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Starts at 12PM ET on 4/6/23.

Our “Raise Your Voice Threads” are hosted to offer creators more avenues to uncover exceptional stories on Vocal. As we are continuously searching for fresh creators and inspiring stories, this thread provides an opportunity for us all to exchange and discuss the stories that have moved and motivated us on Vocal.

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We'll start the thread:

Published just a year ago today, we're highlighting Adysan's poem, "Showered Memories", for its vivid yet dreamlike quality.

We think this poem is an excellent showcase of Adysan's skill in crafting a rich and immersive world with their words. The sensation of "cooling water soaking cotton threads sticking to gooseflesh skin," and the thought-provoking final line are particularly striking. Thanks for creating on Vocal, Adysan.

Now it's your turn. Share your favorite stories in the comments below.

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  • Randy Wayne Jellison-Knockabout a year ago

    I just read another from earlier in the day that so far has only my comment & like. Just in case you haven't already subscribed to her, you might want to check out Meredith Harmon's "Don't Tick off Pele" https://vocal.media/wander/don-t-tick-off-pele If it doesn't tickle you as much as it tickled me, I'll be a gobsmacker. (I have no idea what a gobsmacker is, but I'll be one.)

  • Cheryl E Prestonabout a year ago

    Hi I'm Cheryl. I write Soap Opera Spoilers breaking news, poetry and whatever comes to mind.

  • Loryne Andaweyabout a year ago

    Hello. There is a user IMPERSONATING THEMSELVES AS VOCAL+ and linkbombing the comment section of this story as well as several others. I do not believe this to be an official creator from either Vocal or Creatd. Take this shameless impersonator down. I've already reported them and several of their comments by submitting a request on the support page or flagging them. I am escalating this matter here. Here is the link to their profile for convenience. https://vocal.media/authors/vocal-li4rm003g

  • Testabout a year ago

    Hey everyone, I'm Em. I write dark fiction/scripts, and adore all things horror. I have a few favourites here on Vocal: https://vocal.media/authors/naomi-fw5dp00skp 🖤 Naomi is bold, witty and funny as hell. https://vocal.media/authors/river-joy 🖤 River is an amazing artist and poet, whose work is as deep as their namesake. https://vocal.media/authors/jd-pernoste-and-anneliese-dahl 🖤 I have just discovered this duo—simply incredible stuff. https://vocal.media/authors/aphotic 🖤 A fellow horror writer, with a voice that has gone from strength to strength. Each of these creators are not only fantastic writers, but also valuable members of the Vocal community who are genuinely supportive of, and interested in, others.

  • Anyone needs a chuckle this piece is Laughable ✨😆https://vocal.media/poets/daily-absurdities

  • Testabout a year ago

    Hi all! I mostly write poetry, and autobiographical prose. I actually joined the platform to get more experience writing other types of pieces. I studied visual art, but took many screenwriting courses. I think this piece will be the one that describes me the most for a very long time. https://vocal.media/poets/bits-and-pieces-j7gg2h0j25 I'd also like to shout out to Em Starr, one of my favorite fiction writers on here and has made me feel welcome from the first week I joined. https://vocal.media/authors/em-starrrrr

  • JBazabout a year ago

    I would like to give a shout out to someone who's dedication to helping other creator's is remarkable and his writing always comes form the heart: Rick Henry Christopher - https://vocal.media/authors/rick-henry-christopher

  • JBazabout a year ago

    Cheers, My pen name is JBaz, my name is Jason Basaraba. I have ben on Vocal for over two years. I have no formal training in writing, I do have passion and love to learn. Vocal has given me this chance, one of my favorite authors and stories is from: Heather Hubler https://vocal.media/fiction/the-dance-owe7zj01ma Ally North : https://vocal.media/filthy/bloom-town Judey Kalchik: https://vocal.media/journal/has-anyone-seen-tom-6w5is70m1v

