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The Quieter Side of Health: Detecting Early Hearing Loss in Adults

Hearing Loss in Adults

By SoundakPublished 7 months ago 3 min read

There are millions of people worldwide who suffer from some sort of disabilities and hearing impairment is one of the most prevalent disability in the world. There are a lot of adults worldwide who suffer from hearing loss of some kind that completely disrupts their normal lives.

Now, adults who have perfect hearing can encounter hearing loss as they age and it is imperative for you to know the symptoms associated with it. Here in this article, we will discuss the symptoms of early hearing loss in adults.

 Mumbling Irritates You

 Conversing With People is Difficult

 Conversing on the Phone is Difficult

 Certain Sounds are Louder

Mumbling Irritates You

One of the primary symptoms associated with hearing loss in adults is that you will observe that people who are slowly losing their hearing ability get irritated when someone mumbles something near them. During the initial stages of hearing loss, the problem might not be visible.

However, as the hearing impairment gets worse you will observe that the person will struggle to discern the words you have spoken to him or her. They keep on asking you to repeat what you have said even though you have spoken very clearly and loudly.

Besides that, you will find everyone around you with normal hearing ability would be able to hear you loud and clear, however, people with hearing disability will find it difficult to ascertain what you are saying. This is when you should get alert regarding the slow loss of hearing ability of your acquaintance & get in touch with a doctor immediately.

Conversing with People is Difficult

Now, when someone is suffering from progressive hearing loss you will find that talking with them individually is quite easy in comparison to talking in a group. Whenever there are a lot of people in a room chattering it becomes even more difficult for people with normal hearing ability to hear properly what someone is saying.

Under these circumstances when someone with hearing loss faces this type of situation, then it becomes a nightmare for them to distinguish what someone is saying to them because of a lot of background noise. When you lose your hearing ability, then your sensory organs in the ears would find it difficult to distinguish all the sounds in your surroundings.

People with normal hearing ability try to ignore certain types of background noises when present in a crowded area. However, in a place packed with people, the noise is of everyone talking and that is why people with hearing disability struggle to ignore the sounds that reach their ears as they strain their auditory muscles to hear what others are saying.

Conversing on the Phone is Difficult

Among the various signs associated with hearing loss in adults one of the most prominent ones is when you observe them having difficulty in conversing in phone calls. Ultimately when the hearing loss problem becomes acute they will withdraw completely from conversing on the phone.

Moreover, when you are conversing on a phone it is only a single ear that becomes functional and when you are suffering from hearing loss it becomes nearly impossible for you to hear anything being spoken from the other end. This is something that must immediately catch your attention because suddenly someone withdrawing from talking on the phone signifies hearing problems.

Moreover, you will find that people with hearing disability have difficulty in following conversation and that is why they become reluctant to use phones. If you observe this symptom, then you must get in touch with a hearing clinic where various tests are going to be performed and then a hearing aid device is going to be recommended for the person suffering from hearing loss.

Certain Sounds are Louder

Now, when someone is suffering from hearing loss it is always not the case that he hears all the sounds at very low sound. There are instances where certain sounds are heard very loud and clear and this is because when suffering from hearing loss you don’t lose all the hair cells in your ear at the same time and when a sound is loud, the healthy hair cells respond very quickly making the sound even louder.

In addition to this, you will observe that people with progressive hearing loss tend to watch television with very high sound levels than what a person with normal hearing ability would like to hear.


The above-discussed factors are some of the leading symptoms associated with hearing disability in adults. Most of the time when a person encounters hearing loss they generally tend to neglect the initial symptoms, however, one should never commit this mistake and get in touch with a doctor immediately.


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People suffering from hearing impairment always find it difficult to get themselves involved in the happenings around their day-to-day life.There is nothing to worry about because Soundak is here to help you bring your life back on track.

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