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How we are supporting human creators while embracing technological innovation

By Vocal TeamPublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 4 min read

When we first heard about ChatGPT, we were excited, curious, and a bit trepidatious. How would this invention create a new normal for our community of creators? We could see the potential to enhance our own existing workflows and creative processes, but also the difficulties this technological innovation might pose for Vocal. As a platform that prides ourselves on elevating the original work of our creators, the idea that anyone could generate a 600 word story in seconds was intimidating.

It's undeniable that AI technology is incredibly powerful and full of potential for a wide breadth of applications. In the fall of 2022, we joyfully experimented with DALL·E 2, a free AI text to image generator, to generate the cover image for Christopher Paolini's Fantasy Fiction Challenge. We even encouraged creators to use it to generate their own hero images for their stories. In a world previously limited to free, stock photos (or original art), DALL·E 2, Midjourney, and other free AI text to image generators have unlocked the ability to beautifully illustrate stories like never before.

DALL·E 2 text-generated image for Christopher Paolini's Fantasy Fiction Challenge

With the emergence and rapid development of AI technology, creators may generate an unprecedented volume of content quickly and easily. We have noticed the increasing popularity of this type of content on our own platform. Although deep down we wish we could recognize AI-generated content immediately (we have seen tools being developed to do just that) and remove it from the platform, we strive to consistently embrace change with agility and allow creators to create how they see fit. As a technology company, we will not take a hard stance against AI-generated content. However, there are guidelines that should be followed to create trust within our community and elevate the best quality of content for our readers.

What is Vocal's stance on AI-generated content?

It is important to recognize that AI-generated content should be used with discretion. Although AI technology can quickly generate large amounts of content, it is not always a reliable source of information. AI-generated content should not be used as a substitute for the hard work created for and cherished by the Vocal community. Creators looking to monetize their work should also be aware that a ChatGPT-generated listicle will not give them the engaging content needed to foster readership and a community of subscribers.

AI-generated content on Vocal should be labeled clearly as such. This labeling should be included at the beginning of the content itself as well as in any accompanying materials, whether it be links to AI-generated content or AI-generated images within the story. All AI-generated content should also be clearly attributed to the AI software that generated it. If you dabble with AI-generated content on Vocal, it is important to also be aware of the potential for copyright infringement.

We believe the rise of AI-generated content does not represent the death of creativity. While it can automate certain tasks or surface useful content, it should not displace the human imagination and experience. ChatGPT is simply a tool that can potentially help writers and other content creators be more productive and efficient, freeing up time and energy to focus on their creative work. As AI tech continues to develop, so will our policy towards AI-generated content. At this time, any content that utilizes AI to support its creation must contain a disclaimer.

How can AI platforms like ChatGPT enhance the Vocal community?

We do recognize several benefits to AI-generated content, such as:

Writing Assistance: AI can assist writers in generating new ideas, finding the right words, and improving grammar and syntax. It can also provide suggestions for alternative phrasing and help writers find the right tone for their content.

Research Assistance: AI can help writers with research by providing quick access to information and helping writers find relevant sources.

Collaboration: AI can facilitate collaboration between writers by allowing them to share ideas, provide feedback, and make suggestions in real-time.

Time Management: By automating routine tasks such as data entry and research, AI can help writers save time and focus on their writing.

Personalized Feedback: AI can provide writers with personalized feedback on their writing, including suggestions for improvement and constructive criticism. This can help writers identify areas for growth and make them better over time.

Have you tried out ChatGPT? How has AI impacted your creative process or day-to-day life? What do you think can be done to create an equitable creative space and ensure the livelihood of human creators? Let us know in the comments below.


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  • John Anthony8 days ago

    Im just perplexed on how my original story from my human brain could be flagged as AI and not accepted

  • Mark Collinsabout a month ago

    Hey there Nice Article!! because ai generated content is 80% like human and they reduce our time and handle more clients at a time.We wrote a related blog to this just check out the

  • Angela Schnaubelt2 months ago

    It's not just the AI-generated content, but also the computer-generated translated articles. They are spam, painful to read, and improper English. Just word salads mixed up in nonsensical sentences. And THOSE articles are being approved while I'm still not using AI and my articles are not approved. Very frustrating.

  • Randy Masters4 months ago

    Like a lot of writers, my articles have been getting rejected due to Vocal's new policy (in the past they were all accepted). So I added an AI disclaimer to the beginning of some proposed stories and they were still rejected. They certainly aren't stories that contain "spam." So what else can I do to get approved?

  • Kelvin Harrison4 months ago

    I may not be as creative as "natural" writers, but I put a lot of work into the content that I put out. Yes I use AI to write, I also edit and proofread, and insert my ideas and comments in the piece. It's not all AI, nor is it all me.Yes I use Grammarly to edit my content also, not the paid version so I have to use my brain to figure out most of the corrections. Personally I believe Vocal should create a section where we can submit our stories and get them published. [ On a Personal Note: A clearer explaination of the comment "No AI Disclaimer and May Be Spam." How do you correct spam material? How do you recognize spam?

  • Betty-Ann5 months ago

    Thanks for the information

  • Kenneth Lawson5 months ago

    What Information? I'm currently dealing with the second story in a row, that has been rejected because of possible AI content. This told me nothing at all about how they look for AI content, and what actually constitutes it. Or what Red Flags my stories put up that flagged it as such.I write all of my stories in Google Docs, with Grammarly and Pro writing aid to catch the many spelling and grammar errors I always make. I use the free version of both of them. Vocal needs to be more transparent about the programs and algorithms that are employed to look for such things. NO AI-generated program could come up with the stories that I've written, It wouldn't know what to do with the scenarios I've dreamed up or how to end them.

  • Josie Ponce5 months ago

    I recently been accused of using AI to write my articles and stories. It doesn’t make any sense since most of my writings are 8-10 years old. I have recently published some old stories and used Grammarly to edit and proofread them. I wonder if that has anything to do with it. Great article by the way!

  • Joseph N.6 months ago

    Thanks for the update

  • Gladys onoriode6 months ago

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  • Awobusuyi Samuel6 months ago

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  • Katie Kates6 months ago

    Thanks for the acknowledgement of AI in the creative field. I have a lot of fun with my chatbot and am excited to share content, as it is timely to muster and really satisfying being able to play around with the AI training aspect. I always start with my personal writing ad then a process of back and forth to really push my writing in directions I never have before. Definitely agree everyone should state usage, if any, of AI.. who knows.. AI might even reach sentience one day and thank us!!

  • Olivia george6 months ago


  • Judith Okech6 months ago

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  • Diana Wanjiku6 months ago

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  • Philip Arthur 7 months ago

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