  • Alexis Dean Jr.about a year ago

    Hi, my name is Alexis Dean Jr. and I’m a teacher, clean rap artist, poet, and author. I joined Vocal because of the variety of the challenges, and to use the prompts as motivation to continue to dig deeper in my work and within. My recommendation is https://vocal.media/journal/forget-insta-famous-aspire-to-be-vocal-famous which I randomly read to start this year. It made me add more of a healthy competitive spirit to my work, and take pride in the growth of my writing skills. In a space like this, you can get down on yourself for “not being as good,” or you can use it as a way to learn and become greater than you’ve ever been! I chose to try to become greater

  • Dana Crandellabout a year ago

    Hi, everyone. I'm Dana (That's my mom's fault, bless her soul.) I'm a professional content writer and editor by day and a creative (photographer, frustrated artist and poet) by night and the wee hours of the morning. Many of my poems are inspired by the subjects of my photos. I joined Vocal in November of 2021 and took a long hiatus for reasons I can no longer remember. I'm back, annoying other creators and throwing my words out there for what they're worth. I've had the pleasure of finding a number of amazing creators on the platform that are true literary artists and I admire their work. Many of them have already been mentioned in this thread and I'm not at all surprised. I'm also finding many underrated (in my opinion) writers I enjoy following. In keeping with the recommendations of this post, I'm posting a link to a single story by one of those incredible people, because it would take far too long to list all of my favorite stories, Please enjoy this tautogram by Leslie Writes, with a phun twist: https://vocal.media/poets/productivity-qrhb017f

  • Jeff Newmanabout a year ago

    Morning everyone! First time on this thread so wanted to say and introduce myself. Here’s one of my stories to check out, hope you enjoy https://vocal.media/fiction/point-of-no-return-hg2w20kft And if you’re looking for another author to follow (besides me of course lol) check out Naomi, she’s amazing

  • Dean F. Hardyabout a year ago

    Hi everyone, I went digging for this piece. I think it may have got Top Story but no harm in bringing it to the surface again. A truly beautiful piece that I loved: https://vocal.media/poets/i-pray-it-is-tame

  • Hi! I'm Randy Wayne Jellison-Knock (you can call me ydnaR enyaW kconK-nosilleJ for backwards). I'm a retired United Methodist Pastor who has always loved both reading & writing. My first ever work of fiction was "Timothy Robin & Jimmy Meadowlark" when I was in grade school which sparked an entire classroom to start writing & sharing short stories. As to genres, you put a challenge to it & there's a good chance I'll try it. But I love writing fiction, horror, poetry & anything to do with spirituality or theology. I wanted to lift up some of my recent favorites I don't remember having been lifted up as yet. Stephen Kramer Avitabile's "The Elixir of Angela" https://vocal.media/fiction/the-elixir-of-angela is a short read & an absolute delight you simply don't want to miss. CJMiller's "The Final Gasp of Winter" https://vocal.media/fiction/the-final-gasp-of-winter is absolutely spellbinding & compelling & is one of my favorites in the Broken Mirror challenge. Rick Henry Christopher's "Blackbird Fly" series is completely wonderful. He's written three installments so far & I guarantee that if you read them you will hardly be able to gear waiting for the promised soon-to-be published fourth installment. https://vocal.media/humans/blackbird-fly-xrl46g04bk https://vocal.media/fiction/blackbird-fly-part-two-little-angel https://vocal.media/fiction/blackbird-fly-part-three Holly Pheni's "Lost in the Woods" https://vocal.media/horror/lost-in-the-woods-tc1h301r3 will take you Wild Grove where guilt combines with heroism to encourage & empower. Dare I introduce you to Katrina Thornley? Her "Mind's Aisles" will introduce you to magical world filled with mystery, wonders, & charm. It is but the first of what I hope will be many more chapters. https://vocal.media/poets/mind-s-aisles Melissa Ingoldsbye takes us across the pond (if you live in the Americas), in "Broken-Hearted". Be prepared to learn a little Gaelic along the way. It's another of my favorites in the Broken Mirror challenge. https://vocal.media/fiction/broken-hearted-mx1r60amv Mescaline Brisset's "Laced" will leave you feeling as unbalanced as the photographer who is speaking. https://vocal.media/fiction/laced You will never want to go to another hospital after you read Caroline Jane's "Whitewashed Walls". https://vocal.media/fiction/white-washed-walls Shane Dobbie's "Praying on the Weak" will have you falling in love with everyone in spite of yourself. Another top contender for me in the Broken Mirror challenge. https://vocal.media/fiction/praying-on-the-weak Donna Renee--I know, I know, everyone talks about her--but if you haven't read "Mirror of a Murdered Soul" you really ought to. I was so moved I asked permission to make copies for people who can't comprehend..., well, you'll find out. https://vocal.media/horror/mirror-of-a-murdered-soul One more & I promise I'll stop (for now). Lisa Herdman's "Her House Settled". Short. Succinct. Heartbreaking. Powerful. Read it. That's not a suggestion. Just read it. https://vocal.media/pride/her-house-settled?modal=open Of course, you absolutely cannot go wrong with Dharrsheena Raja Segarran, Donna Renee, Lonzo Ward, Kelli Sheckler-Amsden, Judey Kalchik, Heather Hubler, Scott Wade..., but then, you already know that. There are so many more I would love to lift up, but I've already gone way to long. Happy reading!

