Top National Guard Jobs

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If you're looking for a stable and satisfying career, the top National Guard jobs may be the perfect choice for you.

Top National Guard Jobs

If you're looking for a change in career, it may not have occured to you to seek out work through the National Guard. If you aren't seeking active miliatary work, it can seem like a dead end. But, you may not have considered the number of opportnities being made available through these forces. No matter what career you've been considering, the National Guard may be able to help get you there. Within a year, you could be taking advantage of the education and financial benefits of training within the National Guard. Whether you're looking to develop your current career, or get started in something new, the military provides the benefits, education, and future opportunities to make it an attractive option.

Medical Jobs in the National Guard

If you've considered a medical career before, but aren't sure how to get started, you might consider joining the National Guard to get your career started. You'll begin with basic training, and move into more advanced medical career-training as you advance. You may be able to qualify for assistance in paying for your education, or be certified with an Expert Field Medicine Badge or Combat Lifesaver through your National Guard training. Medical support is needed for local catastrophes, in National emergencies, and for humanitarian missions around the world. Accessing your medical training through the National Guard ensures you are serving your country, and learning top skills for your future - and you don't need to wait for years of training before you actually begin to make an impact.

Aviation Jobs in the National Guard

So many of us love flying, and harbor dreams of becoming a pilot. The National Guard can help these dreams become a reality with opportunities in their Aviation section.

You'll have the opportunity to fly a number of different aircrafts, on missions and disaster relief operations around the world. Your training will include how to fly in combat, in any weather condition, and how to safely drop supplies to those in need. This multi-faceted career is an excellent way to bring more to your career as a pilot.

Military Police Officer

You may never have heard of the Military Police before. This special branch of the National Guard deals directly with crimes that take place on military grounds, or that relate to enlisted guards. These military police help to secure troops during training and times of rest, ensuring personnel, property, and bases are secured.

Military Police will also work with local law enforcement when disaster strikes, providing a bridge between civilian and National Guard work. This meaningful career combines all the merits of a policing career with the reach of the National Guard, and provides the opportunity to truly serve your country and the people in it on every level.

Transportation Roles in the National Guard

With troops stationed all over the country, transportation is a major consideration for the National Guard. With a fleet of over 50,000 vehicles, there is no shortage of work when it comes to moving around the people, the supplies, and the support that is needed for daily operations and training.

National Guard drivers receive special training to operate vehicles in bad conditions, and ensure personnel and supplies are on-hand in an emergency. This career allows you to help with the daily operations of the National Guard, and truly help with immediate needs in times of emergency. These skills have great application in the private sector, ensuring you'll have a long and in-demand career.

Intelligence Jobs in the National Guard

The National Guard relies on a variety of Intelligence positions to stay safe and stay in control. These positions cover everything from monitoring, translation, and standard reports to interrogations, special missions, and code-breaking.

If you have a critical eye, ear for languages, or a keen ability to read other people, a career in Intelligence for the National Guard is the perfect option for you. The skills you'll learn will help you quickly rise through the ranks and develop a solid career, and have great applications in the private-sector once your service has ended.

Administrative Careers in the National Guard

The National Guard is a massive organization, with branches operating all over the United States, and the world. This level of operation requires a lot of administrative staff, who help keep everything running, connected, and ready to serve.

Administrative roles in the National Guard offer a wide variety of opportunities, including Chaplain positions, HR specialist positions, paralegal roles, and financial administration. The National Guard is an excellent place to put your organizational, professional, and people-focused skills to use.

Language-Based Careers in the National Guard

If you've always dreamed of being where the action is, and are willing to be on the front lines of battle when chaos erupts, you might be cut out for a career in Artillery for the National Guard. Artillery officers are in the field, leading the charge in battle, making use of cannons, rockets, and missiles to neutralize any threats.

There is more to being in artillery than simply taking a hit. Artillery Officers are trained to become expert tacticians, technicians, and employers who have a heavy responsibility to themselves, their reports, and their country. If you're a brave soul, you may be up to this challenge, and can help play a vital role for the United States.

Mechanic Roles in the National Guard

If you consider yourself handy, or have an inherent understanding of how machines operate, you might want to consider a career in mechanics for the National Guard. If you love to learn new things, and want the chance to work on everything from tanks to airplanes, this is the perfect opportunity for you. Mechanics play a key role in keeping their colleagues, and the whole of the world safe. As an added benefit, the specialized skills and training you receive as a mechanic for the National Guard can serve you well much later in life, with an abundant of opportunities in the private sector that you can take advantage of.

STEM Careers in the National Guard

STEM careers (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) are set to take off in the United States, and around the world. The National Guard has taken note, and made countless new opportunities that are available in STEM fields for recruits. If you have an eye for Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math, you can develop your education, put your skills to good use, and support your country while developing a career that is in demand, and will help shape the way we understand the world.

Your opportunities include working in a lab, acting as an analyst, becoming an information technology specialist, or even becoming a linguist. Your skills can be put to use to help yourself, your country, and the world.

Annie Kiely
Annie Kiely
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