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By Vocal Creator ChatPublished 19 days ago 1 min read

Have questions about creating stories, growing your audience, and getting rewarded on Vocal? The Vocal community and team are here to help answer your questions and feedback together.

Every Tuesday at 12 PM ET, we'll assemble the Vocal community, as well as our Creator Experience and Product teams, in a thread to respond to creator inquiries for one hour.

Please follow Vocal’s Community Guidelines and don’t spam your own profile or stories in the thread. We encourage the community to report users or comments that break these guidelines.

Some updates and reminders from the Vocal team:

  • Last week we launched our Melodic Milestone Playlist Challenge.

Got questions about Vocal or feedback about what’s new? Leave a comment in this thread to join the Vocal Creator Chat.

Also, be sure to join our Raise Your Voice Threads every Thursday at 12PM ET to champion inspiring stories and outstanding creators on Vocal. Save it to your calendar so you don’t miss it.

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Vocal Creator Chat

Every Tuesday @ 12PM ET, we we'll assemble the Vocal community, as well as our Creator Experience and Product teams, in a thread to respond to creator inquiries for one hour on Vocal. Subscribe now

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  • Calister Chisom6 days ago

    Amazing 👌👌👌

  • Imeth Githsara12 days ago

    Can we make 50$ by publishing 50 articles

  • Abdullah18 days ago

    I have written like 10 articles and i have zero reads what to do . No one is reading my articles help please

  • Abdullah19 days ago

    Amazing 👍🏻

  • Deasun T. Smyth19 days ago

    How many reads do you need to get a top story?

  • L.C. Schäfer19 days ago

    I can see latest stories, and I can see Top Stories... but there isn't anywhere I can just see the latest from the creators I'm subscribed to 🤔 I would really like that. It's great to see this chat so busy this week 😁

  • Tiffany Gordon 19 days ago

    What criteria besides engagement are you using for TOP STORIES. I've seen highly engaged pieces still not make the cut.

  • CJ Miller19 days ago

    Is there any update on when we'll be able to delete stories from our profiles without contacting customer support? I'd like to remove a bunch. Thank you.

  • Mohammed Darasi19 days ago

    Is there anyway we can see who's subscribed to us? I sometimes stay away from vocal for a few days and don't look at the notifications thoroughly, so I might not notice if someone did subscribe. I would want to have a look at whoever subscribed and check out their work usually, but I can't be sure if I missed out anyone

  • Call Me Les19 days ago

    I think was mentioned by Katherine M months ago but any update on whether we can see more detailed stats? Which pieces got reads? Instead of just a lump sum of reads?

  • Babs Iverson19 days ago

    New communities? Men's community STETSON for Tom, Scott and other's. Scott's suggestion for Boomers BOOMERANG is too cool!!! What do you say?

  • J. S. Wade19 days ago

    Hello everyone. You’ve mentioned before about new communities coming. Could you give us an update, maybe a sneak peek? A tantalizing hint. 😎 We can keep a secret! Promise. 😂

  • Judey Kalchik 19 days ago

    Are there tips to use the Search feature? When the Challenge winners were posted I was trying to back in to the whole list of winners, so searched for "Germany", one of the top winners. Even though it was a winning title, and that was the entire title, it didn't come up in Search. Is there a Search known issue, or is there a trick we should use to improve Search results?

  • C. H. Richard19 days ago

    I thought a weekly challenge of "Hidden Gem" might be interesting for older stories that didn't place in other challenges. A small bonus/prize and limited to small entry pool each week.

  • Loryne Andawey19 days ago

    Good afternoon! As a follow up to last week's Vocal Creator Chat, I was told that the investor relations team is reviewing the queries in my email. May I know if there are any updates? Also, in the Vocal Creator Chat 5/2/23, your reply mentioned that the company was releasing a new investor presentation deck. Was that deck an update to the 2022 presentation on your website or was it going to be entirely new? Thank you.

  • Tiffany Gordon 19 days ago

    Is there any way that we can begin to nominate TOP STORIES periodically and then perhaps you could pick from the community list.

  • Lamar Wiggins19 days ago

    Hello Vocal and Vocal community. I've been curious lately and wonder if you will ever do a 'Meet the judges" article or introduce us to some of the staff. I understand anonymity, so if that is a reason, I respect that. I just think it would be cool to see some behind the scenes articles.

  • Paul Stewart19 days ago

    Oh, and I noticed someone had ripped up completely one of my recent pieces. My recent Top Story. Was only asking about it seeing as someone will be responding - should I just give you the link here or raise a support ticket etc?

  • Just hello from us all in The Vocal Social Society, looking forward to lots of positive ideas this evening (in the UK) pleased my "Touch Of A Button" resource is nearly there

  • Babs Iverson19 days ago

    Babs here! Was wondering. How are badges or banners for Top Stories progressing?

  • There are users on here that have empty profiles and are just here to harass members. Can Vocal close these accounts? No story after seven days then the account should be closed. Thank you. Example https://vocal.media/authors/buster

  • Grz Colm19 days ago

    Hi, I left this comment a few weeks ago but with the time difference in Australia I was too late to get a reply. 😊 “I’m not sure if that has been asked before (apologies if it has) but can our friends and family create an account to subscribe to us and engage with our posts..as opposed to just a read? I.e they don’t want to write for vocal but wish to support family etc. I only ask this as I know there are a number of fake accounts and that some of these were removed recently so I didn’t know if this would technically fall under a fake account”. Thanks very much

  • Tiffany Gordon 19 days ago

    Will you guys be rolling out any more merch?

  • Donna Renee19 days ago

    Hi all :). I think Vocal should have reposted the Passing Ships winner announcement article to the top of the Top Stories page (or featured it again somehow) once the link was finally fixed. I didn’t place but I’m assuming that broken link cut way down on reads for those that did place in the challenge but weren’t featured directly in the article… and that’s got to be pretty disappointing. ❤️

  • Paul Stewart19 days ago

    Good evening/afternoon/morning, one and all! I have no suggestions or requests. Well, when I say no requests or suggestions, I did have one. I was wondering if there were any plans to create sub-communities of fiction for like i)flash fiction and ii)microfiction because, outside of challenges, we would need to put a lot of pre-amble or post-amble if we wanted anything less than the minimum word count to be accepted. It's been a runaway hit - the microfiction challenge, so a dedicated place for those forms of fiction writing might interest many people.

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