  • Hello everyone! 😁 I mostly write horror stories and dark poetry. Here are a few of the writers that I love. The order of names are completely random 😊 💖 Cathy Holmes This is a mindblowing Tautogram by Cathy! https://vocal.media/poets/moments-3p10xtw 💖 Heather Hubler This will always be the winner in my eyes for the Runaway Train challenge! https://vocal.media/fiction/spy-tip-14 💖 Gina C. Viggiano Nobriga This is such a magical poem by Gina! https://vocal.media/poets/spiderweb-of-lights 💖 Colleen Millsteed This Tautogram by Colleen is lavishly magnificent! https://vocal.media/poets/love-lasts-longer 💖 Mike Singleton - MikeyDred This is one of my favourite poems by Mike! https://vocal.media/poets/when-the-silence 💖 Thavien Yliaster This story by Thavien will always be close to my heart! https://vocal.media/fiction/big-legend 💖 Scott Wade This is a historical fiction by Scott for the Walls Could Talk challenge that blew my mind! https://vocal.media/fiction/the-hand-of-truth 💖 Rick Henry This fantastic horror story by Rick is for the Broken Mirror challenge! https://vocal.media/horror/fragments-dvwp0090 💖 Loryne Andawey This was such a unique take by Loryne on the Broken Mirror challenge! https://vocal.media/horror/the-stranger-in-the-otherlight 💖 Donna Renee This is one of my favourite stories by Donna! https://vocal.media/fiction/zirin-s-quest 💖 Paul Stewart This poem by Paul blew my mind! https://vocal.media/poets/wordplay-warrior 💖 Melissa Ingoldsby This is a powerful poem by Melissa (my first friend in Vocal)! https://vocal.media/poets/vomit 💖 Mariann Carroll This story by Mariann blew my mind! https://vocal.media/humans/lady-z 💖 Babs Iverson This is a combo of Tautogram and Sonnet! https://vocal.media/poets/paradise-q02lk0k7p 💖 Tiffany Gordon Such an inspirational poem by Tiffany! https://vocal.media/poets/both-sides-of-the-coin 💖 Stephen Kramer Avitable This is the first story I've read by Stephen and I immediately became his fan! https://vocal.media/horror/ghost-and-tonic 💖 Keila Aartila This is an extremely powerful poem by Keila! https://vocal.media/poets/grave-manipulations 💖 Holly Pheni This is a fantastic twisted retelling of Peter Pan by Holly! https://vocal.media/fiction/chasing-the-vanished 💖 Lonzo Ward This was such a feel good poem by Lonzo! https://vocal.media/poets/my-crush-ee32n00uh 💖 Jason Basaraba This story by Jason is the kind that we just can't stop thinking about! https://vocal.media/fiction/down-the-rabbit-hole-2q3cd0amz 💖 Oneg Kushnir This recent Top Story by Oneg is a must read! https://vocal.media/journal/sometimes-i-feel-completely-overwhelmed-by-it-all 💖 Cindy Hession-Richard Such an Outstanding Tautogram by Cindy! https://vocal.media/poets/outsiders-oath 💖 Alex Mittelman Alex always comes up with the most creative stories for challenges, like this one! https://vocal.media/fiction/always-pay-your-debts 💖 Dana Stewart This is my most favourite story by Dana! https://vocal.media/fiction/tattooed-mona-lisa 💖 Lamar Wiggins This is one of my favourite stories of Lamar! https://vocal.media/fiction/miranda-s-purge 💖 Will McGhee This is a twisted retelling of Snow White and by far my most favourite story by Will! https://vocal.media/horror/mirror-mirror-ny26s0duf

