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Music Louder Than Words!

By Eric HaynesPublished 4 years ago 2 min read
Ciara & I Before Our 1st Concert Interview

Our music is only one tool being used in this great and amazing thrill ride that we have been given to accomplish and what a privilege it is to be doing what we do. Meeting so many wonderful people who change our lives in this process. I tell everyone, we are on a Journey! When I Look back on everything that happens and see what has been accomplished and happened and if we have not enjoyed and Learned from all the Ups and Downs of Life which we use to Help others along the Way, of what Worth is It? And what have we really accomplished and what do any of the awards or accolades really mean anyway? They have no significance they are empty. This is why we will never no matter how far we end up going forget those who stood with us long before we held any of those. For those are the ones you know will stand the test of time. I am sure you know those people in your life, maybe they are a teacher who took an interest in you when nobody else did. Or it could have been a Sunday School teacher who was there who had time for you because your parents both had to work so many hours to make ends meet. I come from a blue collar family so I know what a hard days work is like and everything I have.

We also speak on PTSD/SUICIDE and other hot topics of our day. Syracuse University has recently just put out a documentary out called "Unexpected Bond" by "The News House" Production you can find on their home page or on our web page also and on 10/23/20 it won second place in the CMA National College Media Association Film and Audio Festival 2019-2020.

I have put out my first single called "FREE" by "ERIC HAYNES" about my Military Career that is on all the Music Platforms from Pandora, to Youtube Music and More. It has been climbing the charts lately.

I can never forget our first concert it was a benefit for "Clear Path for Veterans" A non profit because I knew what Ciara my Service Dog had done in my Life and How She had totally Transformed my life we wanted to give back in the way that we could music.

Both myself and my Service Dog are Veterans and we thought what better was to help our community than to help other local Veterans and their Families. My Service Dog was a Bomb Sniffing Dog in the US ARMY Special Forces, while I served in the Transportation Corp. in the US ARMY.

Pretty much everything in life has been through sweat and hard work. So we want to say thank you for listening, and would love if you could find it in your heart to drop us a tip in the jar today. We will say Thank You in advance and please know it is much appreciated. Eric and Ciara


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