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Once a Military Wife, Always a Military Wife

by Marlena Hallett 8 months ago in family

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Gray is creeping back in

I spent many years married to the military thru my husband at the time .I have held many jobs in one form or the other ..some I was paid for,, other's were volunteering for the unit my husband served in.

I once was a FRG(Family Readiness Group) Leader. That meant lots of classes to take to learn what I needed to do in every situation known to mankind. It also meant a lot of public speaking. I barely passed that in college. I hate talking in front of people .I always have. It really freaks me out, panic attack city. So you may be asking "Why would you become an FRG Leader then? If you know you hate speaking in front of lots of people? Very good question!

Well one night we had a FRG meeting with the main commander of our unit and he was explaining that usually the wife of whom ever was in charge of our group of men and women would take over the job of the FRG. This could not happen because she was also in the Army . So as he gazed around the room looking for someone to step up , smile an say PLEASE let that be me .I find his eyes resting on me. Only a few of us had attended that night. Only a few of us had Staff Sargent Husbands.

I found myself saying I'll do it Sir. What my brain says to me ,"What have you done? Are you Nuts? So to rescue myself just a little, I said "but I am going to need some help". so I choose my friend Tammy to be CO -Leader. If looks could kill ,Id surely be dead right now! She agreed to help, Not much choice with the commander staring you down.

You might be asking,' just what does an FRG Leader do' ? Well an FRG Leader is there to serve their Unit .Doing anything the Unit commander needs done when it has to do with the soldier's families. To prepare them for their soldier's deployment. FRG Leaders have monthly meetings with the families of these soldiers. They pass out Papers with useful resources in area that they may need in the coming year their soldier is deployed. FRG Leaders help the families as much as we can while their other half is gone.

FRG Leaders let the families know when their soldier has reached the place they are going. FRG Leaders lead in many ways while our unit is deployed. We are their to help make the deployment easier for the families waiting for their love ones to return.

I enjoyed my years as an FRG Leader ,despite hating public speaking! I learned a lot ,something to take with me into other fields after leaving the Military life .

Marlena Hallett
Marlena Hallett
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Marlena Hallett

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