  • J.M. Powellabout a year ago

    I mostly write love poems and fiction stories with some inspirational stuff. Below is one of my favorite poems by another creater. https://vocal.media/poets/lost-and-found-e2efdj0k5f

  • J. R. Loweabout a year ago

    Would highly recommend checking out some of Donna Renee’s work https://vocal.media/authors/donna-renee-l1yaj0b9n. She has a great writing voice and a diverse range of content across a lot of genres, but always keeps things interesting with out-of-the-box thinking. Her recent piece called “Welcome to Flight” (a take on the “sky’s the limit” challenge is a great example).

  • J. Delaney-Howeabout a year ago

    This story made an impact, and I love how they make you think about things from their writing. https://vocal.media/journal/sometimes-i-feel-completely-overwhelmed-by-it-all

  • Tiffany Gordon about a year ago

    I want to start with the sweet & talented writer: handsome louii the poet (Lonzo Ward). His work is always exceptional. So captivating and magical. Many of you know him for his poetry but he is also an outstanding fiction writer. Please check out his fiction series: Crying in Versace Fabrics. Here are the links to both parts. https://vocal.media/fiction/crying-in-versace https://vocal.media/fiction/crying-in-versace

  • Rick Henry Christopher about a year ago

    My earlier posts were made while I was driving. Right now I am able to make a proper post. I am the creator and developer of the Facebook group Vocal + assist. We thrive on community and making sure that everybody has an equal chance to shine!!! I really was not a writer up until 2 years ago. I started with Vocal to publish my music lists - which were very popular on my Blogger blog. But I just wasn't very happy with Blogger anymore. I found Vocal and I love it. My music posts here on Vocal ended up being super super popular. My article "Black Female Vocalists of the 1970s" has received more than 5,200 reads so far!!! I am so excited about that. Several others have been super-popular!!! Anyhow I want to give a shout out to each of the Vocal + Assist Admins that do such a great job to make things buzz at V+A. Loryne Andawey: a recent runnerup in the Tall Tales challenge. https://vocal.media/authors/loryne-andawey Stephanie Bradberry: A well rounded writer. https://vocal.media/authors/stephanie-j-bradberry Jason Basaraba (aka JBaz): His writing is magical https://vocal.media/authors/j-baz Clyde E. Dawkins: The master sports reporter and watcher of television villainesses. https://vocal.media/authors/clyde-e-dawkins Shane Dobbie: Shane and I met under heated circumstances or can I better say because I stuck my foot in my mouth!!! However Shane ends up being a great writer with a lot of insight to share. https://vocal.media/authors/shane-dobbie Next week I will share some links to stories/poems.

  • Heather Hubler covers many areas of Creation and she is one of my 14 https://vocal.media/authors/heather-hubler?via=heather-hubler

  • I love the poetry of Colleen Millsteed https://vocal.media/authors/colleen-millsteed

  • If you check my profile there are links to 14 Vocal Creators who I follow and respect and are all worth your time and attention.

  • Firstly I will share Dharrsheena a master of horror and also healthy eating, and she was the driver behind my last published anthology https://vocal.media/authors/dharrsheena-raja-segarran?via=dharrsheena

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