The Greatest Honor

by Jeffrey Eatley 10 months ago in family

His was to Serve His Country. Mine is to Tell the Story

My Father in 1967

His Greatest Honor was to serve. Mine will be to tell his story. Over 50 years ago, 1967, CW4 Gordon Eatley served two tours in Vietnam as an Army helicopter pilot. It was his greatest honor to serve his country. In August of 2019, he will be traveling back to where his service began. For three weeks we will travel throughout the country of Vietnam, visiting places he once traveled, where he lost friends and searching for some peace amongst it all. We hope that this will help change the memories that he has carried for all these years. We pray that it will allow him to come home under much better conditions and a warmer welcome. Over the next month, we will be telling stories, bringing everyone up to date with his life and in August we will be departing for 24 days, life-changing experience. I am his Son, Jeffrey Eatley, and I will be documenting it all in order to create a Documentary about his life then and his life now. Not many Fathers and Sons get the opportunity to do what we are doing.

My name is Jeffrey Eatley and I am a photographer and a creative, and Gordon's youngest son. My duty in this is to bring honor to him and tell his story like no one else can. I will create a documentary about the journey to tell his story. Further, I plan to document my journey as his son and my perspective and also the viewpoint of a photographer.

It is going to take a ton of time to produce this and find a way to print a book. It also cost to get video editing tools. There is a ton to do and if need be I can rent some of the tools to make this even more amazing. Our story is there—it will be inspirational, epic and one for the history books. I have also learned from almost every person I have talked to about this trip is that it is bigger than me. Bigger than just a father and son story. This is an American Hero's Story. And I want it told correctly. Now I am asking you to take part in whatever way possible. I want this to be even better than I am capable of creating right now with the tools I have now. While my father is helping a ton to get me there, my plans to document the story is all on me. I just barely can afford the trip nevertheless buy or rent equipment. This part is what I really need help with and in the long run, I hope to be able to put this documentary out to Netflix and or anyone that will take it.

As a bonus, my father would just love support. It has been a long road. I hope we can change it starting now. To make something for all.

It was his Greatest Honor to serve his country. It is my greatest honor to tell his story. At the end of all this, I also hope to create a coffee table book, magazine, and have a website hosting all the images from this beautiful country for all of you to see. We plan to review every piece of equipment, clothing, shoes, everything we bring. We plan to talk about the ups and downs and everything in between. If any company has tools, travel clothing, equipment or anything they want to be reviewed, here is your chance. If my dad gives you 5 stars, you know you have something special. Please remember... I will make this happen with my cell phone and gimble if that is all I have and I am great with that.

Jeffrey Eatley
Jeffrey Eatley
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