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The 9 Best Flooring Options For Your Home

Go through the different flooring options and determine which will fit your budget and needs. Consult the Nath Trading for ideas

By Akshit MehtaPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Home renovation is a complex task. You have to consider several aspects to realize your dream. You can replace furniture, add accessories, and paint the walls on a budget. However, replacing the entire floor involves lots of expenses. Fortunately, manufacturers offer a variety of flooring options to suit all budgets. Each one has its pros and cons.

Top nine flooring options

Engineered wood: Although similar to solid wood, it is created differently. This type is sturdier and cheaper. Stone dust is mixed with recycled wood fiber to enhance stability. They are also less sensitive to humidity and temperature. You can install them over concrete subfloor, enclosed porches, and basements. Choose clickable flooring type as it helps save on installation costs.

Hardwood: It is a popular type used for decades. Wooden plans or boards 0.5-0.75 inches thick are nailed to the wooden subfloor. They are sold unfinished or finished. The prefinished type involves less work and costs less. Factory-installed finishes are durable. They suit all styles and decor and increase home resale value. They can be swept, mopped, and cleaned.

Ceramic tile is a mixture of shale and clay and is available in diverse patterns, shapes, and colors. However, not all are meant for flooring purposes. Ensure buying those created for flooring. A few popular types are porcelain, glazed ceramic, terracotta, and quarry tile. It fits all home styles. It mimics wood or natural stone. It is durable and resistant to moisture, dents, and scratches.

Bamboo: This fast-growing grass produces hardwood-type flooring. It is eco-friendly. It is offered as engineered planks and solid strips. Such flooring is moisture-resistant, easy to care for, and easy to install. It is suitable for bedrooms, hallways, and living areas. Invest in Anti static flooring that is safe for your family and pets.

Vinyl is a flexible, resilient flooring material with a softer underfoot feel. A thin foam layer is used in cushioned vinyl to enable comfortable walking. Thicker types have textured surfaces appearing like stone or wood. You may invest in luxury vinyl flooring. It withstands heavy foot traffic and moisture. It is durable and inexpensive. It can be installed over the existing vinyl floor.

Laminate: It is constructed similarly to engineered wood. It has thin veneer over compressed fiber or plywood layers. It can appear as tile, stone, wood, etc. It is available as tiles or planks. Being floating floor systems, they don’t require nails to glue and can be installed over old flooring. They need little maintenance, easy to clean, and inexpensive option.

Carpet: Wall-to-wall carpets are made with nylon or wool. They suit living rooms and bedrooms. To prolong its life and add a cushion effect, you may nail it over a padding layer. This versatile flooring choice is offered in diverse materials, textures, and colors. It is slip-resistant quiet, and feels warm and soft underfoot. You may choose polypropylene carpets for outdoor spaces like enclosed porches.

Cork: It is a sustainable material and environment-friendly. You may buy planks with click-lock edges and install them as floating floors. You can glue the tiles down on the surface. This material is soft, quiet, and warm underfoot. It is slip-resistant and offers a natural look. You may install them without professional assistance. It is durable and resistant to fire, termites, mold, and mildew.

Linoleum: Although it has been used since the 1880s, it became popular only in the 1940s. Natural renewable materials like linseed oil and cork powder go into its construction. It is available in laminated planks, tiles, or sheets and installed as floating floors. Protective coating helps prevent stains and reduces wear. With proper care, it can last about 40+ years.

Research and select wisely!

Go through the different flooring options and determine which will fit your budget and needs. Consult the professionals for ideas.

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