Top War Films Used as Political Propaganda

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Each of these films have elements that were used to sway viewers one way politically. This is the ultimate list of the top war films used as political propaganda.

Top War Films Used as Political Propaganda

Propaganda might seem like a term that is used when referring to war films that were produced many years ago. This is correct, but there are many current movies that have taken this theme as well.

It might not be as apparent to viewers as you think. And that is why the best war films used as political propaganda are important for both our knowledge of the history of our nation, as well as the tactics behind the movie making.

Taken place in Somalia, this book adaptation is one of the top war films used as political propaganda. Black Hawk Down follows the special forces that are attempting to bring resources to the deprived population. However, the helicopters that they are using to transport them is shot down. From there, the American soldiers must find a way to survive.

Though the film portrays the intense hardships and violence of war, it is actually one of the top movies to promote combat. With themes of brotherhood and collaboration, the film romanticizes war, and being a soldier.

This political action-thriller film follows the story of Osama bin Laden, as he becomes the most wanted man in the world, following September 11th.

The hunt for this monster begins, and the movie follows the path of the Navy SEALs Team 6's hunt. With themes of empowerment, justice, and risk, this is, without a doubt, one of the best war movies that has been used as political propaganda.

The Green Berets is one of the top war films used as political propaganda due to the light it shined on the Vietnam War. The film highlights the factors of good and evil that are prominent at this time, and simplifies the situation into two sides.

The film's director, John Wayne's purpose of the creation of this movie was to prove a point and to deny the anti-war sentiments that were so prominent during the time of the release.

Tony Mendez, played by Ben Affleck is called to rescue American refugees after they are taking hostage by Iran after the attempt to storm the US embassy in Tehran. To do so, Mendez poses as a producer from Hollywood.

This film can be seen as anti-Iran propaganda, while also being critically acclaimed. As a winner of the Best Picture, Best Film Editing, and Best Adapted Screenplay at the Academy Awards, the film made its mark in the historical drama film.

As one of the top war films used as political propaganda that is specifically geared toward Navy recruitment. This movie features real-life Navy SEALS in an action-packed portrayal of active duty soldiers. Created out of pure respect and homage to the Navy Special Forces, this film is without a doubt geared toward pro-combat.

As a war thriller film, The Hurt Locker focuses on the psychological aspect that is present in the life in combat. Winning six Academy Awards, the film left its mark on the genre of war thrillers, as well as politics as a whole.

Following the path of a Sergeant during the Iraq War, the unit faces extremely dangerous and violent situation, in which the Sergeant is forced to make rash decisions.

Tom Cruise plays Maverick, a fighter pilot who is attending The Top Gun Naval Fighter Weapons School. However, his personality makes it hard for him to connect with his fellow pilots.

As a more lighthearted military drama, this film is filled with romance and personal experience. As a recruitment campaign for the military, Top Gun is one of the top war films used as political propaganda. It will forever be one of Cruise's classic hits.

A different type of war film, Korengal is a documentary-style propaganda piece. Capturing the experiences that occur during war, the camera crew follows young soldiers as they are stationed in the Korengal Valley of Afghanistan.

With footage from 2007 and 2008, there are many chilling and captivating interviews with the men. Focusing on themes of brotherhood, bonds, and family, the film is intense and sometimes bitter.

Casablanca might be most known for its romantic plot, but it is certainly one of the top war films used as political propaganda, as well. Backed by the War Department, the film provides a pro-war stance during the 1940s.

This was an important time in America's political involvement, and as one of the best films of all time, Casablanca created a huge assistance to the military, though it might not be obvious to the typical viewer.

As one of the most controversial war films used as political propaganda, The Birth of a Nation educates its audience on the history of our nation. Taken place during the Civil War and the Reconstruction-era, Ben Cameron founds the Ku Klux Klan.

The film portrays the Klan as if they are fighting evil in a race war. There is not much explanation needed when it comes to describing why this is one of the most painful yet important propaganda films, even if it was created in 1915.

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