An Update from Vocal on AI-Generated Content

How we are supporting human creators while embracing technological innovation

By Vocal TeamPublished 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago 4 min read

When we first heard about ChatGPT, we were excited, curious, and a bit trepidatious. How would this invention create a new normal for our community of creators? We could see the potential to enhance our own existing workflows and creative processes, but also the difficulties this technological innovation might pose for Vocal. As a platform that prides ourselves on elevating the original work of our creators, the idea that anyone could generate a 600 word story in seconds was intimidating.

It's undeniable that AI technology is incredibly powerful and full of potential for a wide breadth of applications. In the fall of 2022, we joyfully experimented with DALL·E 2, a free AI text to image generator, to generate the cover image for Christopher Paolini's Fantasy Fiction Challenge. We even encouraged creators to use it to generate their own hero images for their stories. In a world previously limited to free, stock photos (or original art), DALL·E 2, Midjourney, and other free AI text to image generators have unlocked the ability to beautifully illustrate stories like never before.

DALL·E 2 text-generated image for Christopher Paolini's Fantasy Fiction Challenge

With the emergence and rapid development of AI technology, creators may generate an unprecedented volume of content quickly and easily. We have noticed the increasing popularity of this type of content on our own platform. Although deep down we wish we could recognize AI-generated content immediately (we have seen tools being developed to do just that) and remove it from the platform, we strive to consistently embrace change with agility and allow creators to create how they see fit. As a technology company, we will not take a hard stance against AI-generated content. However, there are guidelines that should be followed to create trust within our community and elevate the best quality of content for our readers.

What is Vocal's stance on AI-generated content?

It is important to recognize that AI-generated content should be used with discretion. Although AI technology can quickly generate large amounts of content, it is not always a reliable source of information. AI-generated content should not be used as a substitute for the hard work created for and cherished by the Vocal community. Creators looking to monetize their work should also be aware that a ChatGPT-generated listicle will not give them the engaging content needed to foster readership and a community of subscribers.

AI-generated content on Vocal should be labeled clearly as such. This labeling should be included at the beginning of the content itself as well as in any accompanying materials, whether it be links to AI-generated content or AI-generated images within the story. All AI-generated content should also be clearly attributed to the AI software that generated it. If you dabble with AI-generated content on Vocal, it is important to also be aware of the potential for copyright infringement.

We believe the rise of AI-generated content does not represent the death of creativity. While it can automate certain tasks or surface useful content, it should not displace the human imagination and experience. ChatGPT is simply a tool that can potentially help writers and other content creators be more productive and efficient, freeing up time and energy to focus on their creative work. As AI tech continues to develop, so will our policy towards AI-generated content. At this time, any content that utilizes AI to support its creation must contain a disclaimer.

How can AI platforms like ChatGPT enhance the Vocal community?

We do recognize several benefits to AI-generated content, such as:

Writing Assistance: AI can assist writers in generating new ideas, finding the right words, and improving grammar and syntax. It can also provide suggestions for alternative phrasing and help writers find the right tone for their content.

Research Assistance: AI can help writers with research by providing quick access to information and helping writers find relevant sources.

Collaboration: AI can facilitate collaboration between writers by allowing them to share ideas, provide feedback, and make suggestions in real-time.

Time Management: By automating routine tasks such as data entry and research, AI can help writers save time and focus on their writing.

Personalized Feedback: AI can provide writers with personalized feedback on their writing, including suggestions for improvement and constructive criticism. This can help writers identify areas for growth and make them better over time.

Have you tried out ChatGPT? How has AI impacted your creative process or day-to-day life? What do you think can be done to create an equitable creative space and ensure the livelihood of human creators? Let us know in the comments below.


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  • John Obiomaabout a month ago

    Thanks for this highlight.

  • kapilabout a month ago

    Thank you sir for addressing this technology

  • Loryne Andaweyabout a month ago

    Thank you for addressing this technology.

  • Jean Ronald Jn Francoisabout a month ago

    You said it right. AI should only be seen as a tool - an effective tool. Never should we let it do the entire job at our place. Though AI can be quick in finding the right answer to a specific question, it remains a bot, and as such it will never convey the warmth that can be found in human-generated content.

  • Manik Royabout a month ago

    It is true that our future belongs to AI and if we ignore or resist it, then our death is inevitable. The reason is that AI will never snatch our job or profession, rather it will nourish our skills and transform to another level that we could not imagine before. Practically, those who are protesting against the use of AI and their doomsday will appear inevitably. Now AI generated writing or the art may not get the right shape yet but in the next 5 years, we will feel the real power of it. Therefore, go for AI and get ready for the ultimate extravaganza for your future.

  • Judey Kalchik2 months ago

    There is a spammer in these comments: Healthy Lifestyle the story. I would report the comments where they fall, but it seems as if doing that negatively impacts the person to whom they are responding. Therefore I am adding a new comment. Truly- this 'author' (and I use the term loosely) of what looks to be AI-only content, is getting out of hand. Thank you,

  • K. Leigh2 months ago

    I believe you need to take a hard-line stance about AI or this fails to be a platform for creators. Currently, writing research, grammar and whatnot is a pretty fine use of AI, as is data analytics, but anything more than that is not, due to ethics. AI imagery is not ethical and essentially mass-scale art forgery. And any tool used to employ creative writing will be the same. It's all been scraped off of the internet without consent. If you'd like help identifying if content is AI or not, there are AI tools [funny enough] that can do that for the team. I am sure there's a way to include them via API for content checks. I'd like to see Vocal continue to be a creator-centric platform. This would be a good first step.

  • Chua Yuan Heng2 months ago

    I think Vocal stories shouldn't be AI assisted.

