear.

Today men who follow fashion have increasingly begun to choose suits for themselves in a dark brown shade. But, they are not suitable for all representatives. An outfit of this colour must be selected with great care, evaluating how it is combined with the colour of the face and hair, with the shirts that a man most often wears.

Bottom Line

Sometimes it happens that, despite all the advice and tips of the sales assistant, a man still cannot find for himself perfectly fitting trousers or a jacket.

The best solution would be to contact a professional tailor of best suit alterations in Sydney to adjust the suit according to the individual parameters of the owner. Such services are not too expensive, but they allow a man to look impeccable in a suit.


J. H. Cutler

J.H. Cutler provides best suit alterations sydney with customised shirts, t shirt & suits. We also provide accessories, jeans & hand knitted sweaters.

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