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My Country is at War

by Calie Judy Brooks 18 days ago in family

And I'm at War Against my Country

Hi, I’m Sana. I'm a 10-years-old Syrian girl and I’m alone. They dragged me away from my parents to bring me here, in a refugee camp, to take me away from war and conflict. Even if they are only fighting in neighbouring countries, they are close, too close. War, with a capital "W", is surrounding us, it’s never far away. My big brother was recruited to fight in this endless war, he was only 13. It's been two years since we last saw him. He is probably dead by now, like many other children I knew. Death is surrounding us, it affects everyone. Whether it's our loved ones, our friends, our acquaintances or even total strangers to us. A lot of people are dying, not to say the whole world is slowly dying, even me. War kills us, it kills everyone, even strangers who didn't have time to become known.

The day I had to leave my family, my mother told me that we had the right to live in peace, children and adults alike. She told me that everyone has the right to feel safe in their home, their town, their country. To have a wonderful childhood and to be protected from war and conflicts. It’s very important. It is what helps children to grow up. To be happy. To eat to their fill. To have friends and for so many other equally important reasons. However, for me and many others, it's not the case. Whether it's here at the camp or where I come from. I don't feel safe, I don't have a childhood and I have no one to protect me. What can a childhood be without parents, without protection? Can it be wonderful? Can it be called childhood? I need my parents to be happy. Wherever I went, no one was protecting me, except them. No one took care of me. No one paid any attention to me. And it kills me, little by little. I'm not the only one in this situation. We all die and the whole world dies by our side. We don't have a childhood. We become 'adults' without really passing through childhood. We need to provide for the needs of our families, the needs of the War and, above all, we need to do everything we can to survive. And that breaks children, adults and families.

Those are some of the consequences of the War and of being stripped off of the right to live in peace. This right which should be respected everywhere, but which isn't. This right, mocked by so many people. Stripped away from children and their families. Once you live it, war never leaves you. It taunts you at night and makes you fear everything when you're awake. You don't even remember what dreams feel like. You forget what happiness is. All you can do is relive the war again and again. Until it kills you. Can we really survive that? Can we heal from that? Is it even possible to forget what we lived? I don't think I'll live to know the answer.

My country’s at war and I’ll fight against my country so it won’t be anymore. I would declare war against my country so the right to live in peace is respected for every children in this world. Peace should be accessible for everyone, but it isn't. I will do everything so everyone can live a happy and peaceful life. Declare war against the whole world if I need to. I would even give up my life if I needed to, I will do it and... I did it... I'm at war against my country.

Calie Judy Brooks
Calie Judy Brooks
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Calie Judy Brooks
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