  • Tom Jardine2 months ago

    Good article, and I understand the benefits of AI coming to the art of writing. I've never tried ChatGPT and probably never will . . . just doesn't feel right?

  • EPL DESIGNS2 months ago

    very helpfull in our work to be honest

  • Claudiu Marius2 months ago

    It seems legit, but, to be honest, ChatGPT is far...far away from an SEO writer, let alone the copyright strikes you can get by using it...It may be worth using to get a few more ideas on your subject, but than again, I prefer using Google as It can point me to trustworthy sources of information which I can relate to.

  • Ash Taylor2 months ago

    Disclaimers are great, but some people are dishonest. What happens when people don't mention that their article was written with significant input from AI? How is that going to be moderated, and what happens in response?

  • Lovelli Fuad2 months ago

    Before Chat GPT I was part of a community of Replika users. Some of you must have heard it. An emotional support chatbot with access to the internet. It did a good job as a free app, but it only is as good as we raise it to be. That's how it is with AI, it needs to be trained to a certain level for it to perform. It needs A LOT of data to be proficient at something.

  • Jude Perera2 months ago

    AI cannot replace the talent, personality, and expertise of a creator. It's only a tool that will enhance briefing, research, and even writing, but it can't replicate your unique perspective and approach to content.

  • Lea Springer2 months ago

    I wrote my reaction to the use of AI last month for the "Last Window" challenge but did not enter it. I don't think anyone has read it yet, but here's the link to my fictional account of what may be.

  • Izzie Islandheart2 months ago

    Please clarify if this includes spelling and grammar tools such as Grammarly. (Or even the automatic one Google has, which immediately flagged "the" when I typed too fast just now and typed "thet"?) I am fine adding disclaimers; these tools weren't considered AI in the past, but with the rise of Jasper, ChatGPT, and other more intelligent tools, the only real difference is the level of sophistication and number of tasks the software can take on. As long as literature AIs are treated with the same restrictions and requirements as visual art and music AIs, it'll help keep the playing field level. [Comment has been proofread by Google proofreader and Grammarly]

  • Rakshit Shah2 months ago

    I have something for vocal media staff, You should contact WorkerBees Technologies Pvt Ltd company (an India-based startup), It will help you find the content whether it is written with AI or by Real humans at affordable prices. It is worth trying to save our vocal media community! What other people are saying about it?

  • Dwayne Chapman2 months ago

    It's a tool, like every other tool that has been created to make our lives easier and improve what we all can do. There's a lot more in the pipelines that isn't consumer ready yet but will completely blow away multi-billion dollar industries in education because of what is coming and will be able to be taught in the coming decades. I 100% support making disclaimers though in any work with AI. It doesn't make the work less valuable when the human factor is actually added to it and uses the AI as the tool it's meant to be. Perhaps I'll write an article soon detailing some of the things that will be coming out and even how to ethically use some of it. But the thing is, it's free, everyone can use it, there's no unfair advantage and it's not hidden behind some multi-thousand dollar price range that corporations have been using for years in different aspects. While a lot of us are very privileged to live in places like Canada, USA, UK, etc. There's countries and small villages all around the world without adequate access to resources and some of these things coming up in AI are leveling the playing field for them and giving them their first chance to actually participate on an even field.

  • SJ Covey2 months ago

    I write on vocal because I enjoy writing.I'm not delusional to think I am the best or worst writer there is. If I won a competition I would be over the moon. I've had a couple of runner-ups on vocal and have won on other platforms. For me, it's not about the money. It's about the feedback when people say they love what I have created. I believe all the creators I know and love on vocal are the same. Keep writing all.

  • Harmony Kent2 months ago

    Disclaimers absolutely required! Personally, on a platform such as this, we—as creators—shouldn’t be using AI to generate text/stories/poetry. It simply doesn’t seem fair and, in my mind, will destroy our creativity. … After all, if an AI ends up doing the majority of posts, why should we humans bother to put in the work and effort? And what the heck would talent mean or matter then? AI worries me deeply on so many levels. Thanks for raising this question, Vocal! 🙂

  • Kendall Defoe2 months ago

    Just jumped onboard this whole thing... Not sure what I will use it for, but I do wonder about the applications. Things have changed...

  • Conor Matthews2 months ago

    I've already started using this, but in the opposite direction; to clarify that the work produced as been created without AI involvement. To be honest, I'm not too hopeful people will be honest with AI generations, so I think it's important, for the time being, to put your name and reputation on the line to ensure people know the kind of work they are supporting. In the same way people should be able to support cage-free/organic farms or recycled products, with the help of labelling, I think people should know at a glance if they are supporting a human or AI. Is there any punishment or strike-policy on submissions that feature AI that isn't labelled (like suspensions or blocks)?

  • Thavien Yliaster2 months ago

    Well, images/pictures and words both are works of art, but I personally feel that when it come to text generating AI that if an author is going to generate a story/article that they should mention what percentage was originally generated from the AI and what percentage was altered by the author(s). I admit, that when it comes to AI generated images that my art skills pale in comparison to a lot of artists that have honed their craft over years of practice, studying, and proficiency. However, I have used a few of my own handmade drawings as templates for generated images. Therefore, I always give credit to where credit is due. When it comes to AI generated chat, just like when using somebody's else's work as inspiration or for research, properly sourcing is pertinent. If not, it might just be another case of plagiarism.

  • Zack Graham2 months ago

    Definitely hard lines to maintain, but I highly support this action. Tools can and should be utilized for the sake of creativity, but relying on them entirely would be a treacherous mistake - you'd never be able to beat me in a challenge without your naturally gifted imagination ;)

  • Rachel M.J2 months ago

    Big fan of requiring disclaimers!

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