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6 Unique Ways to Bow a Tie Knot

Bow A Tie Knot.

By Ross GellerPublished 5 years ago 4 min read

Men have to wear unicolour, drab costumes most of the time. It is mandatory for formal scenarios. But what about those who wish to add a dash of creativity and color to every attire? Ties, bowties, and pocket squares are the elements that let men experiment and enjoy. One can display the mood, emotion, and gentlemanship using these neckwears.

Interestingly, ties were not symbols of beauty, class, and social rank in the beginning. In the 17th century, the Croatian merchants used a scarf around the neck. It held together the opening of their shirts and protected from chilly weather, but they looked ornamental. King Louis of France liked these decorative scarfs. He made it mandatory for all men in royal gatherings. He coined the term La Cravate, which is the French word for the necktie.

Today, among all the neckwear for men, the bowties rule the men's fashion world. Gone are the days when learning how to tie a bow tie was every man's dilemma. There are so many simple options available that people not only pair them with dinner jackets and parties but like to include it in daily wear. They represent the celebration of color and fashion. They were once considered retro, but people want them to be in vogue— and did you know that there is even the national bow tie day?

Let us now check the different ways of making a bowtie:

No-sew bowtie:

A perfectly tied bowtie should look slightly askew.

First, you have to put the tie around the neck, so that the two ends hang in the front. The next step is to flip the collar down. Then put on the collar button. Let one side of the tie be an inch or one and a half inches longer than the other. Usually, people make the left part longer. Make a knot with the longer part, and put it at the back of your shoulders. Now make the bow shape with the piece in the front. Bring the longer end to the front, and put it over the bow shape formed. Make a bow out of the longer part, and insert it in the hole created. That is it, and you have the classy double-layered bow tie to show off.

A bowtie from a regular tie:

The best part of the single-layered format is that you can make it out of the regular necktie. Let the broader part of the tie be near the fourth button of the shirt. Thus the narrow end of the tie is longer. Make a knot with the longer piece, and push it off to the backside. We make a bow shape out of the broader part. The length required for the bow should be approximately equal to the length of your jawline. Now bring the narrow part to the front over the bow and tuck it loosely to the knot formed earlier. It forms the middle band of your bow. Fold the pointed end of the tie inside. Thus you have the same butterfly shape for both the sides of the bow. Now tighten the knot with the narrow part, and fold the collars. Put the remaining part of the narrow end inside the gap between the collar button and the first button of the shirt. Thus, you have a cost-effective way of wearing a bowtie.

Wide-knot and twisted-knot bow ties:

The way you wear these is similar to the regular double-layered bowties. But you have to slightly rotate the longer end while forming the band in the front for a twisted-knot look. To get a big bow in the front, you have to keep the knots loose, and hence it is known as the wide-knot bowtie.

Strapped bowties:

These are a type of pre-tied bowties. Here the bow is already formed. But, you have to adjust the strap length as per your neck size. Few of the straps have the measurement scale printed at the back. So that one part of the hook's position can be changed. The other variety of strapped bowties is circular. You need to fold your collars up and put the strap around the shirt, adjust the tightness. Once you feel comfortable, flip your collars. The bows can come in different shapes, like the bat-winged, butterfly-winged, and the diamond shape.

The fashion-conscious men choose the shape and type of the bow according to the occasion.

Clip-on bow ties:

They are the easiest to wear. The clip-on bows have metallic clips that you can attach to the collars of the shirt. But, these are for young schoolboys and not the grown gentlemen.

Adjustable self-tie:

Wearing a no-sew bowtie is not easy. But at the same time, wearing a pre-tied or clip-on bowtie is childish and is not genteel. The adjustable self-tie offers a better solution. Here you can fix the overall length of the tie and make the bows just like the normal self-tie bowtie.

Printed designs, geometric patterns, polka dots, floral motifs, and the regular plain ones: these timeless accessories come in different hues and textures. With so many options, pairing them with the right outfit is the key.


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