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Open Letter to the Marines

by Angela Derscha 22 days ago in marine corps

Thank you for your service. Just in time for Memorial Day.

Open Letter to the Marines
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Disclaimer: This letter is for the Marines specifically; however, I respect and support any of the military branches that keep us safe at home and afar. I come from an extensive military background since the 1940's, so I take my dedication to soldiers very seriously. Please do not misunderstand my intentions. Thank you and God bless.

Dear United States Marine Corps,

First of all, I would like to wish your current servicemen and women a Happy Memorial Day to honor those who died in active combat and after coming home. It is far more than a three-day holiday, a barbeque, and fireworks its a day to stop and recognize the selfless sacrifices that our soldiers make every day. My heart goes out to those of you who continue the fight for freedom in our place. Stay safe, and bless you.

Second of all, I want to express my gratitude for training, supporting, and creating strong, independent men and women for more than 245 years. The call of duty is often hard to answer, but not for you. The individuals that dedicate their lives to you are hard-working, respectful, loyal, and brave. I know things are hard, especially during the global pandemic, but with our collective heads held high, we can persevere. That’s why I am so grateful for all you do for us, the American people.

And finally, on a personal note, I would like to express my gratitude for my nephew, Lance Corporal Kaleb Michael Speck. You have made him an amazing man. He is braver, wiser, stronger, more respectful than ever before. His time at the USMC has crafted him into an extraordinary person, and for that, I thank you. He has received his first deployment recently and is excited to be of use to his country! But, as his aunt, I am terrified for him. I want him to be safe, get his term finished quickly, and come home in one piece, back in our loving arms. I know that he has made his family and his country very proud.

Moving on, I know that since your creation on November 10th, 1775, in Philadelphia, PA, the USMC has strived by the principal of gathering a “few good people” for the goal of serving our Nation’s common cause. Thus the birth of the quote:

The Few and The Proud

The enrollment process has changed a lot over the years, especially since a portion of the service back then was volunteers with very little training for combat situations. Presently, the Marine Corps Basic is know as the most difficult of the services. Both in duration (about 12.5 weeks) and physical considerations, including combat training, marksmanship, mixed martial arts, infantry, wilderness survival, and the art of camouflaged reconnaissance. A dramatic shift from being able to wield a weapon and have a strong love for his country.

Today, the USMC stands as the toughest group of individuals ever know to storm a beach, fire a weapon, or even save a life. The time in service is not for the faint of heart, no, only a truly dedicated person could pull off the things that the Marines accomplish daily. You have fought many enemies, won many battles, lost many comrades, and forged a powerful legacy that will live on until the end of time. It's true! The USMC will continue moving towards a brighter future for all of us, protecting us at home and from afar.

Until next time, stay safe and support our fallen heroes today.

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Angela Derscha
Angela Derscha
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