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I'm Sorry Baby

When It All Went Dark

By Jakayla GilbertPublished 6 years ago 2 min read

I put on my pants, I put on my shirt, I put on my jacket, and laced up my boots. I look into the corner of the room to see you holding our daughter with tears in your eyes. I pick up my bag and go to give my girls a kiss and say goodbye. You put your head down in sorrow not knowing if you'll ever see me again. Not knowing if that's the last kiss or the last goodbye. I signed up when I was young I didn't think nothing about it. I was told free school, nothing about war. As I go on my first mission, my blood starts pumping, I don't know what to expect. My unit and I hop on the plane and touch down at our destination. We all get set up and call it a night and get ready for action the next morning. As the night goes by all I can think about is my girls. As the sun comes up we get ready to go out on our mission. We load up the Hummv with all our gear. As we are driving down this dirt road, we all hear gun shoots. As I look around to see where the shots are coming from we hear a loud noise. We look forward to see the head hummv blown to pieces. I start to panic, I wasn't prepared for this. The driver started to panic, we were all new. We all thought we are just privates trying to make it home. We start to return fire as the driver tries to get us out of there. Then it all went dark. The last thing I could remember was hearing a loud noise. I woke up in the hospital with a nurse in the room. She walked up to me and told me not to panic. I called out the names of my battles and no reply. I asked the nurse who else survived. No reply, I just stopped and yelled it wasn't fair. What happened? What did they do? The nurse looked at me and with the softest voice told me that the hummv I was in got blown up. No one else survived. It was like the world had just stopped. The doctor walked into the room and looked me in the eye and said, "You won't survive so get ready to say your goodbyes."

I said, "Where are my girls? My wife? My daughter? Where are they?" As I looked down I see that my legs where gone and so were my arms. It didn't make sense I was alive. I was breathing.

The doctor said, "You built up an infection that we can not cure. We don't know how much time you have but you don't have long. Your family is on their way. We called your wife and told her you don't have long." I close my eyes and think to myself, I'm not feeling so good my love, please hurry. I want to say goodbye. You still haven't arrived and I start to fade away. You didn't know this baby but I couldn't hold on much longer. As soon as you enter the building something happened baby. I couldn't fight it any longer. I'm sorry baby. I tried baby but I was too weak. As you were running down the hall with our daughter baby I couldn't do it anymore I passsed away. Please forgive me baby and tell our daughter I'm sorry and to never forget me.


About the Creator

Jakayla Gilbert

When I was younger all I did was write stories and poems. My dream was to be a writer but my grammar has never been good. I gave up on that dream until I found this and figured that you have to start small right.

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