7 Ways to Support Your Favorite Creators Through Tough Times

by Vocal Team 2 years ago in COVID-19 · updated 8 months ago
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At a time when your favorite creators need some love, it’s easier than ever to give them support.

You’re familiar with the saying, “if a tree falls in the forest, and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” Similarly, if a creator has a wonderful, engaging story to tell, but no one’s there to read it, have they actually told it?

For creators, the stories they tell are important, but it’s the readers who love and learn from those stories that make them so powerful. We built Vocal to ensure that every creator has the tools they need to connect with and contribute to a community of readers who will love their stories. And right now, our creators need all of our support more than ever. Whether you're a creator hoping to support your fellow creators, or you’re simply looking for ways to show your favorite creators how much they mean to you, here are some ways you can support the creators that make Vocal possible.

1. Send them a tip

It’s no secret that most of us could use all the help we can get right now, and creatives are no exception. Creators on Vocal aren’t just sharing stories—they’re aspiring writers and musicians and creators of all kinds who are trying to get discovered and rewarded, and Vocal makes it really easy for you to help with that. Tipping is the most direct way to show support for someone’s hard work, and it tells them that their stories resonated with you. Visit a story or a profile of a creator you love, and tip them directly with a card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay to have it sent automatically and securely to their bank account. If you have some dollars to spare, help fund their next project, or even just buy them a cup of coffee in appreciation. Especially when things are feeling bleak, let’s all make someone’s day!

2. Read their stories… then share them with friends!

Since creators earn for every read on Vocal, one of the best things you can do for a creator is to show genuine interest and engagement in what they’re creating. Taking the time to read their story does a few things: it contributes to their earnings, and it gives them potential to earn another happy fan. Just as important right now, though, reading and sharing someone’s story serves as validation for all the time and energy they put into creating it. Taking the time to engage with a creator out on something they’re passionate about can be exactly what they need in such a time of isolation. They may not even know who you are, but something they created made you feel connected, and seeing you engage with their hard work lets them know that. If you’re looking for a free but super effective way to support creators, read, like and share posts with people you think might like them too!

3. Purchase merch or gift cards if they run a business

If there’s a creator that you really like, look into what they do other than create on Vocal. A lot of creators use the platform to promote their music or YouTube channel, or may have other shops and side hustles linked in their bios. A little investigation into a creator’s profile or their stories can help you learn about their endeavors and potentially even businesses they run. Support these businesses and projects by making a purchase from an Etsy shop they have, or by buying an album, or a gift card for whatever it is they offer!

This also puts your favorite creators on your radar for the next time you’re looking for… whatever it is they offer! Even if you don’t have the means to make a purchase or donation right now, keeping your favorite creator in mind for when you are able to support will always help them out. Not to mention, you could always support their business by vouching for them! Recommendations go a long way, and a rave review helps to move it along even faster. Not quite sure the best way to vouch for them? Well, you’re in luck:

4. Nominate them for the Pay It Forward Challenge

We’re partnering with Vimeo to help you help your favorite small businesses, shops, brands, and more at a time when supporting small businesses has never been more important. We encourage you to nominate creators’ online shops, Patreon, GoFundMe or even social media accounts and Youtube channels they’re trying to brand!

Here’s how you can enter:

Use Vimeo Create to put together a video that promotes a small business, a locally owned restaurant, an independent shop, or even your own side hustle. Then, create a story on Vocal where you tell readers what makes the brand, or your brand, so special. Get creative and encourage others to learn more about the small business you choose to promote.

If you nominate your favorite small business or shop, you’re not just eligible to win the $5,000 prize yourself—the shop you nomilate will also be eligible to win a $2,500 donation to help out the business! At the moment, you may not have the means to be ordering dinner, buying gift cards, or otherwise offering local businesses the support they deserve, so this challenge is the perfect opportunity to give back to them with nothing but your creativity.

Learn more about how to enter here

5. Show them love on social

Most creators do a great job of linking their social media accounts to their Vocal profiles. Feel free to connect with them on your favorite social platforms and let them know you love their stories! Who doesn’t like being told that their work is awesome? Boost their morale and help introduce them to new audiences. You might just be the missing link they’ve been looking for to connect them to a brand new community. Share some links on your own social media to encourage your friends and family to check out their work and ideas to further increase their outreach; and again, bump up their earnings.

6. Write a response to their story

Whether you were inspired by a story or you want to elaborate on a topic another creator introduced, writing a response story is a surefire way to keep the conversation open and make connections. Did they hit the nail on the head? Does their opinion differ from yours? Either way, feel free to share your own take with the community—and be sure to embed the story that inspired you at the end of your own so readers can take a look, too. Responding to a story a creator has shared proves to them that you’ve really engaged with it, builds a creative connection and starts a conversation, and encourages others to check out their story to get the full picture.

7. Extend compassion

If your favorite creators are not creating as frequently as you’re used to, or you’ve sent them an encouraging DM and haven’t yet gotten a reply, have patience with them. Their mind is probably on something completely different given the circumstances. Rest assured that they haven’t forgotten about you and they more than appreciate you taking the time to reach out. Understand that it is not for a lack of trying, and all of us are dealing with complicated situations—creatives included. We’re not all in the right mindset to stay creative 24/7 (although we have tips for that, too!), and a slump or a delay is to be expected, even from a creator that’s usually otherwise active and engaged. We urge you to give back to your favorite creators with patience and understanding. You’ll be back on the same page in no time—we just know it.

Now is an especially tough time for everyone, so your support of creators goes a longer way than you can imagine. Follow these tips to support the creators you’ve come to love. If you can, send them a tip, but if not, there are plenty of other ways to let creators know that they’re not alone. Get creative! The world of social technology allows us to back the artists we love with just a few clicks of encouragement. Read their stories, support their brands and endeavors, and do what you can to promote them so they can focus on staying creative despite the current state of the world. Your favorite creators have always been here for you—now it’s easier than ever for you to be there for them.


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