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Hibiki Blended Japanese Whisky

"It Tastes Expensive and is Makers Mark“

By 55wineandspirtsPublished 8 months ago 5 min read

The Hibiki brand was first introduced in 1989 to commemorate Suntory's 90th birthday. The age statements of 17 and 21 were incorporated into this launch. A 30-year expression was first introduced in 1997, followed by a 12-year expression in 2009, but both have since been dropped. For bourbon lovers who want to start consuming something a little more peppery on the whisky spectrum, Hibiki Suntory is the ideal whisky. Both the smooth, slightly woody scents and the pale golden hue are automatically pleasant.

Although Hibiki is a blended whisky, its expressions are infused with richness, balance, and elegance, unlike some of the more affordable blends from Scotland. The bottles' 24 facets represent the 24 hours in a day, the 24 seasons of the ancient Japanese calendar, and the balance and processes involved in producing the liquid, as well as the 24 seasons. The Hibiki collection includes both art and whisky.

The Hibiki collection is unmatched in terms of bottle form, global acclaim, accolades, and flavor balance. The Hibiki line from Suntory has contributed significantly more to the whisky industry as a whole. In addition to the incredible depth and balance of the Hibiki mixes, the expressions have succeeded in a magnificent feat to a degree that no other blend has. Worldwide, blended whisky was popular for many years.

Stores that sell Pennsylvania Fine Wine & Good Spirits may carry Hibiki Suntory Japanese Harmony Blended Whisky. Aged malt and grain whiskies from Suntory's distilleries are used to create Hibiki 17 17-year-old blend, which was initially made available in 1989, is aged at Yamazaki in Japanese Mizunaraak barrels. Hibiki, which means harmony, has most definitely been attained in this magnificent and famous combination.

Japan has stakes a lot of money on this spirit even though it may not have 300 years of whisky manufacture. High enough to make Suntory Hibiki Japanese Harmony whisky one of the most sought after-brands on the marketplace. Find out if this is the ideal dream for you by reading on. Japan is undoubtedly the nation that is producing more whisky than any other within its boundaries. Japan has made the manufacturing of whisky a tradition for more than a century, elevating the spirit to a symbol of creativity and excellence.

There are numerous well-known distilleries in the nation, and each one produces complicated and elite-quality expressions. One of those expressions is now regarded as one of the best because of the intricate fusion of flavors and smells, also the innovative production technique that already culminated in it. The market was well-prepared for the entry of Japanese whisky, which is now a mainstay.

Harmony Whisky

It wasn't a coincidence that this expression's name was chosen. In actuality, the blend of whiskies and grains is completely symbiotic thanks to this expressiveness. It was only appropriate to give it the name "Harmony". The master blend Shingo Torii is in charge of the Suntory team that is responsible for the blend. The Hibiki Japanese Harmony whisky is a part of the Suntory Distillery's Hibiki line, which also includes other excellent whiskies that are combined to create remarkable expressions like Japanese Harmony.

Grain whiskies from the Chita distillery and malt whiskies from Hakushu and Yamazaki are used to create the expression itself. White American oil, Mizunara oak, and Xerez barrels are used to mature the mixture.

Features of Hibiki Blended Japanese Whisky

A beautiful and silky mix that any type of whisky fan might readily enjoy. In addition to being smooth, it has layers that conceal its flavor, which gives it complexity. In reality, drinking this particular Japanese whisky expression will be a pleasant experience. Regarding the flavours and aroma of the Hibiki Japanese Harmony Whisky, you may taste and smell some herbaceous notes, like oak, with traces of citrus and honey. The Hibiki Japanese Harmony is undoubtedly an excellent option if you want a premiere quality, simple-to-drink wine with a broad range of layers to explore.

The three age categories of Hibiki whiskies are offered; 17 years, 21 years, and the newest craze, Hibiki Japanese Harmony.

Hibiki Age 21

Connoisseurs of fund whiskies adore Hibiki 21. This whisky is rich and sweet with an aroma of stewed autumn fruits and caramel, a flavour of apricot, Mizunara, and woody sandalwood, and a satisfyingly long finish. An expensive addition to any collection, a bottle costs between £600 and £700 in the UK marketplace.

Hibiki Age 17

Compared to its elder sister, Hibiki 17 is purer and lighter. It has a fruity nose with notes of lily, peach, and melon. Toffee and black cherries can be tasted on the palate, while a subtle lychee aftertaste rounds off the flavour. Hibiki 17 is somewhat less expensive and a great option for those who opt for lighter whiskies.

Hibiki Japanese Harmony

This Hibiki Japanese Harmony whisky was made available on the market in 2015. This expression, a complex beast, is well kept in five different types of barrels and contains the same malt and grain whisky blend as its original. Despite some admirers complaining that it is a touch thinner than other Suntory whiskies, it contains delicate orange and white chocolate flavours.

How to Drink Hibiki Blended Japanese Whiskey?

On a frigid winter day, Suntory advises drinking Hibiki Japanese harmony on the rocks, blended with water, or heated for a hot whisky beverage.

The flavour was created by Saji and Inatomi by blending thirty unique malt and smooth grain whiskies. Hibiki whisky is a perfectly harmonious concoction that is full of the culture and craftsmanship of Japan.

This fine-blended whisky is velvety, smooth, and simple to sip. It is simple to understand why it is well-liked and receives accolades, despite the fact that a bottle costs about £60-£65. Hibiki is the epitome of harmony; it was introduced in 1989 to honour Suntory's guiding principle of coexistence with both humans and the natural world.

"Enjoy Luxury in a Bottle"


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