10 Fashion Problems You Have, Solved

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Love clothing, but hate what it does to your vibe? These are some of your biggest fashion problems, solved.

10 Fashion Problems You Have, Solved

Fashion is one of those things that always will end up being a factor in your life, regardless of where you live or what you do. People will judge you on the clothes you wear, the style you enjoy, and the type of fashion designers you choose.

Looks matter. It's just a part of life.

The people who tend to get the most respect, attention, and preferential treatment are those who know how to dress well. Dressing well requires a certain level of panache, money, and, yes, understanding of how to dress well for your body type.

With all the little details that come with putting together a quality outfit, it's not surprising that tons of little fashion problems arise. How you handle those problems is what will determine how well-dressed (and, yes, attractive) you are.

You might not be able to handle some problems dealing with fashion, but you absolutely can tackle the worst offenders quickly. Here's how to handle the most common ones.

Most people have, at one point or another, seen a person who has great fashion ideas in mind with terrible execution. The clothes seem frumpy, dumpy, and lumpy. Or, they seem baggy as can be. If they don't look baggy, they look threadbare and shaggy.

Sound familiar?

This is a sign that you might be a victim of fast fashion. Fast fashion outlets are geared to make clothes that are cheap, replaceable, and ready for mass-marketing. They're not intended to be statement pieces, or to even last for longer than a month or two.

Rather than continually replacing your clothing, a better fix would be to save your money and just splurge on high-end fashion designers. You get what you pay for.

You keep trying to force a certain style, even though you know it looks bad on you.

Trust me when I say that this is a major problem with a lot of people's taste in fashion. You see something on fashion models that looks so chic, so cool, and so sexy, you must try it. However, every time you give this trend a shot, it looks awful.

We've all been there—even former fashion models like myself. Believe it or not, there's not really any particular style of clothing that is universally attractive.

For anyone who wants to avoid looking weird or sloppy, this means you actually need to tailor your style to a clothing type that works with your body and face. It may not be the solution you wanted to hear, but it is the one that will work.

For the love of all that is holy, you can never find clothes that properly fit.

This is one of the most common fashion problems imaginable, and it's actually caused by one of three things. Each of these things has an easy fix, which is why you should never excuse it.

Here's each cause, and each solution:

  1. You honestly don't know how to shop for your figure and don't know how clothes are supposed to fit. If you don't know how to shop for your figure, you're gonna have a bad time. Get the help of a fashionable person, retail associate, or a personal shopper. You'll be surprised at how good you'll look.
  2. You have a very unusual body type or otherwise just aren't the body type most designers work with. This is actually an easier fix than you'd think. Just get a slightly baggy clothing item, and have it taken in by a professional tailor.
  3. The clothing you're wearing is made of bad material. Bad material will look bad on you, simply because it clings to the wrong parts of your body. Buy quality clothing.

There's an event you need to go to and you don't know what to wear.

Generally speaking, if you want to go to an event, you should ask the people who are throwing the event what kind of attire is required. Then, check out a guide that shows you how to dress for that kind of occasion.

Formal events like weddings and baptisms will usually require formal wear and a pair of heels. Dinners are often business-casual, semi-formal, or smart casual.

When in doubt, go a little more formal and try to dress in a simple but stylish way.

Oof! This problem is a very difficult one to deal with, but it's pretty common. Sadly, it's also a sign you don't know how to dress yourself without professional (or parental) help.

The best way to handle this is to invest in more basics like plain black tees, blue jeans, white tees, and black long-sleeved shirts. Simple, single-color, non-patterned clothing matches with everything.

A good rule of thumb is to wear one patterned (or graphic) item, then stick with the rest of your clothing as simple wardrobe staples. This creates a focal point to your outfit, and also helps making getting ready a breeze in the morning.

You'd be surprised at how many fashion problems fade away when you stock your wardrobe with plain clothes.

You can never figure out which accessories to wear.

Generally speaking, accessories should be used to tie your outfit together. When in doubt, it's often best to have one or two go-to pieces that you can always grab as a signature item. Something like a nice watch, a ring, or a hat will help you look more complete.

With "staple accessories," you might want to try for something that will match with every outfit you have—or make a standout statement with every outfit you wear.

For reasons beyond our understanding, fashion designers seem to love making gorgeous shoes out of tough, scratchy material that's designed to give you blisters. Unfortunately, this is one of those fashion problems that is very difficult to overcome because it seems like every designer does it.

The good news is that there are some shoe designers that are geared towards comfort and style. If you haven't already, give Geox a try.

Your undergarments make things clunky and sloppy-looking.

For women, one of the biggest issues they have when it comes to wearing something correctly deals with undergarments. The wrong bra and panties create lines that shouldn't be there and curves that appear awkward at best.

Seamless panties are a thing. As are bras that fit. If you aren't sure where to go for a bra, skip Victoria's Secret and go to a specialty retailer.

Ah, this is one of those fashion problems the vast majority of people have! Most people love the idea of wearing daring fashion items but never really know how to wear it without looking weird. This is where the magic of the statement piece comes into play!

Truth be told, you can wear statement pieces without looking excessive in most cases. The key to it is finding the right occasion, the right basics, and the right accessories to tie it in together.

Once you get used to wearing statement pieces, you'll gain confidence in wearing things your way. (The compliments you receive will help, trust me!)

You feel limited by old fashion rules.

No white after labor day! Never mix gold and silver! Yadda yadda yadda!

Are you feeling limited by all the fashion rules people seem to insist on wearing? So many fashion problems exist because people just feel tied down to certain concepts. Break the rules, already!

Fashion is what you make of it. If you don't believe it, look at the wild outfits during Fashion Week. The only true rule to fashion is that you should try to make things look good. And if they don't? Well, don't wear it.

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