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10 Tips For Buying Men's Activewear

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By FuaarkPublished 3 years ago 4 min read

Activewear is not all created equal. Some activewear features more advanced sweat-wicking or odor-blocking technology while others are more fashion-oriented. Some combine both! The wrong clothing can make it difficult to exercise properly. Sundried has compiled our top 10 tips to help you choose the right activewear for men.

1. Know Your Size

Sizes for men's activewear may be different from those of your suit or regular clothes. Activewear is a different style than your regular clothing. This means that you might need to be more flexible in sizing.

2. Choose Function First

Low-cut stringers can show off maximum muscle but are they practical for training? It is not always the best choice. It is important to have activewear that is functional and flattering for your body and allows you to move during training. Sizing is also important. A tight T-shirt can show off your muscular body, but it may limit your movement. Before you buy an activewear size, make sure to try it on.

3. Be Sure Your Activewear is Sport-Specific

Athleisure's popularity has led to the merging fashion and fitness. This is encouraging people to live a more active lifestyle. Cheap fashion brands are now releasing clothing that they call 'activewear', but which has no technical or sporting function. They are cut in the right sizes, but have little or no support for sport. Look for activewear companies that only use tested and proven technical fabrics. These silhouettes are made with a focus on performance to improve performance, not just to look fashionable.

4. Layers

It is not true that extra layers are necessary to lose more calories. However, extra layers can help you to be as comfortable as possible during exercise. Layers are necessary to keep warm in colder temperatures and reduce the need for layers when it gets warmer. Comfortable temperatures will allow you to work longer and more efficiently. Layer our Roteck leggings over the Sundried Furgler Short.

5. Review

A product that is great will be praised by others. Before you make a purchase of activewear, be sure to read reviews. This is a large investment if you train every day. You need to feel confident in the activewear you choose. Sundried products can be reviewed on Amazon.

6. Find out How Activewear is Made

At Sundried we support ethical production. It is possible that clothing prices are too low to be true if they seem so good to be true. Someone else will eventually pay the price. We believe in transparency and have partnered with The Low Carbon Innovation Fund to provide well-supported staff through our supply chain. Every purchase also includes a charitable donation to Water for Kids.

7. It Should be Stylish

You can easily fit in activity at any time by combining your activewear with your daywear. Activewear that is fashionable and smart enough for daywear but still functional for exercise is what we offer.

8. Choose the Right Fabric

Cotton is more comfortable when it is dry than when it is wet. Cotton is prone to chafing and absorbs moisture. This can limit your training. The most advanced technical fabrics prevent snags and wick sweat. They allow skin to breathe. The new range includes 100% recycled materials, such as coffee grounds that have been re-used. These materials contain superior swear-wicking abilities and natural odor-blocking technology.

9. Have a Wardrobe for all Weather

A Wardrobe that can be used for any weather gym wear for men that suits all weather conditions is available. The UK is not blessed with perfect weather so ensure your activewear wardrobe can withstand the elements. Layer with windbreakers and water-resistant fabrics. If the weather is good, shorts will be required in summer.

10. Follow these Care Instructions

Your activewear will last longer if you follow their care instructions. Your activewear's lifespan can vary depending on how hard you train. However, if properly cared for it can last up to 6 months. Hot chemicals and boiling water can cause damage to your activewear. This will reduce the breathability and wicking capabilities of your garments. To extend the life of activewear, we recommend washing it separately from other laundry. Activewear should not be stretched or agitated too much. It will also pull on the fabric's natural grain and design.

The majority of the environmental impact of a T-shirt is after it has been purchased. Your eco footprint includes water, chemical toxicity and energy consumption. We encourage you to Wash Cool, Sun Dry in all aspects of our marketing, products, labels, and website.


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