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Fully's, semis, & bullies...

Way better than stimmies.

By Nefarious DarriusPublished 8 months ago 3 min read
P/c: Josh L. Snader, via Pixabay.

21JAN2023; 1406, SAT– Virginia, USA

I was terribly torn between three diff "communities" to submit this "story" to. On the one hand, I could've attempted "Criminal", or "FYI" ones.

On the other, I figured I'd go with what I know, and that which is most likely to gain traction. And thus, here we are.

Now for the meat and potatoes. What's the best way to make use of all the semi/fully automatic and/or autonomous weapons (i.e. U.S. military personnel )in this seemingly Godforsaken nation?

I refer to my fellow Vets as such mainly because we're discarded easily; all the while extremely lethal. We can literally call each other cannon fodder in front of our superiors, all the while expecting chuckles from them; if not outright concurring.

If that's not emblematic... So, this indissoluble realization, dovetailed with the fact that only an honorably armed individual can stop an malicious one, led me to the notion that I must say what no one else wants to; especially with all the talk of gun control, Vets, and mental health right now.

Hear me out: What if we gave trained killers a new lease on life *while* protecting our precious progeny? Prodigious youth we regularly send to defenseless victim—er, gun free zones are expecting to catch stray bullets; rather than stray cats.

"The math ain't mathing!" Call me eccentric; tho, wouldn't it make a smidge more sense to have The Future expectant of "top flight security of the world"; rather than an aluminum sign, inadequate police responses, and/or penultimately prepared administrators?

Crazy; amirite? With all seriousness tho, a lot of Vets are out of work these days; especially considering the covax mandates.

I'm genuinely curious as to how many of the Corruption Liaisons—er, national politicians with armed security could attempt to keep their jobs and such if America realized protecting peoples with real value could all be so simple.

To tie it all in for sure: Americans are seen as the bullies of the world; thanks in no minor aspect to the world's most famous modern military. What if us so-called idiotic brutes (eat [expletive] Henry Kissinger and [redacted due to graphicness]) had a newfound purpose?

How quickly might our suicide/divorce/homelessness rates dwindle and nosedive to nothing? One thing for sure, two for certain: The way we're handling the epidemics right now just simply "ain't where it's at."

A debacle at best. In military jargon: FUBAR ([Expletive] Up Beyond All Recognition) meets SNAFU (Situation Normal: All [ibid] Up) meets a grade A cluster[ibid] of a [ibid]-show.

The millennials and Gen Z might feasibly just say it's "a dumpster fire of a train wreck." I'll make one more pop culture ref for now: The new agers Love to quip, "Nothing changes [for the sitch] if nothing changes [on the front end/forefront]."

It'd likely do miraculous wonders for the economy to get these "student resource Vets" (working job title) in play. Productivity in all sectors, fields, and occupations would finally be equipped with some semblance of invaluable peace of mind again.

Cop them some work cellies (cell phones), with incredulous capabilities; a couple accessories like IWB (In the Waistband) holsters, or custom watches; and a bag to keep emergency supplies in. Perhaps even supply the weapons, extra ammo, and a couple mags.

There'll never be another mass shooting at a school for centuries. Right up until we get too comfortable and forget why we implemented the policy in the first place.

In the meantime between time tho... I jest; somewhat.

Conversely, what if we did protect students as if they were our everything, meanwhile rescinding the security details of every single corrupt politician?

Up to, and including Pres. Chomo Joe? Oh, what a wonderful way to dream.

As Lennon (Rest In Power) famously sang: I'm hoping/praying/wishing for you all to join me in this lofty endeavor. The fate of our world may depend upon it...



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Nefarious Darrius

I'm a Grunt who’s been stuck in traffic for the past few decades or so. From DC to Seattle & Iraq; to back in "The Swamp". Also, I Love my Progeny more than life. Born Day: 4/20. Lastly, my apparel brand, War 'N' Tees is live! One Love.


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