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10 Casual clothing pieces that every guys need in his wardrobe | men fashion | 2020

5 years ago, I overhauled my wardrobe and reinvented myself becoming more chic, suave or better, stylish guy. Frankly, I am no longer stay dorky ever since and most women find me different than other usual dudes which is what I want for you all. And today, I would like to summarize my experience to you guys. To all fresh stylish dudes out there, please bear in mind, these 10 casual clothing pieces you must have under no circumstances because it will accentuate your outfits into next level. Sounds interesting? Let’s do this!

By Lewis Published 4 years ago 4 min read
10 Casual clothing pieces that every guys need in his wardrobe | men fashion | 2020
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1. Crew Neck T-shirts

Simplistic is key. Guys, you must own these solid, fitted masculine colors- White, Black, Navy, and Gray, Burgundy and so on, do avoid graphic tees at all times unless the tees are your favorite band, social events, something sounds meaningful to you only. Crew neck T-shirts are best key casual outfits of all as it lays your ground work or a blueprint for your key outfit depending on events considering going on casual dates, coffee-hopping, social gathering, etc. Frankly, do buy few more of these solid color tees, especially white & black, because they are so versatile. Once you grasp the true power of styling and layering which sounds suitable to you, you might need more of these than you ever thought. My advice is starts with solid colors and build on gradually.

2. Henley

Henley never fails me. Most of the time, fitted guys love wear Henley, it shows men cleavage, plus if you are well-fitted guys. Of course, women find these as sexy men-outfit, it shows your masculine looks especially during summers, a short sleeve or rolled up Henley will elevate your looks and drawn women’ attentions at all times. If you want to be standout, Henley is definitely a go to. For colors option, a grey and white Henley is a go-to outfit with pair of slim-fit jeans & Chelsea boots, depends on the preference.

3. Crew Neck Sweaters/Jumpers

Personally, I would definitely go over crew neck sweaters everyday than Jumpers because crew necks can be interchangeable. In terms of styling, layering crew neck sweaters over white oxford shirts seems like an ideal choice for business casual settings. Yes, I wore sweaters all the time especially layering, it made me look professional and gives you a suave, cool vibes, I do also own several jumpers because it could be fun going on movie-dates with your girlfriend/loved-ones, study session or going bit casual styles. In terms of coloring choice, you could own neutral colors for sweaters; for jumpers, fun colors may seems nice- rose-pink, pastel, orange or even olive green.

4. Leather jacket

The main key piece and consider by men’s epitome of all times. Every men should own least one type of a classic black leather jacket, main reasons – bad boys’ vibes and women find it sexy on loving leather piece, yet most important- leather jacket has been since early 80s era and still living throughout its contemporary times. I couldn’t stress enough about this, every men should definitely own a black leather jacket, paired it with denim jeans and white tees or any colors of your preference, boom! You just elevate your outfit instantly effortlessly. I always found leather jacket resolves my outfit issues when I have either too much go-to outfits or no ideas at all.

5. denim jacket

Next item- Denim jacket. Now I believed some people think that they unable to pull leather jacket off as they worries on the look. Well guys! There’s another alternative- denim jacket. Considering summer time, a denim jacket still a great piece second tops to leather jacket. However, styling denim could be fun too, there’s quite vast color choices, usually my go-to will be blue, indigo, black, etc. To style denim jacket, chinos, men’s trousers, jeans with pair of leather casual sneakers and color tee. There you go. A simple minimalist outfit. I do recommend Blue is a great start if you already owned black leather jacket.

6. turtlenecks

Turtlenecks, another type of sweater style you could contemplate about. Frankly, turtleneck is my favorite of sweater because it gives out the elegant look and a great piece added under business casual wears especially fall seasons. I owned varsities colors of turtlenecks- black, maroon, cream-white, navy, beige, wool gray, etc. So, how to style this? As a pro stylist here, I could give you few looks – black turtleneck with eyewear and washed denim jeans or pair it with sports coat, simply gives out the bar lounge look, and now you look like a smart guy knowing your way and women just find it irresistible.

7. hoodie

Hoodie. I would consider this as a fun casual piece on social gatherings. However, some men took it next street style level. Some men layered with denim jackets or leather jacket, pairing with boots, sneakers to make it more standout and interesting. I would say hoodie should fall under optional key pieces because I don’t wear it often, but there are men disagrees this and found hoodie cozy and casual look. As for color, a black or navy would be good for key layer base, otherwise fun colors such as purple, green does fine as well.

8. Over-shirts

For this piece, the emergence of over-shirts had been spot quite often especially younger men living in China & Korea, besides, it has been treated as men key essential outfit nowadays. The quality is softer and cozy, and it looks simple, it’s another option for layering apart from leather jacket and denim. Most Asians find this nice as it gives the quiet, geeky look if layering done right. I would propose colors such as khaki, beige, bronze would made you stand out as these are friendly colors, paired with sneakers and tees and you are good to go.

9. Polo tee

Polo tee could elevate you if you done it right. Most guys in early 30s and onward wear this often as it gives the mature look and made them stand out in public and it’s definitely great piece of business casual settings. To style this, leather tassel loafers with washed chinos or trousers, glass wear accessories simply served you right. It gives out the business professionals’ vibes.

10. white oxford shirt

White oxford shirt definitely should stay at your wardrobe at all times, especially attending business formal events, however, wearing oxford shirt done you justice in casual settings too. However, the key to wear this is you should stay fit and always remember to roll up the sleeves at all times. Finding tailor getting a right fit for you is crucial, you don’t want to wear this sluggishly, it looks distress and it doesn’t looks professional.

**My advise is:

Forget what women likes, you must done your outfits right prior then and knowing what your style suits you better.

I hope my advise helps you all.

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