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Starts at 12PM ET on 4/27/23.

Our “Raise Your Voice Threads” are hosted to offer creators more avenues to uncover exceptional stories on Vocal. As we are continuously searching for fresh creators and inspiring stories, this thread provides an opportunity to exchange and discuss the stories that have moved and motivated us on Vocal.

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We'll start the thread:

Lola Sense writes incredible erotic stories. Although we generally don't Top Story many stories from the Filthy community due to their graphic nature, today we are taking a moment to recognize Lola Sense's titillating tales.

Now it's your turn. Share your favorite stories in the comments below.

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Comments (39)

  • Randy Wayne Jellison-Knockabout a year ago

    Hi. I'm Randy. I enjoy writing fiction, poetry, horror & a whole lot of things that encourage us to think a little deeper about social issues, politics, theology & how we relate to & treat one another. I'd like to lift the extraordinary writing team of JD Pernoste and Anneliese Dahl & one of their recent stories that doesn't seem to have picked up much traction, "Finding Ways". https://vocal.media/fiction/finding-ways

  • Kelli Sheckler-Amsdenabout a year ago

    Hi! I'm Kelli. I like to write feelings. Poetry form typically. A few decent short stories. I really enjoy this group of people; I have learned a lot, and I feel very closely drawn to you. To narrow down work that inspires, entertains and tells a story or lesson here - is difficult. I can agree with all the names you have selected. Some, I haven't had the pleasure to explore yet. I would like to draw your attention to Brenten F. His writing is playful and ornery, but it is also full of insight and depth. Here is a sample https://vocal.media/poets/onlyfans-poet

  • Alex H Mittelman about a year ago

    I’d like to recommend Dharrsheena Raja Segarran, her stories and poetry are fantastic! I’ve always been a fan! She’s great!!!

  • I have been complaining about not being able to heart un these comments, but we can always leave a heart or other relevant emoji as a comment. ❤️

  • ARCabout a year ago

    Also, Dean F. Hardy’s Perspective is an outstanding piece of scorching social commentary. I love Dean’s poetry and have found that - agree with him or disagree, you’re guaranteed to feel something as you read. Awesome writer and Perspective is a phenomenal poem. Can’t recommend Dean and Perspective highly enough. https://vocal.media/poets/perspective-j5ud02j0

  • Doc Sherwoodabout a year ago

    This week I'd like to recommend Carol Townend, whose warmth, honesty and enthusiasm have made her one of my best friends here on Vocal. Carol will comment straight from the heart on stories she's enjoyed, and her generous praise makes my day every time. There's something for everyone on Carol's page, because her writing encompasses just about every topic you could imagine! This is one of hers that especially impressed me, an ecological cautionary tale titled "Forever Rain." https://vocal.media/earth/forever-rain

  • F. Leonora Solomonabout a year ago

    so happy to see another Filthy writer being featured, i am always looking for another writer to love!❤️ i was directed here by reading Naomi Gold, love this one by her--love her voice whatever she is telling!!! https://vocal.media/humans/why-you-were-ghosted

  • Thavien Yliasterabout a year ago

    I'm Thavien Yliaster. One of the first stories that I read that helped me to set some milestones for when I first joined Vocal is titled "Vocal Milestones and Bonuses." It's an encouraging first (though I would place it 2nd after the article about copyright images, sounds, videos, etc.) read for any Vocal newcomer. https://vocal.media/motivation/vocal-milestones-and-bonuses This article was written by Robin Jessie-Green. https://vocal.media/authors/robin-jessie-green That is all. Thank You.

  • ARCabout a year ago

    Hey Vocalists, My name is Tony and I’m still somewhat new to Vocal but enjoying it immensely. I’ve found myself writing poetry, short stories, and a few articles, depending on what feels right for each idea-trying-to-get-out. I’ve been following Kristen Balyeat since I first got on Vocal and she has provided one piece after another of heartfelt, authentic writing that seems to reflect and incredibly deep and thoughtful person. One of Kristen’s most recent pieces was her submission to the Passing Ships challenge and it is amazing beyond description. The way she painted the picture of her NYC apartment… and the scene that unfolds outside it… all while capturing this pace of observation and curiosity… just so well done. It gives a phenomenal feel to her overall tone. A feel that, when wrapped in poetry, comes to live in even more vivid ways. Can’t recommend Kristen and her story 0’dark Thirty highly enough 👏 https://vocal.media/journal/0-dark-thirty

  • Verso de Medianocheabout a year ago

    I hope I'm not too late. I'm using my pen name here: Verso de Medianoche. I write poem, monologue and short story. Most of my content contains of heartbreak and trauma, but recently I'm willing to try new stuff so it doesn't look depressed that much, lol! Recently, I got inspired by Poppy The Poet, because I think she has the same style like me so I feel relate. This is one of her content that I like https://vocal.media/poets/the-ink-to-my-words

  • And a wonderful children's story from Call Me Les https://vocal.media/fiction/the-horse-that-mattered

  • And this one for a great poet Lena Borondia https://vocal.media/poets/little-dancing-black-bear

