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Five Things to Love About Being the Military Girlfriend

Because we already know the things we hate.

By Hunter RaeyPublished 6 years ago 3 min read
Top Story - August 2017

There are a LOT of articles out there about how much we hate being the military girlfriend. Not enough contact, not quite important enough in the military world, being the last to know about ANYTHING. But not all is bad! In fact there are many things to love about being 'just' the military girlfriend, so here are five things I love about this life!

1. Phone Calls!

Now this one goes without saying, but the phone calls are the best! Hearing your phone ring and seeing his name pop up on the screen is the most exciting feeling ever! Listening to him tell you about his life experiences, hearing his laugh, and just his voice in general makes a terrible day all a-okay once again. Knowing that he could have called his family or other friends, yet he chose to call you, makes your heart flutter and soar away, as well as leaving you speechless.

2. The Family

Let me be straight for a moment and tell you, I couldn't stand my boyfriend's mother before he left for Basic. Now? She's probably one of my closest friends! Realizing that you need them to find out about EVERYTHING means you make an effort to stay in contact with them. Subsequently, you get close with them, and they become your family just as much as his! Eventually spending time with them makes you excited and you're planning for when you'll make it to birthday parties, Christmases, and Thanksgivings at their house as well as your own family's. Having them by your side is key in getting through his absence!

3. The 'Other' Family

Ah, yes. The 'other' family! These are the people that you meet at work, the grocery store, a night out, or anywhere who also have a loved one in the military. At some point you spill about your boyfriend being in the military, and suddenly you've become family. Yep, just like that! Hearing about their experiences will give you faith that this entire military relationship thing will work out, and even though you might never see them again, they will always hold a special place in your heart, and you in theirs.

4. Compliments

Okay, I know we don't date these men for the compliments, but they do feel nice. It always feels great when someone tells me that I'm obviously very strong for staying with a man in the military. The first time someone gave me a handshake for being a military girlfriend and "giving my soldier something to come home for," my soul left my body! Not only do these compliments serve as confidence boosters, but also a reminder that this love is bigger than just the two of you. So to all my military girlfriend sisters out there, you're strong and you're doing great!

5. Adventure!

Last, but most certainly not least, is adventure! I may not be going to Syria, or moving around the world, or learning how to shoot M19s, but this relationship in itself is a huge adventure! Not being able to just show up on base to see him without him holding my hand 24/7 means I get to live my own exciting life while he experiences his! We get to learn new things, meet new people, and create more stories to share for the nights we finally live together and get to snuggle up with hot chocolate! This adventure is a fun one, even if he isn't next to me experiencing it.


...There you have it, sisters. Five things I love about being a military girlfriend! To all of you, HOOAH and keep your head up, he'll be home soon! Hurry up and wait!


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Hunter Raey

A hippie girl in a heartbreak world, looking for the best in people, anticipating the worst in everything. I just wanna pour a little light into people's lives with my existence.

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