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Memorial Day

by Terri Rosall 20 days ago in history

Should be everyday not just one.

Memorial Day
Photo by Dan Parlante on Unsplash

I think that we should take time to remember the people who gave us freedom everyday not just for one day a year.

The people who gave us our freedom. They were people just like me and you. Who wanted do the right thing. To service their country so we can be free and live the way we do.

They didn't know what they were getting into with the wars. They didn't know what one day would bring life or death.

Some of them never came home again. Some of came back home to hate from people.

Some of service people their minds they were not going to be the same because of what they saw in war.

We need to be reminded of this every day of our lives. Everybody knows someone who served or never came home again to their love ones.

I do believe that we should take time out of day everyday to think what they went though. Don't hate them because of the war. They were serving to keep us free.

Sure we donation to the cause for the veterans and their family But why do this for one day a year.

We go to parade and see the aging veterans. Wondering if they will making it next year parade on Memorial day. We should celebrate then everyday.

Like I said before we should take the time everyday to be thankful for a veteran.

How can I write this. I come from long line of family member who serviced and never came back to our family.

As we put flags on their graves and take them off them right away. We should leave on for awhile to thank them for being our voices doing war.

Go look at the wall in Washington D.C. See all those names on that wall. They are name of families member lost during the wars. You might be surprised to see how young when they passed away.

Can you remember what you were doing at that age when they die?

I had the chance to see one walls in my old hometown. Yes, I did see three family members named on that wall. How humbly I felt. They dropped out of school to serve for the our country.

My husband had a friend drop out of school and die on the class of 1968 graduation day. He had only 3 months to go to graduate High School. He choice was to serve his country. He paid his dues to war by losing his life so we could be free..

We build houses for them. The smiles on their faces is a thank you enough for me. It takes the pain away for a bit knowing that some people care about them. The smile on their faces is priceless.

I have donated to the veterans causes and I am thankful for what they did for our country.

I hate to see what we do to them especial the when there is story on the radio, television of Veteran goes into his or her work place and take someone life and end up taking their life. It is not right to label them as a crazy veteran.

They need to have more help from the public. I see a veteran with a sign ask for money. I think could that be my family member who served in the war. Someone else family member needs help.

They didn't ask to be homeless or be forgotten about. They did their service for their country. They don't deserve to look down at as a dirty old veteran looking for hand out.

We need to help them more than we do. What can I do your may ask yourself. For starters maybe make a meal for a veteran that may live in your neighborhood. I bet that they will be thankful that you took the time to make their day. Do a fundraiser for new housing, medical services.

We got do more than we do for them not just for one day a year. Everyday should a memorial day for our veterans to us.

Veterans are human like you and me are. They have feelings also. Take the time to thank them. You will be surprise that they will say thank you back to you.

Terri Rosall
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