2019 Stylish Fall Outfits

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2019 Stylish Fall Outfits

Hey girls, hayy! Welcome back to the blog... today's topic? Leisure, but make it fash-SHUN, so I don't get shunned at the lunch table again.

...or photographed in the club wearing all zebra and a chunky GUC belt.

Gag. That actually happened, and no, don't even search for it. It has been wiped from the internet.

I know. I just saved your stylish eyes. You're already, so welcome.

Okay, so let's mix in some "it pieces" with your preferred style.

I say this all the time on my podcast, but there's a huge difference between style and fashion. Fashion is what's in. It's a guide. To like, select colors, patterns, and cuts that YOU like, that's currently ON trend. THIS season.

However, if you leave the mall with bags of "fashion", you will have no Swift kick outfits. Que, the classic chic hits.

Like all details configured and perfectly arranged is me at all times. There's no accidents.

I know... that the tiny triangle, that's barely noticeable on my earring, matches the emblem on my bag. Why? Because, I only buy what I like. Always. That way when I'm ready to throw an outfit together, it's easy.

By the way. Is any blog ever complete without at least one Mean Girls reference? The answer is never.

Anyways. "Everything fits" and "I have the perfect bag for that," only happens when you buy what YOU love. Not just, what's "in" THIS season.

Style is your personal "look", what makes you different, what makes you original. Never (mark my words) never, change your original style for anyone, or anything, no. Never. Not even if you: Gain weight, lose weight, change jobs, boyfriends, or hairstyles.

No. We don't mess with our style base line. Your real style? Is formulated from your soul. Your swag. Your inner, 'Yonce.

You know what's "LEWK," and you know what leaves you feeling shook. You know when high waisted pants are a no fly, and when tie dye is a nice try. So, rule number one drops now, and then I'll show you the best looks for Fall 2019, so grab your cappuccino, and that book your pretending to read, and I'll meet you by the bar.

Kay. Number: One. The goal is not to look "fashionable," it's to look... HOT. Always, people. Always. Like, hello? The only rule in fashion is if you look like an actual f#$king potato, take it off immediately, and burn it.

NOT your sweater. Not this year. Maybe try Sears.

Not even being mean, you just need to know your role. For example: I do not wear "chunky sweaters" because we don't like each other. Like, sworn enemies since Christmas 2014, happened.

Like, let's pause for that....why in the f&ck would I ever wear a sweater to look "chunky". Like, what does that even mean?? Who signed off on thissss? (me scream calling, Vogue)

Like, if I want to look like an avocado in a Christmas sweater, I'll just pull up a picture of me in 2014. Que, it.

Exactly. No thanks to wearing a pretend 15 pounds of fashion when I'm trying to hide the extra 15 pounds I came WITH, nice try, style guide, filing you under fail.

Get the sheep dog out of here. Anyways. Classics? Are always in. Your style? Is always vibes. And, if you only wear the clothes that you love, everything else is honestly, just a "trend".

So, let's talk "it pieces" without spending a fortune, and talk fall fashion without getting overly trendy.

LEWK #1:

FALL OUTFIT IT PIECES: Denim + Leather + Silver

Denim and Leather will always be a look, thanks to John Travolta. But, see how she mixed in a summer denim skirt? Like, tech, the white bags out, but she's keeping it casual with a white T, so it WERKS.

Silver accessories, pop of white in the earrings, high fashion shades, I mean she's ballin', she's styling, and, this is how you "it" piece. Can't see her shoes, but a short animal print boot, or white boot, would be super chic.

Anyways. Let's highlight what's fashion, again. Fashion is just what's in right now. This season. This is what allows her to wear anything, during any season, while following the rules of Fashion, and looking chic.

What's In, In This Picture? Leather jacket + Ombre Shades + High Waisted skirt: Are all in this Fall. No, it doesn't mean you go out and buy all three items, it's just about using what you have to build a stylish outfit, that's IN, for this season.

So, before I drop another outfit, here's your... Fall 2019 | "It Piece" Shopping Guide

Before you know it, it's winter, it's spring, back to summer, so take advantage of mixing your lighter "transitional" summer pieces, think: jeans, t-shirts, skirts, flats, open toe....with your fall pieces...over the knee boots, oversized blazers, ombre shades, cute hats, etc.

Next Outfit Drops Now...

LEWK #2:

IT PIECES: Barely There Shoe + Leisure Pants + Classic Top

I mean, I'm not ready to retire my nude shoes this winter, like, I'm not. So relaxed, my Gucci flats, ain't got a scratch is MY VIBE. No matter your style, this look can be taken up a notch with a different top + earrings + jacket + etc. But, leisure is a LEWK, and like, a mood, that I really think a lot of women are going to have a hard time letting go of....

No I know, we're BOTH crying, and I dunno why I used that GIF either, but anyways. We can't let go of leisure, because, chic is your major mood, relaxed.

Everyone wants that effortless French look these days, and now that we can go from yoga, to the club, with a quick shirt + shoe + pop on an earring move, I mean, it's the fashion trend we've ACTUALLY been waiting for....next outfit.

LEWK #3:

IT PIECES: Over-Sized Blazers + High Waisted Pants + Cross Body Bags

I mean, the 90s are back. They've been back, wiggled right up on us, just as we were getting rid of the tight crop tops, but, the 90's have been amplified with this years London Pantone Color Guide. (Que, color palette)

What does this mean? It means you can't turn a corner without seeing a parade of color blocking women, mixing tight with over sized, and 90s fashion with a late 80s mood, so, how do we style?

Relax. No need to overhaul your closet for a season. Again, color, texture, cut. Stick to the colors and cuts that work on you, and you won't get caught up looking like a walking promotion. (Que, modern day Mean Girls.)

Which is why I chose the picture above, all of these women are on style, on point, it fits, it's in, and it's not overly trendy. Lots of versatile pieces mixed in from summer, looking effortless is... honestly, loves. Loves it.

Last little back to school + work + fall life look = drops now.

LEWK # 4:


It kinda goes without saying, but, a cute jacket will save you every time. For real. Late for class? Boots + cute jacket + cross bag + shades + hella dope earrings.... I mean, you LOOK like you are actually put together. Insert me with writing notes on my Vitamin Water.

Not obvious at all, this was before memes, so the level of creativity was actually beyond it's time. Last but not least, here's your it piece...aka your primary investment this fall.

Pick your favorite color from the Pantone: Fall/Winter 2019-2020 color guide, buy a coat. BAM. It is the BEST fall move. Why? Because. Everyone does the emerald bag, the maroon sweater, the camel jacket, the turtle neck sweater dress. So? Roll up in a Galaxy Blue blazer, or an Antique Moss Coat, and let those bitches wonder what hit them. Real life me, drops now.

Kay. That's it for today... Need more pep talks? I got you, babes. For early morning commute, weekly inspo, daily motivation, weight loss tips, chats with Chels, spiritual pep talks, search me on Spotify or Apple Podcasting Apps.... Podcast Station: Chelsea Swift Is Your Spirit Animal |Find THAT and More Blogs On: www.chelseaswiftblog.com

Chelsea Swift
Chelsea Swift
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