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Admission in Rashtriya military schools and my first-day experience in military school.

My experience in military school, Bangalore and how my first day passed in Rashtriya military school Bangalore.

By Deepak chaubey Published 4 years ago 5 min read

Guys, this is a part of my daily diary which has reminded me of the days of Rashtriya military school, Bangalore and I was loving. I hope you would enjoy and also get a feel of how a cadet gets admission in Rashtriya military schools. I have also shared my first-day experience in Rashtriya military school, Bangalore. By reading this you would get a feel of a young boy who lives with his parents adapts himself in a hostel where a tough military routine is being followed.

Today I was very excited as today I went to Bangalore for admission in Rashtriya military school Bangalore. It was a result of the hard work that I have done so I was very happy. As I have heard very much about Rashtriya military school Bangalore, I have also seen people saying that this is a very great school. I have also gained some reputation from my village side as I have passed the common entrance test of it and I have also qualified the interview after the exam and I had been also selected through a medical examination. With all the great thoughts I had for the school I left mother for Bengaluru, I was accompanied by my father. The whole way I only thought about the school and the students of the school, I was very thoughtful.

At last, after 2 days we reached Bengaluru I was seeing this city the first time, so I was very happy. A boy from Bihar who had never been to any city went to Bengaluru and it was my first train journey. My father told me that we have to live here for 3 days so it's necessary to take a room on rent and we rented a hotel named hotel sunflower which was very near to the school.

The next day we left the room very early as we have to reach on time for the admission purpose. From the back gate of the school I started glaring at School it was really beautiful I loved that moment then and we finally entered a room where all the parents and the students were there. As I was already motivated by seeing the school uniform and military-based routine.

There I meet chinnnaswami who was our hostel superintendent and then I meet karmanendra that who was boasting that he was a physics teacher but he was a lab assistant. Today I meet various teachers like them and my father talked to them. Then after all the documentation was successful and I was assigned to Rajaji house I bought a box and all the required accessories from the canteen.

Now it was time for the second interview. It was the school policy to check the student's level of intelligence and remark accordingly. My English was very poor I could not speak English because till now I studied in Hindi medium school where we have to mug up all the English word meanings into Hindi in our English subject. Speaking English was a dream. If someone in our locality speaks English then people often make fun of him by saying desi murga vilayati bol. So when principal started asking questions in English I could not even understand their meanings in Hindi. So I could not say anything and the principal remarked very poorly in my file. Same happens with the other teacher also. He also asked questions in English and I couldn't say anything so he also remarked very poor English, need to work hard, study hard. After all this, it was night so we have to leave school and move to the room we have rented.

After reaching the hotel my father asked me that you say you are very intelligent but why couldn't answer a single question asked to you. I had convinced father that in our locality we always focus on maths and I have studied in Hindi that's why I could not answer.

The next day.

Today was my first day in school so I was very excited to go to school. I told my father to get ready fast. We left the room which we rented and moved to Rashtriya Military School Bangalore which was not very far from the hotel. After reaching the school I have given the measurements for the school uniforms like a khaki dress and mufti dresses. My father went to Sapna book store and bought all the textbooks which are required for class sixth as I was in class 6th.

In school, I was given Dorm 3's first cavin with thee n carriage house. After getting all the requirements my father left the school for home. I had set my cavin and properly arranged all the things. At the same time, I was not so happy because I was living the first time in a hostel.

I have always lived in my parents never alone and due to these I started realising the importance of parents and remembering all the happy moments I shared with parents. While remembering all this(my family) I cried also. I wanted to talk to my parents but I realised that there were only two telephones in the dormitory which had only incoming call services. And mobile phones are also not permitted in this school. So I could not call my parents but at that time one uncle helped me by calling my parents. I talked to my parents and cried a lot and I told them I couldn't live away from them. I also told my parents to call every day.

By doing all these things it was afternoon so we were called for lunch. As I had heard many good things about School food menu so it was the time to check all these things. I went to the cadet's mess of the school where I saw many trophies and various posters which inspires us to join armed forces.

Lunch was good. I could not talk to any of my classmates except Keshav and Himanshu as they were from my previous school.

After lunch, we all are told to change our dresses and wear games dress. After some time in the dorm, our prefects told us to go for the games fallen. We all the newly joined cadets went to main PT field where are sports captain was taking the report and all the cadets who are also called as Georgians(Asking George vi was the founder of the school) who were standing in a line.

After the games fall in, cadets went to various grounds and court play different types of games. I was amazed to see the number of football grounds, basketball courts, volleyball courts, a boxing ring and many more things in the sports complex. I had not seen that much sports facility in an Indian school. I played football with all my classmates who had also newly joined the school.

As everyone was new to everyone, and no one knew each other so it wasn't easy to have friendship with them. My cabin mate was Tushar and he became my first friend.

As we are in class 6th so the cadets of class 7th were made prefects teach us some basic things like wearing the various uniforms.

My today's whole day spent in confusion. At night we attended night roll call that is final fall in of the day. The school' motto was Sheelam Param bhushanam which means the character is the highest virtue. I loved the motto. Every cadets' discipline shows how character and their behaviour is important. By this routine, every cadet is being motivated to serve the country by joining armed forces.


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