  • Tiffany Gordon about a year ago

    I forgot one! :) I'd like to bring more attention to Melissa Ingoldsby's gorgeous fiction piece: Junichuri! It is a gift to humanity! Check it out! https://vocal.media/fiction/junichuri

  • This was one of the first stories I read and ❤️ on Vocal https://vocal.media/petlife/sleepless-in-park-slope

  • Tiffany Gordon about a year ago

    Last but not least Rick Henry Christopher's Black Bird Fly series is beautifully-penned & powerful. It will tug on your heart strings long after you've finished reading it. Please check it out! https://vocal.media/humans/blackbird-fly-xrl46g04bk

  • Mohammed Darasiabout a year ago

    Hello. Name is Mohammed and I wrote fiction and poetry mainly, with an odd article here and there. I joined vocal around 5 or 6 years ago, but started being more active now. I wanted to share a story by Kristen Balyeat that she wrote recently called "0'Dark-thirty"(https://vocal.media/journal/0-dark-thirty). I thought it was really well written, immersive and had a nice message to it as well. I also wanted to share a poem by Donna Renee called "Dear inspiration," that she wrote recently (https://vocal.media/poets/dear-inspiration). I think most, if not all, vocalists on here would relate to it (I know I did 🤣)

  • Tiffany Gordon about a year ago

    This writer's work is always intriguing & well done. Please check out this brilliant piece by Zel Harrison!https://vocal.media/fiction/the-barbed-wire-diary

  • Tiffany Gordon about a year ago

    Brit Blomster is another great writer/ storyteller. Her piece from last year's Return of the night owl piece was spectacular! Please check it out! https://vocal.media/fiction/the-story-of-thea-nightwood-5w1wmt04m1

  • Tiffany Gordon about a year ago

    Another phenomenal writer is Ali SP. This piece that she wrote on George Floyd was outstanding! https://vocal.media/poets/last-words-as1qxb0h13

  • Tiffany Gordon about a year ago

    Hi all: I'm Tiffany Gordon. I write poetry, acting monologues and young adult fiction. I'd like to start with an exquisite piece by C.H. Richard. Her talent will have your jaw on the floor. https://vocal.media/fiction/children-of-the-dressmaker

  • Lena Folkertabout a year ago

    Still to this day one that my soul both resonates with and is shaken by its power. Truly stunning work by John Eva. https://vocal.media/poets/what-does-chaos-sound-like

  • C. H. Richardabout a year ago

    I also wanted to give a shoutout to Mariann Carroll who has writing her own series of interviews which have been fabulous. Here is her interview with Lonzo https://vocal.media/interview/interview-with-handsomelouiithepoet

  • C. H. Richardabout a year ago

    Hi Cindy here, I write under C.H. Richard mostly fiction and some poetry. Want to highlight a beautiful poem by The Invisible Writer https://vocal.media/poets/dear-world-dk1g7008d

  • Loryne Andaweyabout a year ago

    Hi everyone! My name is Loryne Andawey. I serve as an Admin to the Facebook Group Vocal+Assist and I'm back with 5 more hidden gems from our awesome community: 1. First up is Muhammad Nasrullah Khan, an accomplished poet from Pakistan with this piece, "An Immigrant in Canada." Reading it makes me feel the echoes of my mother's experience who also made the trip to Canada in hopes of a better life. https://vocal.media/poets/an-immigrant-in-canada 2. Next is another poet, Pam Reeder. This poem is a hard-hitting, no-nonsense and critical look at society's permissiveness of a very sensitive subject: Victimhood. There are people who are victimized and the perpetrators of that violence should be condemned. But the more we focus on what makes us a victim, the less heroic society becomes. Read and consider. https://vocal.media/poets/the-cloak-of-victimhood 3. Next up is a fiction piece from Randy Wayne Jellison-Knock. After reading through his profile I quickly learned many of his stories are connected chapters. I found what looks like Chapter One of an intriguing fantasy story involving a dragon and, yes, a toddler. Read until the end and bug Randy for more! https://vocal.media/fiction/feral-kg2zdw0fb6 4. From poetry to fiction and now to movies! Our resident film critic, Sean Patrick, is not shy in telling us what he likes and doesn't like in the films he watches and he sticks to his guns. When asked what makes a movie good or bad, his response is honest and blunt: "That's just, like, your opinion, man." Read on and see why. https://vocal.media/geeks/what-makes-a-movie-good-or-bad 5. Finally we circle back to the written word with C. Rommial Butler and their Top Five Novels. Some of you may find familiar favorites, others a new read. Either way, it would make you want to curl up with one of them (I know I am particularly interested in The Hour of the Dragon.) If you like a mix of fantasy, horror and philosophy, check this list out. https://vocal.media/humans/my-top-five-novels

  • Hi, I'm Sam. I'm a childbirth educator and coach and have been for about 12 years. Mostly using Vocal to build a resource for childbearing women I can link to. Also to write down all the Stuff I catch myself saying over and over again. Here's one I read today that I liked: https://vocal.media/poets/sorry-not-sorry-9m15p0y0j - not personally how I would spell "fuck you, ***hole", but however you say it, say it more often!

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